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Patrick and Inna
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Olya and Brent
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Steve and Julia, USA
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Mila and Marshall, USA
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13 November 2007

Elena and NickDear Elena,
We would like to express our sincere thankfulness to you and your help in finding our other 'half of the soul' :-)!!!
We always thought that it would be a wonder to meet someone else whose heart and mind followed a similar path. Thanks to models we found each other :-). Nick and I met online in March, 2007. After countless letters, phone calls, text messages and several meetings we decided it was the time to marry each other. There was the ultimate feeling of absolute compatibility when we were spending time together, eye to eye, holding hands walking in the park, going to a nice dinner, quietly absorbing the aura eminated by the other. 

We were married on 20th October 2007 and we are more than happy to have each other in our life!
No one can say what will be, only that this life gives us the opportunity to experience love, and we can not think of a greater gift. Our journey is not over, it has only just started :-). Our love is true, and the path we both took will never end.
We wish everyone who are in search for their special ones to never give up on Love as Love is a very wonderful thing!
Elena and Nick (England)

07 November 2007

Dear "RussiaUkraina.Dating",

We are writing to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you and your website.

Natalya and myself began correspondence on the 10th December 2005 and I soon realized that I had found someone very special. We decided to arrange a meeting in Prague in March 2006 and spent a wonderful week together. I knew then that I had met the woman of my dreams and when I asked her to marry me, she said "yes!!!".

She returned to Russia and I to England and we both began the complex process of collecting all the necessary documents for the Fianc�e visa's for herself and her daughter. We wrote e-mails and sent many sms text messages to each other every day and spoke regularly on the telephone. To our absolute delight, her visa's were approved and she, and her daughter arrived in England on the 3rd September 2006.

We were married on 24th January 2007 and we are very happy together.

All of this would not have been possible without your website. We are eternally grateful to you and cannot thank you enough for your work.

Natalya and Martin (England.)

22 October 2007

Hello Elena,

Thank you for the time to express my great appreciation for your service. After reading many internet sites and testimonials I decided to give your agency a try. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.  

Your tips on finding the right match and your translation services helped me to find a very special woman. The �Expressions of Interest� work well as a first contact, there were many replies but only one woman continued to write each week. Our conversations continued and our hearts grew. 

The agency helped put everything together for our meeting in Kiev. The interpreter was absolutely perfect and Nataliya already knew her from the meetings at the agency office. She helped us through all the confusion of arrival and greetings. There was a wonderful tour of the town. The driver also went beyond all expectations and was an exceptional person to know. Later the interpreter also helped us with our special day.

On Sunday October 7th, Nataliya and I were married in Komsomolsk, Ukraine. The Ukraine is a wonderful country with wonderful people. The interpreter helped with all the traditions and customs. We had a remarkable time and already I plan another trip in February with my son.

We contact each other every day and await the day she and her daughter can arrive to live with my son and me. Already our family is off to a good start. With a beautiful, intelligent and caring woman by my side, I know we can accomplish anything together.

For those curious souls, this is not a way to find a casual relationship or a bride. It is a way to find the love of your life and partner for all time. For the members still looking, never give up and read the articles. Learn all you can about the people and the country. Sometimes love is next door and sometimes it waits on the other side of the world.

Kevin and Nataliya 

12 October 2007


This note is to thank you for operating such an excellent site and service. I joined your site in July '07 and today it is early October '07. After reading all browsing and searching through your site I was amazed at the beautiful, successful and exceptional ladies available to correspond with. The FAQ section and Elena Petrova's guide were also excellent reference sources. I followed the advice closely and was able to immediately make contact with many wonderful ladies. 

However, right from the beginning one lady stood out as being the most compatible. The frequency of our letters intensified, till we were corresponding regularly every day. As of today, I have just went to visit her in Eastern Europe and had a wonderful time. We are already very serious and looking to a future together. 

She welcomed me to her city and immediately introduced me to her friends and family. It is amazing how two people from opposite ends of the planet can meet this way and find such a close connection in such a short period of time. For those members who read this testimonial, be sure to spend some time acquainting yourself with the cultural background and differences in expectations between our cultures. It is even valuable in narrowing your search parameters to better suit what may be the best fit for you. This site can be an excellent guide, but you have to invest the time.

We will see what the future will hold for us, but we are off to a beautiful start.

RussiaUkraina.Dating, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
John, Chicago, IL, USA

10 October 2007

Bryan and RamonaHi RussiaUkraina.Dating, 

The day after I submitted my profile on RussiaUkraina.Dating, my Ramona from Romania contacted me. Her English was little but her commitment to finding a serious relationship immediately attracted me to her. We're also only two years apart in age, her 26 and me 28. 

Now a little more than two years after our first emails, we are happily married and deeply in love with each other. Since receiving her Permanent Resident status, my wife has begun a new job, is taking English classes and looking forward to achieving United States citizenship. 

In each of us we have found our soul mate and feel that we have been blessed by God. We are now working to build a beautiful future together and see only good things to come.

Thank you RussiaUkraina.Dating,

Bryan and Ramona (USA, Michigan)

3 October 2007

Jim and LenaElena,

I just had to write and share another success story. I tried RussiaUkraina.Dating after discovering a link on your site. I was investigating what I thought might be a scammer at the time, who I had attracted on one of those "try it free" domestic online dating sites (turns out my suspicion was correct, and your site was instrumental in avoiding a costly lesson). 

I had tried online dating before, looking to meet someone close by, only to be disappointed time and again by dozens of ladies who were "just trying this Internet thing out" and weren't even remotely interested in the same goals and dreams that I was interested in. I was skeptical at best when I decided to give it one more try with EM, but I figured I didn't have much to lose given the "a la carte" nature of your service. I signed up and started looking around.

Initially I sent introductory e-mails to four or five ladies, all of whom responded with at least some interest. I received a couple more e-mails from ladies who had apparently seen my profile in the weekly "new guy" digest. One of those was from a lady in Belarus who seemed to have a wonderful sort of spark about her, and instead of a canned, pre-written letter took the time to share a story about her elderly cat from when he was younger. Intrigued, I began corresponding with her.

It wasn't long before we discovered we had much in common and we just "clicked". I must confess that I was a little unprepared; I had anticipated having to search for a few months before getting to that point! After a couple of months, we began making plans to meet and I flew to Belarus that February to meet her in person. We hit it off quickly, and we each were relieved that the other was very much the person we had come to know from letters and telephone calls. We spent a magical week together, and neither of us wanted it to end.

This summer, she came to the US as a translator for a humanitarian group and we were able to spend more time together. We had been writing and talking almost daily to that point, and our relationship had blossomed. Just before she was to return to Belarus, I finally got my courage up and asked her to marry me. She accepted.

Lena and I are in the very first stages of the K-1 visa process, but we are excited that we will be able to begin our new life together in a few months. I am so grateful for your web sites and the work that you do for people like Lena and me. Thank you so much! We couldn't have done it without you.

Jim & Lena

28 September 2007

Rick and SvetlanaDear Elena,

Thank you for your web site, you helped Rick and I to meet and be introduced. If it wasn�t for your web site we never would have met. It�s incredible that we found each other among hundreds and thousands of people. We didn�t believe it possible until we started to write  each other. We didn�t believe we would find each other so soon! 

We started writing each other in November of 2006. Gradually we learned a lot about each other. Rick�s letters were very personal and romantic. We wanted to meet and see each other in person so Rick made plans to visit Moscow. When we met we understood that we were meant for each other. Rick proposed marriage when he visited Moscow in February and now we are discussing our plans for the future. We talk about having children and being a family, which we both want very much! 

We respect each other and we are not afraid to discuss anything. This past  summer we spent two weeks in Norway together and it was WONDERFUL!!!  This vacation brought us together so much more than talking on the phone; we understand each other very well and we know that we�ll have mutual spiritual and physical connection with each other. We are now waiting for the approval of my K-1 Fianc� Visa to the USA. When I get my visa I�ll move to North Dakota where we�ll get married. 

For the past six months we�ve been talking twice each day, sometimes on the phone and sometimes on a web camera. The web camera has been a saving grace, we would both be miserable if we couldn�t see each other. 

My fianc� is resolute and constant. He�s very manly but he�s a boy in his heart. It�s very good too, and I�ll never be bored with him. He is the man I wanted to find!

We both were looking for a serious relationship that would result in marriage and a family. Thanks to your web site we are both very happy.

Thank you,

Rick and Svetlana

27 August 2007

Tony and GalinaDear Elena, 

After doing some research, I joined your service in January 2007 and after writing to quite a few women I was getting a little discouraged. I let it rest for a bit then one day Galina contacted me. She sounded very nice, and she sent a personal letter, which was unusual. I wrote back immediately, very soon we were talking every day using Yahoo messenger and we both felt an instant, undeniable connection and shared the same values. Two weeks later I decided I just had to meet her and made plans to go to St. Petersburg. I arrived in early May, and we spent 10 glorious days together. St. Petersburg has many beautiful sights, and seeing them with Galina was very special. We both feel so comfortable together, it's as though we've known each other for many years. I hated to leave her and had to think about the next step. Everything happened so quickly, we took a little time to be certain and it didn't take very long. We are definitely in love and I've retained an attorney to handle the fianc�e visa, and hoping she will be here by Valentine's Day, 2008. 

Other sites charge for every e-mail, phone call and a hefty charge for the woman's personal information. Kudos to you for having the integrity to charge a flat membership fee. I joined for a year, and within a few months, I still can't believe I found the love of my life. American women should take note! There are good men left, and many of us are looking elsewhere for a devoted partner. Galina is very loving, sweet, sensual, intelligent, honest, humorous and incredibly sexy. Her English is also better than most. I realize that most men never travel to Russia, and some may not have sincere intentions. But I would advise any man who is honestly looking for a quality woman to consider this process, it's the best thing I've ever done for my own happiness. Yes, the next six months or so will be difficult, but once they pass, we will have the rest of our lives together and I know we will be extremely happy. 

I'm 54 and dated many women, now it's worth everything to finally be with the right one. I never thought I'd be writing such a letter, especially so soon. Your e-book was also very helpful, thanks. So, men, if you want to change your life, then you have to take the necessary action to change your life. I'll write again and send pictures after we are married. 

Thank you again, Elena!  

Tony & Galina

16 August 2007

Svetlana and JohnHello, my name is Lana . I live in Nashville, Tennessee, the USA. I arrived in the US October 14 and I got married to my husband John on October 17, 2005. If someone had told me some 8 months ago before that day that I would be happily married and living in another country by the end of the year I wouldn�t have believed it! However, fairytales come true sometimes��

It all started in March, 2005. My name is Svetlana , I lived in Saint-Petersburg and had a pretty routine life- went to work every day making my career with the auditing company, hang out with my friends every weekend, went out with men now and then. I couldn�t say I was unhappy- I really tried to enjoy my life as much as I could. At the same time, I turned 26 and I was still lonely. I had men in my life but somehow no one I dated could give me what I needed. I was �lucky� with the men who didn�t know what they want and seemed to be afraid of serious relationship. Most of them preferred once-a-week dating leaving me wondering every time whether they would call me again or not. 

I craved a man who would come into my life and stay with me forever, I almost stopped believing that I would find him� It�s funny but the reason I published my profile in the Internet was my Dad. He saw that I was not happy being alone and he kept on insisting that I gave dating sites a chance. He believed my happiness was somewhere beyond Russia�s boundaries. I actually didn�t think that Internet would help me. A friend of mine had been trying to find a man with the help of dating sites for almost 5 years already but she still was not lucky in her search. I had a stereotype that only old, ugly losers that were ignored by women in their own country wrote to Russian girls. However I decided that at least it wouldn�t make it worse and had my photos taken in the professional studio. 

I made a research in the Internet and found out RussiaUkraine.Dating site was one of the best dating sites. They provided both girls and men with all possible advice and they seemed to really care of keeping their service at the high level. I filled in the application form and was published on March, 22. The same day I started to receive letters from men. I was surprised at how many really nice men wrote to me that were neither ugly nor losers! I also looked through my matches, sent to me by the agency. On the second day of my staying on the site I opened up My Matches for Today and fell in love, honestly! The man�s name was John, he was 33 y.o., living in Nashville, Tennessee, the USA. I looked at his photo and I literally couldn�t take my eyes of him so good he was! I read his profile and every word he wrote spoke to my heart. He seemed to be so much like me in his attitude to both life and love. His sincerity and openness really stroke me. John wrote he was looking for his soul mate and was not going to settle just for anybody. This was a challenge for me! I really wanted to make this man mine. I sent him an e-mail with something like �Hey! I wonder if it�s me you�re looking for!� and left my profile number for details. I was surprised that I did it- usually I didn�t make the first step in the relationship and just waited to be chosen. I didn�t know if he would write me back or not- but since that moment all my correspondence with other men seemed to be of such a minor importance.

The next day I rushed to check my e-mail and I found a letter from John!!! He wrote to me that I was among his matches and he actually was going to e-mail me himself! I was so happy! I wrote him back almost ignoring other men�s letters and was eagerly waiting for his reply that followed soon! On the second day of our correspondence John called me and we spoke for about an hour. We found so much in common! We both enjoyed living life to the fullest. We both loved traveling, doing crazy things, dancing. We even discovered that we both had a tradition of going to sushi-bars with our friends on Fridays! I felt like I�ve known him for ages already. Since that day we were corresponding via Internet and talking over the phone like 2-3 times a day getting to know each other better. Everything I learnt about him was fascinating- I really have never met anyone like him before. I really felt that I was falling for him strongly. Other men wrote to me and I kept on replying to them though without taking much effort- that was really nothing compared to what I wrote to John. 

From the very beginning John decided that he would come to see me in Russia. He was going to Ukraine at the same time. I knew that he was exchanging e-mails with other girls and he never denied that. First he was going to spend several days in Kiev and several days in Saint-Petersburg. I didn�t know who my competitors were but there were so many really gorgeous girls on that site that I couldn�t feel secure. I was really afraid that some other girl would take him from me. The day he was to finally make his arrangements about his trip we spoke on the phone like 7 times a day- he couldn�t sleep and called me in the middle of his night. We felt so close despite all these miles separating us. He was still going to Ukraine but at the same time he confessed that his communication with other girls was nothing like he and I had. I believed him but at the same time thought that maybe he told me this to just comfort me. I was both happy because he was finally going to see me and miserable because I didn�t want to lose him to another girl. 

The next morning he woke me up and told me he was only going to see me because he really wanted only me�And he proposed me to marry him�On the 7th day since we met�Without even seeing me in person! It seemed unbelievable�But I was already so much in love with him that I said �yes� without any hesitations. It was like a dream...a miracle that I never expected� My parents and friends thought I was crazy but I didn�t care. I just wanted to be with John as soon as possible. He immediately hired the immigration lawyers and all we needed to start the process of obtaining K-1 visa for me was our personal meeting. We both couldn�t wait to see each other. John came to visit me on the 23rd of April. I worried so much when I was standing in the arrival lounge of the airport waiting for him. I was so much afraid that he would not like me when he sees me in person! But when I finally saw him and he came up to me and kissed me I looked into his eyes and found out I didn�t have to worry any more� We both found out that we turned out exactly what we expected each other to be. We had an incredible time together. We stayed in Saint-Petersburg for several days and also traveled to Moscow and back. 

John met my parents and my friends and they all really liked him. My parents seemed to fall in love with him from the first sight. If they had some doubts before- when they finally saw him they started to believe in us. They even managed to communicate with him almost without my help though my parents didn�t speak English and John didn�t speak Russian! When we were in Saint-Petersburg John took me to the jewelry store and bought me a wedding ring. It was so romantic- he was on his knees when he put the ring on my finger. We also went shopping for my wedding dress and chose a very beautiful one together. We decided that John would come back to Saint-Petersburg in July and we would have a wedding in Saint-Petersburg- not the official one as we were to officially get married in the USA, but we were going to wear wedding dresses, hire a limousine and have a celebration in a restaurant, like it was a real wedding. It was so kind of John to give me this chance to celebrate our wedding with my family and friends as he knew they wouldn�t be able to come for our official wedding to the USA. John left on May,1. We were both crying as we knew that it would be a long time before I get my K-1 visa and finally be able to come to him. At the same time we were looking forward for John�s next trip to Russia in July and our wedding� 

After coming back to the USA John submitted a petition for my K-1 visa and we started to wait for its approval. Time ran fast- I was making arrangements for our wedding. We continued talking on the phone several times a day. Our bills for telephone calls were awfully high but we didn�t actually care. We started a tradition- John woke me up in my morning, I woke him up in his morning, and, of cause, we talked several times in between that! John came to see me again on June, 30. On July, 3rd we had our wedding. It was a wonderful and happy day. We were driving about the city in a huge limo with my family and friends, visited all the places traditional for just married in Saint-Petersburg, we also went to Peterhof and walked there for a while, then in the evening we had a dinner in the restaurant. We both were so happy and couldn�t wait to be married for real! Initially John was to stay with me for 5 days only, but after our wedding we felt that we just couldn�t be apart so soon. John called his boss and he allowed him to stay longer, so finally John stayed with me 5 days more. It cost him 1000 USD because there were no cheaper tickets for the day he was going to leave but he didn�t regret spending that much. We were so happy together. When he was still with me I got the envelope from the American Embassy with an invitation to the interview. The interview was set for the 5th of October. We were happy to finally know the date but at the same time we still had to wait for so long! 

It was a torture to be apart again but we kept on talking on the phone and sending each other e-mails. My colleagues at work really hated me because I was never at my desk- I spent hours in the conference-room talking to John on the phone. John bought us a house in August and we were very excited to start our life together in our new home! Finally the 5th of October came and I got my visa!!! I already had my one-way ticket to the USA for the 14th of October. I still feel a bit guilty because I didn�t give much time to my parents and friends to say good-buy to me but I was so eager to go to my husband! I flew to New-York, John met me there and we spend 2 days in this wonderful city before going to Nashville. When we came to Nashville we immediately got married and started to enjoy our life together in our home sweet home. Now it�s been almost 2 years that I came here. I�m really happy with my husband and my life here. I�ve never been surrounded with so much love and attention for my whole life. I don�t even feel homesick for Russia because my real home is where John and our baby are. 

Yes, we�ve got a baby! Her name is Sophie Nicole and she�s going to be 1 year old at the end of July! 

She is a precious gift, truly the child of our Love! John is such a wonderful Daddy, and still is a wonderful Husband. He helps me with Sophie as much as he can even with his very busy schedule at work. I�m so thankful to RussiaUkraine.Dating that they helped John and me to meet. It�s so amazing that you can fall in love and start a relationship being on the different sides of the world! I�m a happy mail-order bride and I love my mail-order husband and I�m sure that we will stay together for years to come as our relationship has already been tested with time. Can�t wait to tell Sophie about how her Mom and Dad met when she gets older. Maybe someday she will use internet dating service and meet someone special too. But that will be a different story�

Svetlana & John

3 August 2007

Hello Elena,

We found each other on your Internet in Aug 06, after being registered 3 or 4 weeks. After 600 Emails, 400 SMS, 200 phone calls, 2 visits to Siberia, 1 visit to Germany,� now the 3rd visit to Siberia was our marriage. 

We are extremely happy, RussiaUkraina.Dating brought us together. IT WORKS. A big thanks to your agency.


Lena and Stefan

11 July 2007

Hugh and SvetlanaDear Elena Petrova,
We have revisited your site for nostalgic reasons � to see the site that brought us together. We see Svetlana�s original testimonial way back within the first 30 on your site and thought your prospective clients might be interested in an update.
Now we are approaching our 5 year wedding anniversary we can possibly add some further credibility to your wonderful service. The negative publicity, documentaries and misinformation about �Russian Brides� used to make us embarrassed and shy about revealing how we actually met. We know that some friends and family were sceptical and many acquaintances, who did not know us so well, thought we were dreamers to believe two people could meet on the internet, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Six and a half years after our first letters we now say to all those doubters that we are living proof your system can work. 

Our first email contact was in Feb 2001 and Svetlana visited New Zealand in Jan 2002 for a three week holiday. She returned with her daughter, Maria in September 2002 and we married in Nov 2002. The blending together of a husband and wife, two families and two cultures is a rewarding journey and one that needs consideration and compromise from all parties. Many little issues (and some big ones) surfaced which caught us both by surprise and we came to accept that cultural differences need not be a negative in our marriage but added depth and vibrancy to it. Good communication is paramount to the success in any marriage even if there are no cultural differences to consider. 

We are enormously proud of our marriage, which is full of love, respect, laughter and happiness. We tell each other each day how lucky we are to have met and neither of us could be happier. Sure there are times when Svetlana and Maria miss their extended families and friends in Russia but we are lucky enough to be able to take regular holidays there and we have had Svetlana�s parents out here to holiday as well. Our daughter Maria is now nearly seventeen and has adjusted well to life in New Zealand. She has bonded well with Hugh and a healthy father/daughter relationship has developed. With regular internet, internet calling and texting now freely available, almost daily contact between Russia and New Zealand keeps all family bonds strong. We can honestly tell everyone that our marriage gets better every day. Without your site we would never have met and this letter would never be written. Thank you so much and for those people reading this testimonial who are hoping for similar happiness� take the step. 

Kind regards and many thanks, 

Hugh and Svetlana 

30 June 2007

Mila and I met July 2nd 2006 when she took up the courage to email me. We spent the next several months just emailing each other through Yahoo. Suddenly we came to the realization that we could use messenger and talk with each other and using webcams to see one another. It is still unclear as to why it took so long, but that's all in the past now. In January I went to visit her for a 3 week vacation. We thought we had a strong relationship before. After we met our relationship just soared. 

We have continued our daily emails and talks with webcams with one another now consistently for the past 6 months. There have been a few days that we missed due to my traveling, but we always have made up the time. Normally I am up at 1:00 in the morning to greet her when she comes to work and she is greeting me at 8:00 in the morning when I am waking up. We spend an average of 3-4 hours every day with one another. Neither of us have ever felt a greater happiness than what we feel when we are together. 

We will be joined in matrimony this coming August. Without you it would have been impossible to have met. We both thank you deeply. 

Chris (USA) and Mila (Belarus)

25 June 2007

Hi, "models"!! My name is Marina and I am from Kiev, Ukraine. Now I live with my husband Doug in Arizona, USA. We met each other through your website in May, 2006 and got married in May, 2007. 

You gave me the best man in the world!!! I was a single mom I didn�t expect for any miracle in my life. But when I saw hundreds happy couples I said to myself: �Come on, you can be happy too!� And I did it! It was not so easy but all my dreams came true one day. Doug and I mailed less than a month before he came to see me to Kiev. We couldn�t help falling in love with each other in a couple of days. When he asked me did I want to have his last name I didn�t believe to my ears at all. He helped me to become a woman again. I knew I was loved and I wanted him to feel my love too. 

He came in Ukraine twice for all this time. He even broke his ankle and had a surgery to stay for extra month with me (a joke)! We spent great time together and missed each other when preparing and waiting for a visa. At least I came to USA with my 18-month son in March 2007. I recommended your site to my friend and she met her fiance through Elena�s Models!!! So it works!!! For everybody looking for a big love I want to say: �Don�t give up!� 

We are grateful to you!!!! 

Doug (USA) and Marina (Ukraine)

30 May 2007

Dear Elena! 

We wish great human's happiness and the greatest successes for your noble work. To acquaint and to unit two lonely persons it's great affair! There are not things, worse than loneliness. Having unit people, you give them hope and confidence in tomorrow's day. 

Thank you! Happiness for all of your collective. 

On the 26-th of April we have had engagement in Moscow - little wedding for Moscow relatives and friends! We are sending you pictures from this celebration. 


The happiest couple 

Thomas and Irina (USA)

15 May 2007

Veronika and DavidVeronika & I write to thank you for your website & the wonderful support from your site & the ebook written by Elena.

I contacted Veronika in August of 2006, through your website. Veronika wrote back an amazing letter & from there we communicated on a daily basis, by email - exchanging photos, by hand written mail and by phone. She is an amazing woman and I am so blessed to have met her. In March of 2007 I organized a Visa to visit Kazakhstan and in April I flew to Kazakhstan and was greeted at Astana airport by Veronika. We spent an amazing week together - I met her family, friends and spent much time talking about our future together. I proposed to Veronika towards the end of my week in Kazakhstan. We are now going through the process of obtaining a Prospective Marriage visa (fiance) to be married, and live together in Australia.

Keeping the communication going for 9 months was intense and hard at times. However we both persevered and when we met all the 9 months of email, phone calls and letters was worth it. We are so happy with each other and will send you a Wedding photo.

We encourage all who are searching for true love not to give up, to keep the honest communication going and to utilize the services of "RussiaUkraina.Dating" website.

Thank you again,
David & Veronika (Australia)

9 April 2007

Roman and Natalia Dear Anna and Russia Ukraine Dating team,

If I remember correctly, I first wrote Natalia Alexandrovna after purchasing the right to write 10 letters over the internet through RussiaUkraina.Dating. This purchase enabled me to write a short note to ID: 0476342, not noticing that her home town is in Siberia! On 23.11.2006, we started a correspondence that resulted in the exchange of over 200 emails and countless SMS messages.
Each message was awaited with growing anticipation. We started to make plans to meet, but I was finding it difficult to find a window. 

Fortunately, March 1st. In her last email before our first meeting, Natasha wrote: "I  Natalia finally lost patience with me and flew into Prague to meet me on March 1st. In her last email before our first meeting, Natasha wrote: "I am little nervous, I am afraid, that I shall not understand you. You the first person with whom I shall speak in English, except for my teacher." My answer was "Don't be nervous. Sometimes it is better not to speak, but just to look and feel:-)...We are both intelligent people and will find some way of communicating ...using hands and feet:-)))." During that week, we visited many sites in Prague and roamed the Czech countryside, but mainly we discovered that language is much less a barrier when there is mutual attraction, respect, common interests and a sense for humour. I don't ever remember laughing as much as during that one glorious week. On day 4, while driving to Carlsbad, Natalia was subjected to my most grueling test...the test that only my true sole mate could pass....the RAFFAELLO TEST!!! The stakes were high. One wrong move and it was back to lurking in bars, night clubs and the internet. We were both quite hungry after a long tour of Karlstejn castle, so I pulled into a petrol station, bought us a couple of coffees and one package of Raffaello. You may or not know, but one package holds 4 irresistible chocolate balls. Natalia opened the package, pulled out the first ball, leaned over and placed it in my mouth. So far so good. The 2nd ball she ate herself. The 3rd ball she ate herself. She then pulled out the 4th and final chocolate ball, balanced it on the palm of her hand, looked at it for a moment and placed it in my mouth. A 50/50 split. BINGO!!!! In all my years of searching for my true soul-mate, the love of my life, the woman of my dreams, I have concluded that no woman is able to share Raffaello chocolate balls. I was so moved by this momentous event, this act of self-denial, this ultimate expression of love that I could hardly breathe. After strolling through beautiful Carlsbad as if it were some industrial wasteland, we set out to return to Prague. The silence was insufferable. With steering wheel in one hand and dictionary in the other, I searched for the right words while trying not to get us killed. I explained that I am no longer a young man (11 years older), but that I know my own mind and my own heart, that I have never been as sure of my feelings and as confident and honest in my intentions. I think Natasha finally understood when I said �I love you�. Her reply was �I adore you�. My heart fell into my foot and pushed the pedal to the metal. I said no more. The next day, after a sleepless night (she in hotel, me at home), she said "Yes, I will marry you". We were married at the Dobř�s chateau just outside of Prague on April 5th, 2007, just 5 months after our first letters were exchanged and
on the day of my 44th birthday. Why marry on my birthday, you may ask? At least this way, Natasha will never forget my birthday and I will never forget our wedding anniversary :-). As we were getting ready to cut into our wedding cake, Natasha mentioned that she does not care much for chocolate... :-)

Thanks for the chance to find our happiness.

Warmest regards from Roman and Natalia

5 February 2007

Mihaela and Marcel

Hello RussiaUkraina.Dating,

We thank you very much because from your help we could meet, communicate and fall in love.

Mihaela (Romania) & Marcel (Belgium)

21 January 2007

Bon, UK and Irina, UkraineHello, "models"!! My name is Irina and originally I am from Ukraine, Kiev. Now I live with my wonderful husband Bob in Sweden, Stockholm. We met each other in Kiev in March 2006 (it was like a birthday present :-)) - my birthday is in March) and we got married on New Year, 31 December 2006 - another holiday present :-)) 

I just want to say that now I believe in Cinderella and thanks to your great agency, I am one of them and I love my English Prince so much... 

Good luck to agency and members!
We appreciate your job.

Bob, UK, and Irina, Ukraine

09 January 2007

David and Tanya, USADear Elena�s Models,

After 20 months, hundreds of e-mails, text messages, several visits to Russia and K-1 paperwork, Tanya and I were married November 25th. Your service was wonderful and we would recommend Elena�s Models to anyone. For those looking for love through this site we would advise patience and commitment. You can really find your soul mate here. 

Thank you for helping us find each other. 

God Bless,

David and Tanya
(Alabama, USA)

08 January 2007

Randy and Olga, USAHello RussiaUkraina.Dating!

We are writing to you because we want to say 'thank you': we met through your website in September 2005, and we got married in October 2006. We were waiting for this day so much! Now we are married and we are very happy that we have found each other. We always remember how we met and it's like a fairy tale!

We will remember your website for all lives because YOUR WEBSITE helped us to meet each other in such a big world!
We love each other very much and want to wish you good luck, and help to other lonely people to find each other. 
We are so happy together! Thank you so much for your website!

(Randy and Olga, USA-Uzbekistan)

02 January 2007

Steve and Julia, USADear Elena and Jon,

Julia and I married on June 28, 2006 in Florida, USA. We speak of your web site often. I always thank Julia for answering my first email letter to her. Julia smiles and thanks me for sending her that first letter. We have found our true soul mates in each other. We treasure each and every day together. 

Julia says she loves America and is thankful to America for giving her the best husband in the world. Ukraine is deep in my heart for giving me the most wonderful wife in the world. Julia's happiness is my happiness and my happiness is Julia's happiness. From your site, we want to tell everyone that love and happiness can be found anywhere. You just need to believe and search. We are now so very happy and our love grows every day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your site, where Julia and I found each other!!

Steve and Julia
Florida, USA

02 January 2007

Cary, USA and Tatiana, RussiaDear RussiaUkraina.Dating,

During Christmas 2006 I traveled to Novosibirsk, Russia to meet a wonderful woman I met through your web site. Her name is Tatiana and she is the most amazing woman, she is so very intelligent and beautiful. We had been emailing and talking to each other on the phone for 10 months before we met in person and when we did finally meet we were hopelessly in love with each other. Tatiana and I are engaged and will marry soon! I want to thank you so very much for offering your wonderful service, it has changed our lives! 

RussiaUkraina.Dating web site was so very helpful and informative I had no problems choosing the only women I contacted witch was Tatiana. I am a man that shows complete interest in a single woman and would never talk to more then one woman at a time looking for a serous relationship. I Believe a woman deserves my complete attention and my communication with her would be different if I was also talking to 10 or more other women at the same time. I think the quality of communication is very important. I can only hope other men can find the happiness I have found with Tatiana using your web site. 

Again, thanks for your introductory service and for making so many peoples life's full of love and joy! 

Attached is a picture of Tatiana and I on 25 December 2006.

Cary M.
Alabama, USA

02 January 2007

Gary and Elena, Australia

Elena finally arrived here 3 weeks ago and loves Australia. Thanks again for everything that you have done for us.

Without your service we would never have met. I only wish we had met 20 years ago, but as Elena says "better late than never!" Thanks again (spasiba!) for everything.

Gary & Elena
Melbourne, Australia

02 January 2007

Hi Elena,

Thank you for the letter, it is always helpful and encouraging. My fiancee from Ukraine and I from the US are working on the fiancee visa. We are very happy!! It has taken a long time for my divorce to finally finish on the American side from a previous Dutch wife. I had been divorced for two years but never did it here because I didn't plan to marry again. Then I met Elena though your website, read your book, wrote down what I wanted in a wife as you instructed, followed your advice to a tee and added a little of my own romance and creativity and here we are almost two years together going through all this paperwork and beurocracy. But.... she is worth it and she thinks I am also. :o) We met you and your husband John at RussiaUkraina.Dating in Kiev in August of 2005. Your husband took me aside, one of a few who did and whom I did not know and said that I had found a very nice lady and that he had done her photos himself. Anyway, I am very thankful for my Lady and also for all your hard work to those few that are dedicated as you were to find a good husband or wife for life! 

Best and warm regards for this New Year and Orthodox Christmas,

Mark Cosby (U.S.A.) and Elena Zhuk (Ukraine)

01 January 2007

Hi Elena,
Thank you for the introduction!!!
Svetlana is now in Oz and we are currently living in Bendigo.

Yours Sincerely
Greg & Svetlana (Australia)

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