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Patrick and Inna
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Olya and Brent
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Steve and Julia, USA
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Robert and Sveta
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Cris and Olga, Netherlands
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Anna, USA
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Mila and Marshall, USA
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(Michael and Elena, Australia)
Michael and Elena, Australia
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21 December 2004

I think Elena�s Models is the best organized and most reliable marriage agency on the Internet. I was surprised how many girls have their profiles posted there - all of them beautiful and smart and talented. And I must admit: the money I paid to obtain Ksenia�s address was nothing compared to the happiness and true love I found. It was the best investment of my life!

Steve and Ksenia (USA)


11 December 2004

Through the ad I took out in September I believe I have found the right lady and we are making arrangements for us to meet sometimes after the first of the year. If the meeting goes well and I know it will we will be getting married sometime towards the end of next year. Thank you I have found my dream lady that I could not find here in the USA.

Thank You
Robert (USA)

30 November 2004

Privet, Elena!

My name is Robert and I am an American living in Florida. I advertised myself with you last year and received over 700 Emails and at least 60 by regular post. 

I started corresponding with a Russian girl from Yoshkar-Ola near Kazan. She was interesting but was not my Soul Mate. She tried to convince me to come to Russia with another American guy who was coming to see her best friend. I did not go to Russia then but she gave me his Email address anyway. I became friends with him and he referred me to a Russian guy who introduced me to my Fiance. I spent a whole month in Russia this past June and I love your country and it's people. We toured nine Russian cities. I made many new friends and look forward to going back again soon. I have been learning Russian with the hopes of carrying a longer conversation with my Fiance's Parents and family. They are excited at hearing me speak a little Russian.

My Fiance is on the train to Moscow now for her interview. I wanted to thank you for all of the information you provide on your web site, Elena. It was very helpful.  It takes a lot of courage to make the trip but it can change your life
forever... I am very very happy and look forward to being reunited with my
"LApushka" soon. We have been apart 5 months now but talk on the phone twice a day. My Fiance quit her job for me to study English full time. She has also taken car driving lessons, swim lessons, and even completed manicure lessons. She just gave up her apartment this week. I really admire her dedication and it makes me want to work that much harder to make her happy. 

I think having mutual respect, honesty, and admiration is a great way to start a marriage.

Thank you again for all of your help Elena.
You helped another couple find happiness.

Robert (Orlando, Florida, USA)

29 November 2004

My name is Terry and I met 1 of the ladies listed on your site and after e-mailing a bit and talking on the telephone we met in her city. We are engaged and will be married when she receives her K-1 visa. Thank you for being there and making both of our dreams of finding someone and having a family together possible.

Terry (USA)

08 November 2004


I used your service about 8 months ago and I would like to say I am very thankful of the quality on how your company operates. For every 10 girls that I wrote to that I have met through your service, about 7 have responded with interest back to me. Eventually, a couple hundred girls later, I finally found Ekaterina N. where we instantly �clicked�. We have a tremendous amount in common and have talked to each other by phone almost every day since the middle of last February. I traveled to St. Petersburg to meet with her at the end of March and fell in love with her there. 

I again want to thank you for your web site and because of it I will be a very happily married guy!!

God Bless,
Steve P.

P.S. Enclosed is a photo of when we were in St. Petersburg, Russia. We will be married by the court first this Wed. and then later on we will have a real ceremony. The court wedding is just so we can get the AOS going since this is a long process. Thus, our court wedding will be Nov 10, this Wed.

22 October 2004

You may add this to your growing list of accolades. Our story is a little different from others, in that I was exceedingly lucky to have been able to  meet Tanya in person while here in the US. We were able to avoid the whole process of visits there then visits here and the cumbersome visa process,  and had a surprisingly smooth ride through the process of marriage and  settling immigration status. Everyone should know that this is NOT the  norm. She is fluent in English, and the instant I met her I knew inside that "this is a keeper!" and insisted that she return to visit me, which she did. But I have to say a lot of this was sort of unusual, and the results really so unexpected we can call it sort of spontaneous, maybe --- who knows ---a miracle! First, she had the unique ability to travel freely to and from the USA, which MOST women from the former USSR do not. [This is a fact about which most people in this country appear to be completely oblivious; it is virtually impossible for a single woman from any country, these in particular, to obtain a tourist visa for reasons too complex to discuss here] Secondly, she as an attorney is extremely knowledgeable about both regulations and customs here and the suffocating regulatory apparatus there.

I started at the outset as a lonely divorced man perusing websites, out of combination of curiosity and desire, and there are many. I was in fact in active correspondence with a young lady who turned out to be a complete scam, and I suppose it is sort of amusing that Tanya was initially helping me by remotely reviewing the correspondence and pointing out the now obvious missteps and misleads. At that point it never occurred to me that I would actually meet her and that she would turn out, happily, to be my wife now for almost two years. I want also to thank Elena Petrova, who, astonishingly, wrote me a personal letter and some Emails that helped to quickly give me the real perspective on this adventure; I cannot strongly enough recommend her guide which can be downloaded and printed out at minimal cost. It should be required reading, a prologue which every male surfing the web and thinking about finding a life-partner should encounter first. One of the things apparent to me living with Tanya is that above and beyond these websites there is an even larger "word-of-mouth" network of women seeking life partners, and they keep in touch with one another. There are many shocking and sad stories, which in my mind have more to do with the great liability undertaken by these women finding men here in the USA. While men here should be warned about the "dangers" of seeking women there, I wonder if it may be more important for women there to be warned about the more significant problems of seeking men here, some of whom make me feel absolutely ashamed in what they do, have done, and continue to do in treating these women. I feel I have been blessed, with exceedingly good luck and fortune in finding Tanya, who was listed on this website. All my fears of her adjusting to the differences in age, culture, language, and so many other little but important things, such as children from my former marriage, have been completely laid to rest, but then I wonder if this is something specially unique to her, not just her "Russian character" as strong and as good as that is. I am attaching some photos you may use as freely as this note as an effusive and grateful testimony that as strange and odd as this may seem, that sometimes it really does work; and, that as in most things in life, taking one big risky leap can sometimes yield results so spectacularly successful that you wake up, as I do now, wondering if something so good is really real and true. The happy fact for me is that indeed, it is. For me it has been a life changing experience.

Bill (USA)

11 October 2004

Hello John and Elena, I apologize for not getting back with you sooner. I have been intensely involved with a very real love affair with my Anastasia.

Yes, I have filed for the K-1 Visa. I used an attorney in Illinois through the internet after thorough investigation and questioning. I recently received confirmation with a case file number from the USCIS in Vermont. And the ride begins. I would like to thank you both for all the help before, during, and after my visit to the Ukraine. I would highly recommend to anyone that is serious about a relationship with a beautiful Russian Lady, that they consider only one special lady to spend time with. My time in Kiev with my Anastasia was intriguing, fascinating, intense, eye opening, and the most exciting experience of my life. If a man is really serious about finding the love of his life, it is impossible if you spend your time with more than one Lady. Anastasia and I first started our communications 3 months before our time in Ukraine. I thought I had grown to know her in this time frame. I was mistaken. The Lady that I spent the week with in the Ukraine was far more than I expected. Her profound inner beauty and pride far out weighed her outer beauty. I have never met a Lady quite like her and for this I am grateful. I knew this was the Lady I wanted to spend my life with. Since our time in Kiev we have become engaged and we communicate on a daily basis. I have collected all the required documents and filed for a K-1 Visa. We recently spent a very romantic and beautiful long weekend together in Jamaica. After this time together we knew that we must spend the rest of our lives together. I could go on and on but I will stop here. Words to the wise, if you are serious about finding your life partner, do not stereotype these Ladies. This will be the most beautiful and intense relationship you will ever experience.

Again, John and Elena, Thank you with all you help in finding the Lady of my Dreams. 

United States

07 October 2004

Dear Elena and John: 

Upon my return from serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, I decided to pursue a relationship with a Russian woman. Based on extensive research, I decided to contract with your agency to achieve my goals. I booked a romance tour to Kiev with the hopes of meeting a woman of exceptional beauty and character. Shortly before my scheduled tour, I began correspondence with Marina, a woman from Samara, Russia. With your assistance, we arranged to meet in Kiev. The beauty and charm of the city of Kiev combined with the extraordinary beauty and innumerable charms of Marina produced days that were magical. I was captivated by the city as well as by this goddess of Russian femininity. Your staff went beyond merely friendly and professional. The quality of their services and assistance was exceptional. Marina and I were not simply treated as clients, but as valued friends. I, personally, felt like a "member" of their family. The experiences provided me were priceless. I look forward to a long and lasting relationship, not only with my beloved Marina, but with your agency and the people who manage it. Special praise to Yuri, Irina and "Ira". My heartfelt thanks for your time, your advice and your caring. I will be eternally grateful.

I remain, a devoted client. 
Terry A. McCooe

06 October 2004

On July 23rd 2003, two people from opposite sides of the world lives changed forever.

The story starts even earlier when Yarina who lives in the Ukraine listening to the words of a palm reader was told that she would meet a good man from a different country, fall in love and go to live with him there. 

At the same time Wayne from New Zealand was having a dream and in this dream he meet the most wonderful lady in the world from a far off land. Although he knew he was dreaming when he woke a sense of excitement and something powerful drew him to his computer and he opened an email from RussiaUkraina.Dating advising him of new ladies that had joined the agency. His heart beat so fast as he opened the page and in front of him was the lady that was in his dream that night smiling back at him. 

Without hesitation he wrote a letter that just flowed from his heart to this angel in red called Yarina. If he felt nervous when he hit the send button, his heart nearly stopped when he checked his computer the next day and found a reply from Yarina. 

From that moment on 2 people  from different worlds became so interested in learning everything they could about each other. Wayne recalls the first time he telephoned Yarina at her Grandmothers, "It was the sweetest voice I had ever heard, this is the lady I want to spend the rest of my life with". 

Yarina and Wayne meet in Odessa on September 14th 2004. The next 2 weeks were written directly from the pages of a beautiful romantic novel, proving that true romance is alive and not just for books or movies. On day 4 of their time together Wayne asked Yarina to join him forever in Marriage and Yarina said YES! Wayne met and instantly attached himself to Yarina's family and friends and them to him. Wayne and Yarina then toured the Ukraine together and shared in the history and beauty of this amazing country. When the day came for Wayne to return to New Zealand, Yarina and Wayne could not bear to look at each other as neither wanted the dream to end. 

Yarina will join Wayne in New Zealand as soon as the paper work is completed to start a wonderful life thanks to the services of RussiaUkraina.Dating. Their excitement has also flowed over to their families that now have an opportunity to be a part of cultures they would have otherwise never experienced. I am so pleased to be a part of this story...who am I? well I am the luckiest man in the World, engaged to Yarina, my name is Wayne :)  

could we also ask that Yarinas profile is taken off your database :)

Wayne (New Zealand)
P.S. I attach some photos of Yarina and myself, thank you for your wishes, we are so very happy.

05 October 2004

Dear Elena,

I would like to share my joy with you: with your help, I found my happiness - 26 September [2004] we had our wedding (photos attached). In September last year I placed my profile on your site and already in November I met [my future husband] Marshall in Moscow (I am from Kazakhstan, Karaganda city). In April 2004 he visited me and 4 June [2004] the plane with my son and me on board landed in Chicago. 

We had some misunderstandings; we are from different worlds and behave differently in the simplest situations. We also view things differently, even though I was learning American culture and English language at home for more than a year. But we managed to overcome all the problems, because we had that mutual desire to make our relationship work and the feeling that he (she) is that second half destined to you by Providence.

For already three months, people in my home city read my impressions about America (I am a journalist and send my articles and photos via Internet). Probably, one day I will compile them in a book where the most important idea will be: seek - and you shall find (your second half), knock - and doors shall open (try it, it will definitely work!!!), ask - and you shall receive (happiness that the women of my country really deserve!).

With my best wishes to your agency and its clients,

Mila Dvoretskaya/Lemme (USA)

23 September 2004

Hi there. My name is Gene. I am writing for Elena # 12461 and also copying her on her email. We were married on Sept 10th at 12N in Evpatoria, Crimea, Ukraine. Please update this information so she will discontinue receiving letters from others. Here is a small photo from our wedding.

Gene  (USA)


08 September 2004

Dear RussiaUkraina.Dating
Through your agency I have met a gentleman in UK and have spent the last few months living with him in England. We now want to make our relationship permanent.

Iryna Gaiyer 

05 September 2004

Thank you for your wonderful service and help in bringing my wife and myself together. I first met Elena through your agency in September 2001. I then traveled to Elena's home town of Kiev where I met her lovely family. Elena migrated to Australia and we were married in August 2003 with her mother and sister coming to Australia for our wedding. My love for Elena grows stronger with every day we are together.

Without your service I would never have met my dearest Elena and our lives would not hold so much joy and happiness.

Your service is excellent and brings people together in a way that makes for a fascinating life journey. We are hoping that some of Elena's friends in Ukraine can also benefit from your service the way we have.

We have included a photo from our wedding.

Thank you once again. We are truly grateful for what you have done. Best wishes for the future and we hope to see you one day on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Michael Taylor and Elena Taylor
(Sunshine Coast, Australia)

26 July 2004

Dear EM,

I've got to say that I am pleasantly impressed with your program. This is after surfing through your website for a couple of hours. I have finally found an "ethical" matchmaking website. Here are the things I like about your website so far:

--Strong Anti-scam policy
--Complete biographical info on women
--Good search engine (I like how I can both specify MY preferred age range, and ALSO simultaneously search HER preferred age range...this is a REAL plus!)
--Up to 50 results per page (saves time)
--You can search various time horizons (last 7 days, 14 days, etc.)
--The women on your site seem to complete their bio information more completely than other sites
--Heights/Weights are in BOTH metric and imperial measures
--Postal address, email, and phone are available (not so in most other sites)
--You have "special category" searches available (like models and doctors, etc.)
--You display "NO LONGER AVAIL" when the lady is not available (sometimes heartbreaking, but really a good thing)

My basic conclusion: The good ones become "NO LONGER AVAILABLE" pretty quickly, so it's best to subscribe to the magazine/catalog and write the good ones as soon as possible. Then, be able to back it up quickly by going to see her in her country.

Anyway, I just wanted to say to all of you, "Good job, and keep up the good work." Also, thanks for being an ethical means a lot to me, and all the other guys out there trying to find a good wife. Believe me, your reputation will spread...

Steve (Florida, USA)

03 July 2004

You placed my ad in the papers and sites you said you would and I had a great response... !!! Actually, I have found my love..... and she saw my ad at your site......!!! Can we place my other ad on hold so that I stop getting emails.... over 50/week (average).

Thank you.
David R. (USA)

02 June 2004

I now have a wonderful Ukrainian wife, we were married on May 22nd, thanks for the service!

Jonathan (USA)

09 May 2004

I would just like to say thank you... I've met some very special Russian girls... it may never come to anything, but the romance of the Russian character and spirit has made me forget about my ex girlfriend of 2 years ago. I get emails every day full of joy and honest words... fantastic. They are honest with me and I'm honest with them. Your website as brought me back to life and I'm amazed by the romance in the Russian character... just perfect... thank you so much.

Steve (USA)

30 April 2004

Hello Elena,
I just thought I would write to you and share my experience with all this and to give you a very sincere thanks. If your sales department already forwarded the following message then I hope you will bare with me again as I repeat some of it and expand on more.

This was the most overwhelming, tiring, sad and FINALLY happy experience that I have ever went through. Within the first day or two I could not keep up with all the letters and had to buy a bigger email box through Yahoo because of all the letters and pictures. I was not prepared for such an experience... I consider myself just a plain average looking guy and a quiet man socially when it comes to women. I know I am not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt, but I know that I am not unattractive as well, (somewhere in the middle).

I ended up writing to 3-4 ladies and two of them were excited to know me and after a couple letters one lady wanted me to come over in May or June to meet her and meet her parents. I bought and read your book and liked it very much, I felt I related to you very well. As I have been searching for 20 years for my soulmate. Anyway I let each of them know that I was writing to a couple ladies as well as them and any new lady that wanted to write to me and get to know me I made sure they knew this, some understood and some wished me luck and some never wrote anything in response.

Until I started writing Marina, I didn't think two people could get so serious in a relationship without meeting. This lady also has never placed an ad... she was just looking to see what kind of men use this sort of thing and then she saw me and wrote her letter. She was the one that said that "I should write to many ladies... you are the one doing all the work and would travel here or there".  A week before I canceled my ad (last week), I told Marina that this is serious enough for me to just write to you and get to know you better and she said no... keep writing the other ladies. Finally a few days ago, when our letters were getting very personal, (talking about sex and other things) and I could tell by the way we were opening up to each other; I said Marina, I am canceling my ad and since then we seem to be hitting on all points.  This almost seems like a fairy tale.

So if my fairy tale leads to marriage, I only have you to thank and you would get an invitation in the mail one day :)  Marina thinks we are going to have beautiful children and we are perfect for each other, (did I say she is a very confident woman :)

Your Friend

28 April 2004

Dear Ms. Elena
I placed my profile with your agency a few months ago. I must mention that I had success and am currently corresponding with a lady in St. Petersburg. I visited her once and was more than surprised at how comfortable she made me feel and the warmth of her comfortable home. She is only 44 years old and I am 66. I was very honest and made my disposition known. She has a daughter of 15. Her daughter was also very comfortable with my presence, and the chemistry was very good. I would much appreciate my profile being removed from the listings. I no longer wish to receive further communications.

Thank you,
Leslie (USA)

02 April 2004

Dear Elena

Thanks to you I met my husband Jeffrey. He found me in your catalog in September 2002..... I even did not expect to have his letter ;-). I looked to his picture that he sent me and read his letter...... I liked what he wrote and his wonderful eyes... very kind, tender and smart. The first time we met in Moscow was in Feb.2003 and we spent nice two weeks together, visited my city and he met with my parents..... it was so touching how he asked my parents to marry me. We decided to marry and started the process in March, right away he came back to home. The process time was long... till Dec.2003 and finally I had my interview in Moscow on Jan,24-th.

But before we thought that my visa will be ready much we counted on October, very close to my birthday... and we can spend it together.... but no :-(.

In July we spent wonderful vacation in Budva (Montenegro) and decided to try our chance to be parents soon. And Thanks to God it was happened !!! We both were so happy from that news...... but still waited my visa to come to our new home. To both of us it is our first child.

Jeffrey came again in November and than again to the interview to take care of me, to be my support and than to take me to our new home in USA then. My parents organized to us a wedding party in my city.... for us and our relatives..... it was wonderful.... Jeffrey very liked that :-). But it was not a legal married because it was impossible (we applied for K-1 visa). It was just a party but like a wedding with all Russian and Tatar traditions (because I am Tatar).

I had my visa finally on Jan.27-th in my hands !!! And we flight to USA on Jan.31-th. ( I was on 7-th month than ;-)).

Our wedding in USA was on Feb.14-th! For a while we decided to have a simply ceremony to be legal and have our daughter. But later we decided to have a nice ceremony with all things such as wedding dress, big party and so on..... because as I was on 7-th month it was a little hard for me. And also it will be nice to have my parents visiting us and their first granddaughter than to the wedding in fall..... also Leisana will grow a little ;-). Yes, we found her name very soon when known that we are expecting a baby!

Now we are waiting her arriving in a few days..... and very exciting to see her finally!!! We are happy together and with our little one.

Thank you again very much for your help and that we met each other. We are really in love and can not live without each other.

Thanks to your help from us both,
Jeffrey and Nailia Rector (MO, USA)

22 March 2004

Dear Elena,

My name is Dan Duncan, and I want to thank you for the service you 
provide through your company "RussiaUkraina.Dating". Specifically, I want to thank you for your business relationship with "Russian Pearls", in Barnaul. A year ago I expanded my search for the woman of my dreams from local to international, and wrote to several whose profiles were listed on your website.

Even though I'd written to several women, I knew the moment I saw my Elena's picture and profile that she was someone special and soon my intuition was verified. We began corresponding Last April, met over this past New Years and spent two heavenly weeks together in Siberia. We are now engaged and working on her fiance visa as I write to you. Serendipity has been an apt description of every step in our rapidly growing Love for each other, but we would not have enjoyed such a wonderful experience in our courtship without the exceptional assistance of Russian Pearls, Tatiana Kraznova, and her staff. I cannot speak highly enough of each them.

While Lena and I were together over Christmas break, I had the opportunity to meet Tatiana and her staff and I feel that each is more than a partner in finding the woman I've looked for all my life - I feel they are each friends.

Be assured that I would gladly recommend "RussiaUkraina.Dating" and "Russian Pearls" to anyone and, in fact, already have to more than a few men who asked me, "How did you find your 'From Russia with Love'?"

Best Regards,

Dan Duncan
Winfall, North Carolina, USA

18 March 2004

God bless your web site. I have found a very special woman that I talk with every day. She makes my heart melt. Oddly enough she was the first woman I contacted through you. Once again, thank you, thank you , thank you! for making this possible.

Dr. Cory A.

14 March 2004

Dear Elena,

I wanted to write to you and thank you for all of the help and consideration you have provided me through your agency.

I did indeed meet someone who has "sparked" my interest in a romantic way. I will be leaving for Tashkent, Uzbekistan the first of April to meet her and her family. Her name is Galina. She wrote to me in response to an ad I placed through you with one of your cooperative agencies. I received many letters and Galinas letter was the first. I did as you said and did not get in too much of a hurry. We have been corresponding several months and I am delighted at the emotional and spiritual depth Galina has.

It was a pleasant experience using your services. I met some wonderful and interesting women as a result of your having posted my ad. I did not encounter any woman who was looking for a huge financial portfolio. The women I had exchanges with were by all appearances honest and sincere. How refreshing that is!

Whatever the outcome is, I have had the adventure of a lifetime. I have met people I would never have met if not taking the first step and contacting you and your agency. I am hopeful that all will go well in Tashkent and at some point not too far off, Gala will come to join me here in Alaska as my wife. I am an incurable romantic afterall. :)

Wishing you well and the greatest of success.

Francis Hartzell (USA)

15 February 2004


My name is Valeria Timofeeva. Thanks for your service. I have met my special person with the help of your site. He lives in Australia and I live in Volzhsky. We met twice and soon we are going to apply for Fiancee Visa. I hope that everything will be fine and we will be together forever. I send you our photo; it was taken during my visit to Australia last year.


2 February 2004

Dear Elena Petrova,

In the past two months I have had my hands full writing to all the women that have responded to my ad and the 50 that I ordered addresses for from you. Thank you so much! I want to marry them all and bring them here, but there is only one to a customer. Now, that sounds rather cavalier, but the truth is I have found four very special ones, and out of the four, one that is extra special and precious. This summer I will travel to Barnaul if all goes well.

Thank you so very much. A lot more to tell you but I know you and your staff are wonderfully busy. Write if you need more information please.

Robert (CA, USA)

30 January 2004

I would like to thank you for introducing me to such an amazing person, Elena {08727}. We met in Moscow from Jan.13-21st of 2004. I believe I have found the women of my dreams. Now we are half a world apart and need away to meet again. The sooner the better. The fiancee visa may be one way or would me going to her home town to possibly marry be better. Please advise me of the proper route to use? I'll be waiting for your advice. 

Jerry Spooner (USA)

22 January 2004

Dear Elena and the staff of the agency RussiaUkraina.Dating,

I would like to express my gratitude for your help in finding my true love and changing my life. I am very happy. Even though we know each other a little longer than a year, and have been married for only a few months, I am confident that my husband is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with, despite any problems that may happen in a marriage. My husband is an Englishman and I love his country as my own, though currently we live in the USA.

I wish all lonely women to find their happiness wherever it may be.

Wish my best wishes,
Anna K. (USA)

7 January 2004

Dear Elena,

I thought my letter of gratitude would be one of not too many on your site as I honestly believed that one should have special luck to have found a life-time partner with such an unreliable mediator as Internet is supposed to be. And I am absolutely happy to see that I was wrong and there are SO MANY stories with happy ends published on your site!! Well done, you are really doing a great job!

We were both close to despair (I mean myself and my husband Derek) after several months of wasted time on the on-line love search with other agencies. And then, on the day when I decided to withdraw my pictures from all the dating sites, I received a short letter with a picture of a man from England. (I lived in Canada with my son at that time). My first thought was: "Hmm, I would not mind marrying a man with such a nice smile!"

This is how it started almost 2 years ago. We might have broken the record of everyday on-line communication - some days we spent about 4 hours chatting on MSN! In a couple of months Derek came to see me to Canada, then I came to England.

To cut a long story short, on October 25, 2003 we got married in England and we both think that it has been just God's blessing to have met in such a wonderful, unbelievable way!

The advantage of this type of dating (at least in my understanding) is that it gives you enough time to find out who you are talking/corresponding with, to make friends first, to find if there are areas in common to be shared in the future. And this is the cement that helps us now on those rare moments when we have slight misunderstandings.

So, indeed, Elena has been doing a great job bringing souls together for love and life sharing!

Thanks from me and my husband Derek!!

Tanya Balashova (Hunt presently)

6 January 2004

Dear Elena's staff!

Thanks to your agency I got married 27 December [2003]. I'm very happy with my husband here, in America. Of course, I would like you to delete my profile from your Internet page.

Thank you again for your help in finding the man of my life.

With best wishes,
Vlada (USA)


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