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Patrick and Inna
Patrick and Inna
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Olya and Brent
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Veronika and David, Australia
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Steve and Julia, USA
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Robert and Sveta
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Cris and Olga, Netherlands
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Anna, USA
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Mila and Marshall, USA
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(Michael and Elena, Australia)
Michael and Elena, Australia
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You are probably used to dating websites with glorious testimonials that you cannot check. Are they real or the agency just made them up?

We not only have testimonials from satisfied clients, but also from the website owners that work in the Russian Dating Industry. You can verify them.

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What our clients say about RussiaUkraina.Dating

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31 January 2014

Russian women marriage Thank You Thank You Thank You!

 I met the most incredible woman on your site and was so happy when she said she would come to Alaska and marry me. 

Your site is great and has brought a lot of happy couples together in the world that would never have met otherwise. 

Again Thank You for your site and WE wish everybody else out there as much luck and happiness as we've found. 

Bob (USA) & Elena (Russia)

24 January 2014

Russian women marriage Hello Elena!

I would like to thank you on behalf of my future husband and me. We've met on your website!

I registered on RussiaUkraina.Dating on the 25th of August 2013 and two weeks later I hid my profile because I found a man from Cape Town, South Africa. We started communicate on the site and then switched to Skype. We talked every day in the morning and in the evening. Soon we began to plan our meeting. 

I work as a chemist-analyst for a big Ukrainian company and I planned to take a vacation during the New Year holidays. We decided to meet on a New Year eve, so we began to do paper work for my visa to South Africa. I went to Kiev to apply for a visa personally. I have to admit we were worried about the visa but everything went fine and I received it. Don't be afraid - if you want something very much, you'll get it! 

Finally I arrived to Cape Town on December 25. We spent  23 days together and we were very happy! 

We love each other very much! I am moving to South Africa permanently in March and we are planning to have our wedding soon. We are so grateful to you Elena, because we've found our happiness on RussiaUkraina.Dating! I even can't find words to express my sincere gratitude to you. 

I would like to say to all men and women: Don't give up your dream! Pursue it and then your Destiny finds you! I wish all of you to find your happiness. 

Thank you again and again!

Tatyana (Ukraine) & Gary (South Africa)

10 December 2013

Russian girls marriage Dear Elena,

This letter is overdue, but we did want to tell you that Elena and I found each other through your website. I think our story might be a little unusual in that I had been engaged to another Russian woman that I met here, but who decided to reconcile with her ex. Elena had been engaged to a French man, but that didn�t work out either. So after each of us had been engaged to someone from another country we each continued our search.

I had actively tried the common dating websites in the United States, but had no success and had figured that perhaps I would remain single. I was seeking to hire an intern at work and a Russian woman applied. She and her husband had come to the US for his work. She seemed to be well qualified, but I knew nothing about her university in Kazan so I went online. Many websites for Russian brides appeared. I was intrigued. Many seemed to be exploitive, but I was impressed with the quality of the woman I saw here and with the business approach taken so I signed up.

I first attempted to contact Elena in April 2010, but no response. After a couple of months I noticed that she was still online and her profile was so intriguing that I had to try again. Someone from America was not her first choice. I usually sent rather long letters and fortunately, Elena was trained as a translator. I always appreciated her emails, as I know that she took time to thoughtfully respond. We soon started to Skype and I knew I had to meet her. In October 2010, I visited Moscow and was completely captivated by her. It was there that I knew I wanted to pursue her.

Elena loves all things French and so we decided to visit Paris and met there in January 2011 for a week. It was both delightful and difficult. It was delightful because we could visit the Paris tourist sites and spend time together. It was stressful because there were some cultural differences that came into play and created some stress. Both of us came close to ending our relationship, but I knew that I had found a unique woman and wanted to work through and understand her. We continued to correspond and to Skype.

Elena was very international and had traveled to a number of countries, but had never visited the US. I felt that she really needed to see the US and meet my family in order for her to make a good decision and so she came in July 2011. I should mention that I had attempted to obtain a tourist visa for the first woman I met, but the American Consulate rejected her application even though she fit perfectly the legal requirements for the visa and had previously been to the US on business. Some consular officers are too concerned about marriage fraud and simply don�t look at the facts if an American man invites a Russian woman for a visit. Elena is trained as librarian, loves her career and wanted to continue in her profession. A local university was interested and extended an invitation to her to visit and examine their program. The visa was issued.

During her visit, we explored my hometown, visited by extended family, and visited the university. She was immediately accepted and loved by my extended family, saw where her new home might be, and had a warm visit with the Dean. Over the past year I had learned that she was not only beautiful, but that she was smart and well educated, cultured (I now like Russian ballet), positive in outlook with an outgoing personality, responsible and adventurous. I knew I wanted to be with her and asked her to marry me. She said yes. We immediately visited an immigration attorney to start the process which took about nine months.

I was able to visit her again in Moscow where I met her parents who were delightful. She again came in December for our family Christmas celebration. Finally, she came in May 2012 and we were married in July 2012 at my parent�s church.

At the same time we were working through the visa process, we were working through the university acceptance process where we learned that getting foreign university credentials evaluated is not a simple task. Elena was accepted as a graduate student in library science and is about 50% done with her program. I am quite proud of her as she needs to read and study graduate level materials and has maintained an �A� average as a graduate student.

We would certainly like to say thank you to Elena�s Models for being the vehicle that brought us together. Once some of the different cultural perspectives are understood, I would say that I appreciate fully the Russian family values that I see in Elena and cannot imagine how much poorer my life would be without her.

James (USA) & Elena (Russia)

25 November 2013

Russian girls marriage Hello, I was a visitor on your site since last year and came begin 2012 in contact with a nice girl named Marina from Yoskar Ola, Mari El Republic. 

We started with mail on this site but then it evolved to email, phone calls and Skyping. We decided to meet each other in the summer of 2012 and I invited her to stay a couple weeks at my place in Belgium, which was a great time. But she had to go back to her home, so I proposed her. And she said YES. 

She came back in October 2012 and we got married on 12 December 2012 in Belgium and we are very happy together!
I never will regret to find her via your website! Also didn't had any trouble with visa or something :)


Kris (Belgium) & Marina (Russia)

14 October 2013

Ukraine girls marriage Dear RussiaUkraina.Dating

I am sorry I have not written sooner.

You guys ROCK, praise God for my Beautiful Beautiful WIFE and now the Cutest BABY DAUGHTER!

Signed up in May, met my wife to be online (at your site of course) in June, sent her a 1 way ticket to me for July, married on November 11th 2011. Baby Sophia born May 2012. Almost 2 years later I am so blessed to be married to Lena!

My advice to either Sex, first Pray to God to send you "your Man/ Woman". Be specific in your prayers. Next upload your profile, be specific about who you are and what you are looking for. God so blesses way way beyond our expectations. Send out your requests, but do not spread yourself out to thin, be choosey.

When you click with your possible mate to be, get on Skype and video talk. That's when I knew Lena was my woman, I say Love at first Skype.
Either you make the trip or have her/ him make the trip to you.

The rest is history.
Man I am blessed!!!

Jonathan (Tonga) and Olena (Ukraine)

2 September 2013

Russian girls marriage Hello dear RussiaUkraina.Dating!

Thank you very much and kindest regards for your work! We are very-very happy we have found each other on your website

Our love story went very fast. In the evening of the 9th of July <2012> I was on my way home from my work when my mobile phone rang and I heard the voice of my future husband. We both believed we were destined for each other; we realized it at the very beginning. Ted asked me to meet with him in Ukraine. We met in Kiev in August and had a wonderful time together. Ted was so caring that he took my heart right away. I realized he was a very good man and I could rely on him and  feel like a real lady with him. 

Three months later he came to Russia to meet my parents. They also liked him as a strong and responsible man with a kind heart. Ted made everything possible so that I could visit him in the USA in May. And I landed America on my birthday! 

We had our wedding celebration on July 27. It was just like a fairy tale and we are so happy together!

Russian girls marriage I would advise all the girls to seek their happiness and to do it with joy! And to study English with joy as well! When you have such a wonderful husband next to you, it simply means Paradise on the Earth. I have to admit I hadn't found my man very quickly. I had to study English for 2 years and to renew my photos every 5-6 months. I wanted to be happy and to find my love and to have an ideal family very much. Now I am sure my husband is worth all the efforts! 

Dear girls, believe in your success, upload good photos, and, the most important, write to men first!

Thank you very much, RussiaUkraina.Dating! God is the witness of our happiness and our parents are very happy Ted and me found each other in spite of any distances.

Natalia (Russia) and Ted (USA)

27 August 2013

Ukraine women marriage Dear EM,

I am happy to announce that Bogdana and I were married on August 10th and August 11th of 2013. We married (civil status) at the Wedding Registry in Kyiv on August 10th, and our religious service was held on the 11th at the Frolevskyi Monastery in Kyiv followed by a wonderful reception for family and friends. Our religious service was so touching and so appropriate for us.

We both wish to thank your agency for helping us with our journey to find each other

Profound, deep, tender, romantic, soul love are words that could begin to describe what we have found and what continues to grow each day.

There is no greater joy than to share everything together.

We started to communicate in January 2013 and initially met in Turkey and then spent every waking moment together in Kyiv on a few occasions.

Prior to our first meeting our connection grew "old style" with lots of personal sharing via emails/love letters and online webcam connections via Skype. We are fortunate to live in a time where technology allows us to connect with others in such a manner for hours on end.

From our first moment together, sparks flew and we fell deeply in love and things just grew and deepened from there.

I can tell you that I am blessed to have such a giving and tender woman in my life, and to receive her 12 year old daughter as my step daughter is a gift from the Most High.

Ukraine women marriage The advice that I can give to others (both men and women) who wish to perhaps find a similar connection is to focus on 'one person' and give yourself and that person the opportunity to invite you into their inner world.

Give yourself a chance and devote some time to opening to each other.

Sincerity is always the key, and if you are sincere in your desire and you are both clear on what you wish to build then the sky is the limit.

Blessings to all,

John (Canada) and Bogdana (Ukraine)

19 August 2013

Who thought that the Internet would connect hearts in the XXI century :-)?
I experienced that myself thanks to the Marriage Agency RussiaUkraina.Dating, which helped me to create a profile on their website. First I wasn't sure it's the right way to find happiness but my meeting with a foreigner, which grew into something bigger, surprised me and made me happy. An Englishman started corresponding with me through the website and then he decided to come to Kiev to meet me in person. I was interested to see him in real life as well.
Our first personal meeting was in the centre of Kiev. I tried to look natural as well as elegant. We had dinner first, then went to the Philharmonics (I bought tickets in advance). Later we went to a nice place to smoke kalian, communicate and know each other closer. Our feelings for each other, which were hard to show on Skype, began to appear there. It was the beginning of my romance with a foreigner :-)
I was pleasantly surprised by his good manners, culture, politeness, intelligence and courtship. It was a bit unusual for me - he tried to do everything  to make me happy, bringing joy, smiles and gifts into my life.
Our correspondence became much more interesting and content after the meeting.
He invited me to visit him and I accepted his invitation with great pleasure.
We had an unforgettable time in London! I felt like I met the most wonderful man in my life. That weekend gave us new impressions and opened our relationship from a new side.
I am very happy with my dear Englishman and I sincerely wish every girl who is seeking her love to find and to experience same romantic feelings, love, affection, lightness and inspiration, which I experienced due to my meeting with the foreigner! Although we have some problems because of the language barrier, I know I can be happy with him even in total silence.
Thank you very much, RussiaUkraina.Dating, for making people happy!
Christina (Ukraine)

28 July 2013

Russian women marriage We met each other in February 2012 on RussiaUkraina.Dating. We first started by emailing each other and shortly after we wrote one another on Skype. We also had a few video chats on Skype as well.

We decided to meet in August 2012, in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. It was a perfect vacation, we also traveled to France and Italy.
There was only minor differences in our cultures, nothing unusual.
Polina speaks good English and we only used our translator a few times.

We were married in Koh Samui, Thailand in June 2013. We are now in the process of getting Polina's Visa for Canada.

The best advice we could give - follow your heart and be yourself!
And you never know when you will meet your true love, maybe it will take time, but it's worth the wait!

We would like to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for giving people the chance to find true love not only in their cities or countries but in the whole World!

Ryan (Canada) and Polina (Russia)

21 July 2013

Russian women marriage Hello dear creators of the wonderful website RussiaUkraina.Dating!
My husband and I wanted to thank you a while ago and finally we are writing to you.
We met on RussiaUkraina.Dating quite a long time ago in October 2009. I had just registered then and next day I received a letter from David asking to write to him and soon after that I hid my profile.
Everything happened very fast. He asked me to give my phone number to him and called me.
I understood only "PRIVET, I am David" - that's all. My English was that little. I could only managed to answer that I didn't understand anything at all. A minute after our conversation a message came: "I will learn Russian for you".
I have to admit, my husband is one of those men who can reach their goals and now he understands Russian very well and speaks a bit, although I had to learn English after moving to South Africa.
A week after our acquaintance, Dave invited me to come to his country but I was very busy at work and couldn't take more than one week off (considering the trip from Vladivostok to Pretoria would take two days) plus I thought it wasn't a good idea for a girl come to a man first :-))). So I told him I would be glad to see him in Russia. He said it wasn't a problem and...he flew trough all Africa, Europe and Russia and arrived to me on the Christmas eve!
By that moment we were already deeply in love. We talked on Skype every evening for hours till 2 am!
After spending nearly a month in covered in snow Vladivostok together, we realized we couldn't imagine our life without each other. At the end of February 2010 I said good-bye to my home town and went to far away Africa to my beloved man who became my closest friend, my dear husband and a wonderful father to our little son!
Thank you very much for the opportunity to find my second half in spite of great distances and twists of destiny, which put us so far apart from each other...

RussiaUkraina.Dating helps all of us to find our love in this world!

Elena and David (South Africa)

8 July 2013

Russian women marriage Dear Elena Petrova,

Malc and I wish to thank you for your wonderful website. Malc sent me the first email in November 2011. We spoke on Skype and we wrote many letters every day each other. Malc invited me to Thailand to meet and we had 2 week holiday in Febrary 2012. We were very happy because we met and got to know closer. 

I invited Malc to Russia in May 2012. Malc then stayed  in Moscow for 3 months. We built our relationship and learned how to communicate very well. Malc proposed to me in June on my birthday and we were engaged to be married. 

We had a very beautiful holiday in August 2012. We traveled from England to France, to Monaco, to Italy, to Spain. We remember our holidays every day. We were married on the 26th of June 2013. Our other wedding will be in France on September 7.

We are very happy!!! Thank you very much for your website Elena, because I met  Malc from NZ and he met Marina from Moscow and we are very happily married!!!

Malc (New Zealand) and Marina (Russia)

3 July 2013

Russian women marriage Dear Elena,

Success Story!

Thank you so much for the service you provide. I have been a member since November 2011 and always read the testimonials with delight and just a twinge of envy. When was it going to be my turn to find the love of my life? Well, my turn finally came on April 18,2013. That�s the day I received an email from Ekaterina from St. Petersburg. She read my profile and liked what I wrote. She stated in her email that she felt we would be a good match.

I checked out her profile, and was blown away by how beautiful she was. She also appeared very well educated, and well traveled, having lived in the US for 8 years. I wrote back immediately and asked her why she felt we would be a good match. During my haste in replying I spelt her name wrong. OMG!! I wrote a second email apologizing for the first one. Luckily (as I would later find out) she is a sweet heart, forgave me, and said I should call her Katia.

We found out we had a lot in common during the first few emails and agreed to Skype on April 24th. During the first few seconds of that Skype call I was amazed by how happy, and friendly she was. She could barely keep still and her laugh was infectious. Then her 3 year old daughter, who had been asleep, woke up and joined Katia. The way Katia spoke to her daughter with so much love and affection, yet still kept her attention on me was amazing. For me, it was love at first sight, an intense feeling of joy overwhelmed me and I remember thinking �I need to have this beautiful woman and her child in my life.�

After a couple more phone calls and Skype dates we agreed to meet in Los Angeles on June 22nd. During the month before we met we grew very close sometimes spending up to 4 hours a day talking to each other so by the time we met, we knew we were soul mates.

On June 22, I drove to LAX and met Katia with a dozen pink roses. I was so nervous, but as soon as I saw her all nervousness went away, replaced by giddy excitement. Katia later said I was jumping up and down with joy. I have no idea what I was doing; the entire experience was like a dream. Katia greeted me with a kiss and as I led her by the hand to my car she stopped me and we kissed again.
As soon as we got to my home, I sat her down on the couch and told her what I been waiting to tell her for the past two months. That I was madly in love with her. Katia beamed in delight. The rest of the week went perfectly, and we even managed a romantic two day road trip to Vegas.

When it was time for Katia to fly back to St. Petersburg we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. So Katia�s return to Russia will be very brief, just short enough to quit her job, get the blessing from her family, pick up her cute daughter and move in with me in three weeks. We plan on getting married later this year.

Katia (Russia) & Chris (USA)

25 June 2013

Russian women marriage Dear Elena Petrova,

Sveta and I wish to thank you for your wonderful website. Sveta sent me the first email in September 2012. Her email was spoken from the heart so I replied and from there we stayed in contact daily; first by email, then by Skype. Sveta invited me to Russia. I had been to Russia once before and liked it. The people are wonderful and the ladies are the BEST! I flew to Sveta's city in December 2012 for a 6 month stay. We built our relationship and learned how to communicate very well. I proposed to Sveta in May and now we are engaged to be married. We are now working on her K-1 visa so she can come to the U.S.

Gentlemen, Russian women are very smart, educated, with good character and they know how to take care of their family. Russian women are also fashion conscious and they take good care of themselves. You will be hard pressed to find better women ANYWHERE in the world.

Many good Russian women are looking for a good man to form a family. I wanted a good woman who shared my core values and found her on RussiaUkraina.Dating. RussiaUkraina.Dating website does an excellent job of keeping their website free of scammers. That takes the worry out of using this website.

Russian students are taught English from an early age, so there are many women in Russia who speak English at some level. Sveta was not fluent, but she worked hard at learning English during my stay here and she has done well. I have also worked hard to learn some Russian... together we speak a sort of "Runglish." It works.

Russian women are modern ladies, but they also have good personal and family values. For them, family comes first. It is best to fly to the woman's city and meet her in person, and meet her family too. Be honest, be yourself, and you will be surprised at how well Russian women will take care of you.

Sveta and I wish to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for their excellent website and their hard work to keep the website filled with honest ladies who truly seek a good man for marriage and family.

Bob (USA)and Svetlana (Russia)

Russian women marriage FROM SVETLANA: 

Good day Elena,

I registered on your website "RussiaUkraina.Dating" in September 2012. On the 17th of September, while I was looking through your database I saw Robert. After several minutes of looking at his pictures I finally got down to reading his profile information. At that moment I realized that he was the reason I had come to this website. Unfortunately, I also realized that a man like Bob could not be left without attention of other women. I started thinking about how I could make him notice me among hundreds of beautiful ladies. I wrote him a short message saying that he was the only man whom I sent a really personal letter. I asked him to look in my eyes hoping that he would see the same thing I saw in his. At that time I did not get a reply. Sometime later I noticed that he had not deleted my letter, but this didn't really make me happy. I continued visiting the website, but after a while my interest started fading away.

On the 9th of November, almost two months after my message, I finally received a notification about a highly anticipated letter. It is impossible to describe what I felt at that moment. Bob was my dream. I didn't know him, but I believed his eyes. I wrote back and so our correspondence began. We were exchanging letters every day. We were not just exchanging a few words about the weather, we were talking about our lives, the past and the future. It was wonderful. We were very far from each other, but I could feel his presence, as if he were near me.

My vacation was getting close, so I invited Robert to visit me. He accepted my invitation. Bob had arrived in Russia on the 24th of December, 2012 and was staying with me until the 22nd of June, 2013. A new VISA agreement between the US and Russia allowed us to be together for six months. My vacation ended four weeks after Bob's arrival and so I went back to work. We started living as a regular family. We were learning how to live together how to understand each other. This process was difficult for both of us, mostly because our countries have very different cultures. However, these six months were the happiest period of my life. The man I had been dreaming about was finally with me.

I love Bob with my heart and my soul. He is a wonderful man, a wonderful husband and a wonderful father. These six months helped us build a relationship based on strong feelings. Now we know for sure that we want to live a long and happy life together. On the 27th of May, 2013 Robert asked me to marry him. I accepted the proposal. I know that we have a lot of challenges ahead of us, but I am sure that we will succeed because there are two of us now.

I want to say "Thank you" for your work, Elena. You give people happiness and turn things that seem impossible into reality. Thanks to you I managed to find that "special" man, the one I love without any limits.

Svetlana (Russia)

12 June 2013

Azerbaijan girls marriageHello, dear EM members!

We're writing out story together, so you can read and imagine everything from both sides.

We've met on RussiaUkraina.Dating website in September 2012. Haimar sent a message first and I replied directly to his personal email since it was mentioned in the message. We started to communicate in English as we both are good in that, but later he suggested to switch to Russian to have a practice in language.

We continued with emails and soon moved to Skype chat. We talked on phone couple of times. Actually we have many sources of communication such as emails, text messages, Skype, WhatsApp (which is perfect to send photos, videos), so we felt online all the time.

Haimar visited me in Baku in January 2013 for 4-5 days. From the beginning we felt like we know each other for years.

He met my parents and was impressed how great everything passed! :) He offered to develop our relationships and go further.

Later in March I had a business trip to Barcelona, so I decided to go to Tallinn to meet him. In a day of his birthday we applied to marriage office.

I visited Tallinn once again in the end of May and on 1st of June we got married there. Few days later we came back in Baku together and had a small party as well.

Azerbaijan girls marriageI think that RussiaUkraina.Dating is a very serious website! EM is great to find a soul mate, husband/wife. I've been on that website for about 5 years and finally found my happiness! Just be yourself, try to upload real pictures - nice and warm. No need to show all parts of your body to attract someone's feelings. Anyway someday he will see your soul and feel your heart. And of course, language is a best key. My English helped me a lot in many communications here.

So, girls, be smart, be nice and be yourself!

Thank you very much for everything, EM team!

Nigar (Azerbaijan) and Haimar (Estonia)

27 May 2013

Ukraine girls marriageOur correspondence over email was only a couple of weeks. We spoke on Skype almost daily for the next 7 weeks when I flew to Kiev, Ukraine for the first visit. Her English was very good and it got better on Skype. I have just returned from the 1 week I have spent in Kiev with her where we got engaged. I had read everything available on the site and it was much easier than I expected. I have even met her parents who speak no English, interesting to say the least. 

I am now starting the process of getting her a visa. I found that your site was lots of help and writing the biography made a huge difference. I found that you tell the truth and do not hold anything back from her and everything will fast to progress. For every bit of love you show these women, you get literally double back! Lay everything out on the table for her to see and she will be quick to accept you. 

Svetlana even had bad experiences with men on other sites, which did not make it any easier to say the least. Don't push or be harsh, just let them come to you and answer all their questions fairly quickly. If it is meant to be it will work out fairly quickly. It has been just under 6 months, start to now for me and I am engaged to a beautiful and wonderful woman already. 

Thank you RussiaUkraina.Dating!

Paul (Australia) and Svetlana (Ukraine)

20 May 2013

Russian girls marriageNicholas and I met on models in November 2012. After exchanging just few messages on the site we started chatting using Facebook, sending sms and talking in Skype. A month later he asked me if I would like to visit him and his family in South Africa.

I got a visitor�s visa for 1 month and came here for the first time at the end of January. During that month we got to know each other better, fell in love and decided that I had to come back. At the end of March I was flying back to Johannesburg with a fianc�e visa for 3 months.

We got married in court in May 2013 and now we are applying for my 2-year temporal residence and getting ready for our wedding in November.
Nick and I would like to express our gratitude to Elena for keeping such a good dating site. 

We are sincerely happy now!

Our advice for those who seek for their happiness is to never give up. There is somebody waiting for a person like you!

Elena (Russia) and Nicholas (South Africa)

28 March 2013

Ukraine women marriageWe met on RussiaUkraina.Dating on April 20, 2012. We cherish this date and celebrate every month little anniversaries. But soon will be the big day - April 20, 2013. We are going to celebrate 1 year of our relations.

What has happened during this year? In a few words: we fell in love, met and got married!

From the very beginning, we started exchanging emails and family photos. The following week we had our first Skype video chat, after which we both knew that we found our soul mate. Later on we couldn't imagine spending a single day without writing emails or chatting in Skype, in addition I wrote Natalia real post letters and sent her flowers. As time passed, we found it difficult to communicate only through the Internet and we started planning our meeting in real life. 

I arrived in Moscow on December 30 and we celebrated New Year 2013 with Natalia's family. We spent an amazing week together, in the end of which, I made her proposal. She arrived in Regina on January 11 and we started living together. We arranged our wedding on February 14 and both of our families were shocked to find out that we were planning to get married so soon, however we knew that we were doing the right thing. My family and friends were invited to our wedding and Natalia's family was watching the ceremony through Skype. 

Nowadays we are preparing documents to get Natalia Canadian permanent resident status.

Thanks, RussiaUkraina.Dating!

Tyrus (Canada) and Natalia (Russia)

26 March 2013

Ukraine women marriageDear Elena Petrova,


Our ten year wedding anniversary passed in November 2012 and we would like to thank you yet again for introducing us. We first corresponded in February 2001, physically met in January 2002 and married in November 2002.

Every day we are grateful for each other and the wonderful marriage we share. Our marriage continues to grow stronger each and every day and has endured earthquakes that destroyed our home, a world recession, and the thousand other tribulations life throws at each and every one of us on a daily basis.

Svetlana brought with her our daughter Maria, who was a fresh-faced 11 year old when she arrived in New Zealand, and is now a beautiful 22 year old who still lives nearby in Christchurch. All four of our combined children have developed loving, meaningful sibling relationships and although living in different countries regard each other as true brothers and sisters. Furthermore all four of them hold our marriage up as the benchmark for their own relationships and envy the love they see between their parents.

It is still amazes us that two people from different hemispheres and different cultures could meet through an introductory site such as yours and find, in each other, their soul mate.

We hope others looking at your testimonials can gain some measure of confidence in your wonderful service and find a similar level of love and happiness that we enjoy.

Thank you once again.

Hugh and Svetlana (Christchurch, New Zealand)

12 March 2013

Ukraine women marriageI met Elena on the RussiaUkraina.Dating website in July 2011 and we quickly learned a lot about each other through email and Skyping. She had planned a vacation to the Carpathians Mountains in September, and we talked about how great it would be to be able to spend that time together in person. I was able to join her for the week, and instantly confirmed my feelings of love, resulting in a marriage proposal that week.

Our trip was wonderful, visiting many castles that were hundreds of years old, beautiful churches, and great restaurants. I lost 9 pounds that week without trying, and was never hungry, and tried several European beers each day. The food was excellent. 

We spent the next several months Skyping each day, filing forms, and getting to know more about each other, while waiting to hold each other again.

I had the pleasure of meeting her wonderful family during my next visit to Ukraine (to her home town) in May 2012, and we returned to the U.S. together, and were married in June 2012. We are extremely happy to have found one another through your website, and the testimonials were beneficial to me, and I hope ours is to anyone else seeking love and partnership through this website. 

We are planning on having our first child together this year, and look forward to the rest of our lives together.

Thank you, RussiaUkraina.Dating! 

Scott (USA) and Elena (Ukraine)

28 February 2013

Because of our success, we sat down and decided to share out experience with you so that it may help others to find what they are looking for.

We first began corresponding in September, 2012 and exchanged emails shortly thereafter. We wrote often and agreed to meet in Russia in November. We have met now three times and have spent about 7 weeks together in total. We have now made plans to marry this summer in California.

We are very happy and we look forward to our future plans.

We would like to say that while some may find internet dating a little unconventional, this is a real way to a real relationship.

We choose this site because it allowed us to communicate directly without having the agency act as a "middle-man" (and trying to collect fees for each letter we sent or each call we made). Being able to talk to each other without an intermediary helped us to know that we were both legitimate. We liked that the fees were clearly explained and there were no "hidden" or "extra" fees to communicate with each other.

Another thing that we liked about Elena's is that (after we joined) no one tried to "push" extra services on us - no one tried to sell us anything other than what we originally ordered. We never felt pressured to buy services we didn't want.

We both would like to say that Elena's worked for us and it can work for you.

Samuel (US) and Anna (Russia)

P.S. Note to Elena's: we prefer not to post photos.

13 February 2013

Russian women marriageUpdate on the Success Story of Steve and Natasha from 22 August 2011

Natasha and me married in Kyiv last September and her spouse visa application was submitted a week ago so fingers crossed.

I want to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for helping me find Natasha, she is amazing and a wonderful woman and wife.


Warm regards,

Steve (UK)

17 January 2013

Russian women marriageAfter being separated for over 2 years, and given up all hope with the UK dating websites (believe me I tried a few), I decided to search for love further afield. 

Irina first caught my eye in January 2012, she was attractive, of similar age and her profile interested me. We started corresponding and wrote to each other almost everyday and spoke via video link on Skype every week. After almost 4 months corresponding, I decided to do the honourable thing and travel to Russia to meet Irina. She was even more beautiful than her profile picture, intelligent and had a great sense of humour. We both felt very comfortable in each others company and knew we had found our other half. 

On a cold April morning after a stroll in the park I got down on one knee and asked Irina if she would marry me, her response was like the famous scene from the film 'When Harry Met Sally', it was 'Yes, yes, yes!' I cannot tell you how happy I felt, I was sure I would wake up and find it was all just a dream.
We decided to marry in Irina's home town of Taganrog and I returned once more to Russia, where we married on a hot summers day on 28th July 2012. We applied for a UK visa, and received approval 2 days before Christmas 2012. It was the best Christmas present ever, and now Irina is here living with me in UK.
It's been a rollercoaster ride, but it has been worth staying the coarse. Everybody deserves to find happiness, and for those of you still out there, don't give up hope.
We would both like to thank All at Elena's for making this dream come true.
Keep up the good work for 2013.
Best Wishes to All,
Paul (UK) and Irina (Russia)    

24 December 2012

Russian women marriageDear Elena,

I an Indian met Mariana a Russian, on RussiaUkraina.Dating on 12-12-2010. We started correspondence through the site initially and then moved on to Skype and mobile calls. We were in daily touch ever since and even planned to meet asap. However due to visa issues we could not meet in 2011 but we did not lose hope and finally met first time in Istanbul in March 2012. 

It was just fabulous meeting Mariana and we felt most comfortable in each other's presence. We then met again in June 2012 in Denmark and celebrated Mariana's birthday. Then again in August end Mariana moved with bag and baggage to Denmark to be with me. We even went to India in Oct 2012 and met my family.
We returned from India in November 2012 and immediately planned to get married. 

We chose the date 12-12-12 to be our wedding date and got married at the town hall in Copenhagen. So 2 years to the date of our first correspondence and a very memorable day we took the vows to be together forever.

We are very happy to be with each other and wish to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for making this possible. I now not only have a lovely beautiful wife but also a mother to my son.

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.

Kind regards,
Seshadri (Denmark) & Mariana (Russia)

17 December 2012

Russian girls marriageWe found each other on this site in January 2011, after changing emails and talking in Skype we had a real meeting in Paris on June 2. 

We fell in love from the first moment there. Then I came to Netherlands in August for a vacation, Patrick visited me in December in Siberia. 

We got married on the 2nd of August 2012, now we live together in Netherlands and very happy, thanks to this site.

Elena (Russia) and Patrick (Netherlands)

14 December 2012

Ukraine women marriageDear EM!
Thank you very much for being there and helping lonely hearts to find each other.
We, Brian and me, sent EOIs on the 11th of June and started corresponding three days later. From our first letters, we have realized that we are very alike.
Three months later, Brian came to Sevastopol, Ukraine, to visit me...and to propose!
From the very first minute of our meeting, from the very first sight  we knew we had found each other.
Our wedding took place in an old castle in Prague on November 11/2012!
Brian has made a real fairy tale for us: beautiful nature, a wonderful castle, horses and a cart - simply amazing atmosphere! And the only one, my loving and beloved man was next to me then and forever.
Brian has already started the visa process for me to come to the USA and soon we'll be together.
Ukraine women marriage

Dear women, don't give up if you didn't find the right man yet.

Hope, believe and wait! I wish you all the best of luck!



Irina (Ukraine) and Brian (USA)

19 November 2012

Russian women marriageHello to everyone!
Yesterday, on the 18th of November, my husband Fred married me. 
We both would like to say thank you and share our happiness and joy with you.
We first met on RussiaUkraina.Dating website on the 25th of July 2011 and began corresponding every day. 
It was a true love story in letters!
In February 2012 (only few months later) we saw each other on Skype first time and couldn't have enough of each other since then. Everyday Skype conversations...everyday letters - it is an amazing story of acquaintance, love and tenderness.
Finally, yesterday in Miami we became husband and wife.
Thank you very much for your site and your work!
Fred (USA) and Tatiana (Russia)

9 November 2012

Russian women marriageThis letter is way overdue. 

We met on RussiaUkraina.Dating in February 2005 and got married in November 2006. Since then I've made several attempts to write about us but just couldn't finish for some reason. A couple of days ago my former occupation (marriage agency) caught up with me again and here I am, finally writing this.

Oh, well, where to start? I guess from the very beginning. Which means Ekaterinburg, Russia, a life ago. Divorced, with a two year old girl, lonely and unhappy but deep inside still hoping that this wasn't my life for the rest of my days. Long, painful search for a Russian guy, disappointment after disappointment. That's how my life looked like at that time. Though, there was one good thing that came out of dozens of unsuccessful dates - I met not only typical Russian men, but good guys as well, who cured me with their attention and complements from the low self-esteem that I inherited from my first marriage. The thing that I understood later in my dating journey was that while you are still full of after-divorce negativity in particular and negativity towards men in general, you will never get where you want to be. You need to get rid of it for your own good and move on with your life.

All this was happening while I was working in a marriage agency and telling our ladies to try RussiaUkraina.Dating website! I had a chance to talk to Elena's mom in person, heard from her the successful story of her daughter and about Elena in general. Aren't it ironical? Shoemaker without shoes making shoes and teaching other people how to make them. I guess you need to "ripen" to that stage when you are mentally ready for this major step in your life and to mature to a shoemaker who actually wears the shoes he's making.

Two and half years after my divorce I said to myself "Enough wasting my best years on Russian men! It's not working! Do what women in our agency do - look abroad". I had professional pictures taken may be a year after my divorce. They were nice, I mean I looked pretty but my eyes were giving away the true story - lonely, wounded and afraid to trust anybody. Would you like to be with a person like that? I don't think so. I've changed a lot after all these dates with Russian guys. I've done some self-improvement by reading books, analyzing my experience and my behavior and by analyzing what I saw in our agency. I was different, I felt different and I wanted the best of it to be seen. I made a new set of professional pictures - a little bit inviting, slightly flirting, showing what I have in me. I wanted to look genuine and alive. But it wasn't easy at all! "Oh, I'm fat! Oh, I'm not as pretty as other girls! Oh, I'm short! Oh, I'm a plain Jane!" Oh this, Oh that... Good grief! I can't believe I was that bad at that time!

If you think that I found my hubby right after that photoshoot then think again. For some women it works pretty much right off the bat - men start writing, something clicks with one of them, he comes for a visit, immigration paper work, marriage. With me it was more like "They write but nothing develops" type of a thing. My routine for couple of years was "I place my profile, get letters from kind of interesting guys, some letter writing but nothing happens, I remove my profile, recover, cheer myself up and start all over again". Honestly, try after try it drains you, it kills your hopes, it invites you to quit.

They say "The night is the darkest right before the dawn". Oh, boy, it's so true! To tell truth, the last time when I place my profile on the web-site I was almost disappointed in the whole idea of the search. But I knew that if I don't try then nothing will ever happen, nothing will ever change. I grabbed myself together and started all over again. And guess what? That's right - it finally happened! And not just happened - he was the first one I got a letter from! That last time I got more letters from men than usual. I was looking at their profiles reading their letters, they were nice but I kept coming back to his picture and what he wrote about himself. It was really simple and nothing extraordinary as you might think. It just felt sincere and that's what kept bringing me back to him.

After couple of letters I decided that we should start chatting in ICQ. I spoke English OK at that time but it was Russian English :-)) It was embarrassing sometimes to demonstrate it, but would you give up a good man for your fear of not having perfect English skills? I wouldn't and I didn't and it paid off!
It was that once in a life time "click" that everybody is dreaming about! The more we chatted, the more interesting it was getting and I liked madly everything I saw! I saw a smart, simple and very open person, with a very good sense of humor that was matching mine perfectly, he had the same life values and identical point of view on certain things. He was just like me, only a male, 15 years older, born and raised in the USA. And another thing that was important - he was very happy that I had a daughter because he loved kids very much but didn't have any of his own. We were like an instant family for him, family that he wanted so much. You see it and you ask yourself - is it even real? Is it even happening to me? Believe me, it was real and it still is.

Later, we switched to voice chats in Yahoo messenger and chatted almost every day. Very soon it became clear that we need to move to the next stage - meeting in person. He came three times and one of them was on January 1! It was a long flight on almost empty Lufthansa plane from around 80F of Southern California into a frigid -25C of Ekaterinburg! Before his trip I asked him to take pictures of what he was taking with him for my inspection because I've seen may foreigners underestimate Russian winter and doing express shopping for warm clothes and footwear. He did just as I asked and went patiently through all my critics with "Honey, who wears this? Honey, you can't wear that!". If it's not a man in love then I don't know what is!
Six months between visits were unbearable... We missed each other badly! Every time when he was going back home I couldn't function, I was on auto-pilot for days and so was he. After going through things like this you see clear what your relationship means to you and you appreciate more what you have.

Fiancee visa paperwork went through pretty fast and without complications. We had everything - we met three times, we have print-outs of our ICQ chats, we had bunch of pictures and even 800$ cellphone bill from his first phone call! For the interview I even had his tax forms - just in case. Two months after his third visit our plane was landing in LA airport. From the first snow in Ekaterinburg into palm trees and shorts with T-shirts in California. We were happy like kids! No more six moths of waiting, no more voice chats, no more awaiting for any visas! We were finally together! This feeling is hard to describe and even six years later it's still with us.

We eloped to Vegas. Three hours drive to Nevada and "I do!". Well, everybody wanted us to get married, so technically it wasn't your classic eloping but it's fun, sort of an adventure to look at it this way. It was a small ceremony with two friends of my husband and one of mine who flew all the way from North Carolina to be there with us. It was very heart felt, very emotional and unforgettable night. I wouldn't trade it even for a top notch traditional ceremony with bunch of guests, cake and a white dress that so many girls want to have. It was that case when less means more.

After first euphoria wore off it's been hard sometimes to get used to a new life. I was probably more prepared then many other women because of my marriage agency experience and because my husband did his best to explain things about life in US long before we moved here. And even after being prepared I was struggling a little bit. I was shy to speak to other people, order food in restaurants and sometimes even with my hubby. It was very overwhelming to hear English from everywhere and speak it all the time. Your sensory system gets overloaded and you feel irritation, depression and bunch of other unpleasant emotions. You need to make a conscious effort to fight that moodiness and keep reminding yourself that it's just a process of adaptation and it'll go away eventually. I know that many women get homesick but I was lucky and it never hit me. I guess that TLC that my husband surrounded us with made it impossible to miss the place where I came from and where I've been so unhappy for a long time. And did I mention my hubby has an enormous patience and a heart of gold? I only can imagine how much of it he needed at that time!

As for my daughter, she barely spoke any English when we moved to US. But kids are like sponges and may be after eight months of homeschooling and constant practicing with both of us she spoke English so good that she went to a normal class in her school and didn't need any assistance or ESL classes. Our daughter is a teenager now. Thirteen going on thirty :-)) She spent the first half of her life not knowing what having a daddy was like. Fortunately, now she has a good one (and already well armed :-)) ) who has even more patience with her than sometimes I do. She picked up after him her music preferences, favorite books, the manner of joking and we've been told few times that she looks just like him. What can be a better thing to hear for a man!

If what you just read is not lovey-dovey enough for you then I'll add one more thing. I have wonderful parents-in-law and the whole extended family of my husband accepted us very well. When was the last time, if ever, your mother-in-law wrote to you in a greeting card that you are an answer to her prayers about her son? Mine did and, honestly, I never heard things like that even from my own mother.

I hope this story was inspiring enough for those who are still in doubts if they should do it or not, and for those who are already looking, both men and women. It can happen to you too. You can do it too. It won't be easy and it will require a lot of patience, understanding and working on your problems but it's still doable. I'm wishing you all good luck! It won't hurt to have some!

Natalia & Owen (USA)

21 August 2012

Russian womenHello Elena,

Marina and I, Michel, want to thank you for the opportunity you gave us to meet and, finally to get married. To make a short story�

We met the last week of August 2011 when Marina answered to my first letter on Elena�s site. We immediately exchanged our emails and then our Skype addresses. Since that time, we spent several hours a day on Skype, and love between us grew rapidly.

Marina came to see me in Montr�al (Qu�bec) at the end of December. We spent 7 days together that tend to confirm our mutual love. We met again ten days in Cuba (end of April and beginning of May 2012). We decided to get married. I flew to Moscow the beginning of July and we got married the 2nd of August this year (2012) in Prague city.

We are very happy together and we want to thank you very much, again, for this opportunity you gave us.
Michel (Canada) and Marina (Russia)

15 August 2012    

Ukraine woman �Where there is great love there are always miracles.� (Willa Cather)

This New Year's Eve I made a wish to witness a miracle in my life.

On the 11-th of January I registered on the EM site with a purpose to meet a reliable, strong man, fall in love and get married.

It only took a few days before I saw Robert's profile. His deep blue eyes charmed me at once, but most of all I liked his desire to find his MIRACLE!

After contacting him through the site we began chatting on Skype and sending e-mails and texts every day. We also had another very special and most romantic way of communication - post cards! The old-fashioned way of putting perfumes and red lipstick kisses on cards made Robert believe in sincerity of my feelings for him. His noble intentions were evidenced by wonderful flowers I got on St. Valentine's Day and Women's Day (8 March). Our relationship was developing very fast. We were in love...

As Robert wrote in one of his cards to me, "Our love is like an apple, sweet and healthy". That was the reason why in April, when I went to the airport to meet the man I had fallen in love with... I had a big red apple in my hands! Apple became the symbol of our sweet and healthy love. We spent an unforgettable week in my hometown Vinnitsa, Ukraine. It was full of surprises and romantic moments.

Robert visited my family on Easter. We had a traditional family Easter dinner but Robert's mind was far away from the hot cross buns and painted eggs. The same evening he asked me to marry him with an incredible romantic proposal. Unfortunately, I could not say "YES"... My heart was full of emotions and the only word I managed to pronounce was, "TAK� (Ukrainian YES).

The second time when I gave the same answer to Robert was on the 17-th of June - the day when we were surrounded by our friends and family, who witness our marriage and shared in the joy of this special occasion. Robert and I had a wonderful wedding that reminded me of my New Year Eve's wish... to witness a miracle... Our first wedding dance was accompanied by the song of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, "There can be miracle, when you believe..."

My husband and I wish to all single hearts to believe that nothing is impossible for love and RussiaUkraina.Dating!!!

Robert and his boundless sincere love to me is the biggest miracle I have witnessed in my life!

Elena (Ukraine) and Robert (Netherlands)                                                                                                                   

21 July 2012

Russian brides in USAHello!

Daniel and I met in March 2012 on RussiaUkraina.Dating. We were talking for several hours a day - every day! After 3 weeks Daniel said that he loved me and decided to come to meet me in Moscow in June. I was very happy and excited but then I thought, what if I go to the USA and meet him there? I decided to get a US visa; I thought, if I get the visa, great, if not, it's OK, then Daniel can visit me in Russia.

I went to the Embassy with a lot of documents but they only asked me for my passport and straight away gave me the visa for 1 year. I was very happy and told Daniel about it. Daniel was very happy, too, and he already decided to buy me a ring. Daniel called me every day and every morning when I woke up there was an email from him... we could not wait to see each other! I had exams at the University and could not go until June. My mom bought me a ticket for the 4th June.

This date finally came and I arrived to the U.S.A. We fell in love with each other from the first second we saw each other and I am sure for the rest of our lives! Our wedding was on 20 July 2012.

My English is not very good but we understand each other. Sometimes we use Google Translate, but it's very funny when we sometimes don't understand each other. The next week I will start my English classes and soon I will understand everything... I hope!))

Thank you very much for this site, I have met my destiny and my soul mate!

Polina (Russia) and Daniel (USA)

18 July 2012

Russian women loveFROM PAUL AND ELENA:

They both had almost given up on finding "love"...

Then in February 2012 they met on RussiaUkraina.Dating. After four months of intense communication were married in June, in Las Vegas and could not be happier.

Thank You ELENA for making our dreams come true!

We wish the other seekers of love and happiness the same fortune. 

It's not too late! and don't ever give up!

Paul (USA) and Elena (Russia)

14 July 2012

Ukraine girlsI joined RussiaUkraina.Dating with my hopes of Internet dating almost ruined... 

It didn't take long before I wrote and started to talk over Skype with Elena from Ukraine. I was blown away with how beautiful and smart she was and found that our Skype sessions were going well over 1 hour every time, but only felt like 5 min. Soon after I was talking to her on the phone every night and it became clear that I had to fly over to Ukraine to meet her face to face.

It was around two months after I first wrote her on RussiaUkraina.Dating but there I was waiting for her to show up by taxi at the airport. When she showed up I was completely in disbelief as she was even more beautiful than she was on the web cam and I wondered how that was even possible!

I thought a lot about what it was going to be like... I never talked to someone so much without meeting face to face, so I wondered if it would be like picking up where we left off. IT WAS... We went right to lunch and had a great time. The rest as they say is history.

Ukraine girls elena's When I got back to Canada and saw her on Skype again it was very hard. I knew I had to be with her forever, or I would never be happy. I came right back to Ukraine and the two of us spent a lot of time together, took a trip to Kiev and planned a small but beautiful wedding and honeymoon which went absolutely brilliant.

I now find myself sitting here writing this letter with this unbelievably gorgeous girl beside me who I now am very proud to call my wife and like everyone I'm waiting for our visas to be processed.

If anyone here is looking for advice, all I have to say, if it's true love, nothing is impossible.

Both Elena and I want to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for giving us this forum to meet and make both our dreams come true. 

best Ukraine girlsIt's really a miracle how two single hearts can find each other in this huge world.

We are very very happy!!!

Thanks again and all the best.

Martin (Canada) and Elena (Ukraine)



28 May 2012

Russian women marriageThank you and your website for making our dreams come true!

We met in 2010 on RussiaUkraina.Dating site, and we continued to communicate until July 15th 2011 when we met for the first time. We enjoyed each other company right from the start, we had a lot in common and this helped us learn more about each other. 

We married in January 2012 in Thailand in Phuket, the same place we first met. We are now doing the partner visa for her to relocate to Australia. 

I have tried a lot of websites, but RussiaUkraine.Dating far exceeds others!

 There is a huge difference between European women and Australian women. And I�m glad I met my European counterpart and "partner in crime" J. 

If it was not for RussiaUkraina.Dating, I would still be single. Thank you so much!

Sebastian and Elena (Australia)

16 May 2012

Best dating agencyAlena: I express my enormous gratitude to your wonderful dating site where I have met my soul mate. 

Before joining RussiaUkraina.Dating, I tried many ways to find The One, including registration with Internet dating sites and marriage agencies, both locally and internationally. Your agency was recommended by a woman who had found her love thanks to RussiaUkraina.Dating and in October 2010 I placed my profile here.

I received many EOI's and letters and corresponded with several men: they were very decent and good but not meant for me - I trusted my gut feeling and believed that I would recognize my second half immediately, by looking into his eyes. If you believe in something, it will happen: in 6 months I finally got an Expression of Interest from the Man of My Dreams. Deep in my heart I dreamt of meeting a man just like him and the fact that he had two motherless children only drew me to him: long ago I wanted to give my motherly care to more children and to find a good father for my daughter.

I immediately answered YES to his Expression of Interest, since I liked him at the first sight and very soon I received his beautiful first letter translated into Russian by RussiaUkraina.Dating translator and we did not need our profiles to be placed on the site any longer, as we have found each other. In his eyes I recognized the soul I had been looking for so long. I was impressed and surprised at the unusual seriousness of his approach to the courtship and relationship: his thoughtfulness and caring attitude were expressed even in the fact that he decided to have the first letter translated for me though I would understand him in both languages he speaks - English and French. He also asked me to write him back in Russian, so as to make our correspondence as comfortable as possible for me and at the same time to motivate him to continue learning Russian which is remarkable.

From the very beginning we had no language barrier - our correspondence began on April 23, 2011 in Russian and continued in English till our first communication on Skype three weeks later. We wrote to each other every day and gradually stepped-up our communication as our feelings for each other were growing. We found so much in common and understood that we were very much alike and compatible.

My gut feeling was confirmed by our first and subsequent Skype dates - I realized that this is the man I had always dreamt of, the man I wanted to share my life with. With the beginning of our daily Skype communication, phone calls and continuing emails, we began planning our meeting in June [2011], as soon as Barry could take a vacation. We planned to live together in order not to be apart during his stay in Kiev. Our happy day came: on June 21st we met at the airport. We were so happy to be together at last. During our time together I was assured he was my second half, the love of my life and that we were meant for each other. I love everything about him, I accept him as he is, perfect for me. I have yet to meet such a man who would be so compatible with me, such a congenial and kindred soul, I am so happy to have finally met him.

On June 23 Barry proposed to me before God and I accepted his proposal. We spent 6 happy days together with my daughter who lived with us. My fianc� endeared himself to my daughter and my parents, they genuinely liked him.

On the 7th day he had to depart and during our forced separation I felt like a part of me was torn away and I was incomplete again - only our everyday communication saved me from desperation. I could see him and talk to him again but I could not touch him, we once again had this barrier - not only the screen of the monitor, but also the long distance between us. I felt that I could overcome anything just to be with him again. I found not only my soul mate in him, but also a true friend, who always helps and supports me, someone with whom I can talk about anything - from politics and economics to journey of souls and different aspects of life. Our views and mentalities are similar, we often think about the same things simultaneously, we understand each other very well, we feel what the other feels and enjoy sublime harmony in each other's company. It turned out that my soul mate lives in Australia; I have never thought that I would happen to find him so far away, thanks to God and your Internet dating site.

We applied for a fianc� visa in August 2011 and it had been granted in January 2012. While waiting for the visa, I visited him in Sydney last November along with my daughter on a tourist visa and we have been living together since then. We planned our wedding to take place on April 22 - in a year after we had found each other. In March Barry and I found out that we were expecting a baby - the fruit of our love. We regard this gift from God as a sign to us that we were destined to be a true family bringing up not only our children from previous marriages, but also our own child. Our lives have drastically changed during the last 12 months: a year ago we met each other on RussiaUkraina.Dating and now we are happily married and expect a child together! 

I am so thankful to your agency that I finally found my happiness - here, in my new homeland I have the family I have always dreamed about! It's a real love story that unfolded as if by a miracle.

I shared our story to encourage all of you who are looking for the love of your lives: give this best dating agency a try and you will surely find it

Even if sometimes your hope flickers out, don't give up: it really works and our experience proves it. I wish you all to find your love and happiness!

Internet dating sitesBarry: As you can see I am the happiest man in the world!

It has been said that, �He who prepares wins.� Thus as you set upon your quest to find your beloved in FSU take the time to do your research and consider exactly what qualities you are looking for (or cannot live with) before starting. This site and others have many resources on the cultural and social differences that can make or break your courtship.

I suggest you write a comprehensive and accurate profile and get decent photos of yourself.

Then go to to start learning the language. Chose 2 or 3 ladies here and write individually, sincerely, frequently and have the letters translated professionally. Settle on one lady and respectfully let the others know of your decision. Fill hours of conversation on Skype. Travel to meet this lady in her homeland and see the sights with her. Be her man, her knight in shining armor. Start the immigration process and manage the frustrations of being apart.

Alena is my second half, my air and my sunshine. So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable. 

My life is truly blessed for each and every day we are together. 
I wish you fulfillment with your search at RussiaUkraina.Dating.

Barry (Australia) and Alena (Ukraine)

10 May 2012

Russian girls datingIt is time that our story, that of my beautiful Wife Larisa and I, join the testimonials here. We married on April 20, 2012 in Moscow Russia. 

When I placed my profile on RussiaUkraina.Dating in October of 2011 I expected only a possibility. Very soon I did have letters from several very charming ladies. Larisa wrote to me on week 3. It was her letter, the one that was truly from the heart, that took my thoughts to her. My Larisa wrote in such a way that I knew right away this woman was at last my one and only. I cannot say to you how you will know this. It is a mystery. It is somehow like the bells of our Church that ring in harmony. You will know!! 

How did she write? Actually, it was more what she wrote not how she wrote the message. She said to me that probably her English was not very good so she would understand if I were not to correspond to her. She is from a small town and much of her ideals were exactly what I hoped to find someday. I read her profile very closely... and her photos show me such a bright sunny smile and at once my heart was drawn to her as never before to anyone before. 

I wrote to her immediately to say that I felt strongly we should write to each other. In times past without Google Translate and Skype such a discovery would have been quite difficult if not impossible. Now you have no reason to hold back in your search. I say to those men out there seeking, do not let any barrier stop you from your finding your one and only, your bride!! You have nothing to lose except your loneliness by really being serious about your own preferences and never ever giving up on your dream. 

Larisa and I want say this to the ladies here also. The Scarlet Sails are true! He is indeed waiting for you beyond the horizon! Write to him! Do not be concerned. Let your heart tell the Universe to bring him to your shores. Be already grateful to the fates your man is near to you! Do not make the mistake to make more or less of yourself in your Profiles. Be totally honest to both yourself and those to whom you correspond with what you need and seek. 

Larisa wanted me to say personally to Elena; thank you so very much for being here for all of us!!! 

We now are working through the K-3/CS-1 Visa process. This is difficult... because being apart like this is almost unbearable at times for both of us. But these are the facts of International Marriage in today's world. If you are in love and you both know you want your marriage more than anything else on Earth then do it! 

And do bring your story here too because everyone here deserves the joy of love. That same my Larisa and I have discovered in each other. You can do this. Do not listen to the naysayers who never have themselves been here. Listen to those that know the dream will come true, and commit right now that you will one day write your own success story as we do now. 

Follow closely the advice Elena offers on the actual marriage process. Expect to have challenge, but most of all support each other always with kindness, compassion, and tender love and your goals will be reached.

Vernon (USA) and Larisa (Russia)

16 April 2012

Russian brides St ValentineDear Elena,

We want to send you our story about how we met through your website.

I sent Valentina my EOI in May 2010 and she clicked 'yes'. Over the next couple of weeks we exchanged emails and SMS, until we arranged to meet on video on Skype. After two months of chatting I boarded a flight to Siberia and we met for the first time in real life! We spent ten amazing days exploring Russia. 

Later in September we celebrated my birthday together in Turkey. A strong connection grew between us and a wonderful Christmas in England followed where I introduced her to my family.

I traveled to Novosibirsk to spend Valentine's Day with Valentina and during a skiing trip with her family I asked (in Russian) for her Fathers blessing. In April I took Valentina to Lyme Park in Derbyshire and whilst walking in the lush gardens I proposed. She returned to Russia and we began the visa process.

In August 2011 our families met and we were married in a lovely country house surrounded by close friends.

Thank you for creating opportunities for two halves to find each other and live happily ever after!:)

Simon (UK) and Valentina (Russia)

16 April 2012

Russian bridesI was hesitant about finding my soul mate through the Internet, as anything can turn upside down in the Virtual Network... But RussiaUkraina.Dating proved me wrong! I found the love of my life, my bride, my soul mate and a partner for life through Internet! 

With RussiaUkraina.Dating the milestone step of finding "The Love of Your Life" can become a reality. Grab your happiness with RussiaUkraina.Dating, NOW and FOREVER!!

Thank you very much from both of us.

Yudhi (USA) and Masha (Russia)

19 March 2012

Ukraine brides womenHello All,

My relationship with Elena came together very quickly. We exchanged a few emails in October 2011. I arranged to meet her in Kiev at the end of October. We spent two evenings together learning each other. We emailed and Skyped after my visit. 

Elena met me in Jamaica on March 07, 2012. We had a wonderful vacation and fell deeply in love. 

On March the 9th, I asked and she accepted my proposal of marriage. We are now in the K-1 visa process. We intend to marry as soon as the paperwork is concluded. Elena and her daughter will join me in Atlanta. We are planning the marriage ceremony in a very nice local Russian Orthodox church.

RussiaUkraina.Dating is the only site I would trust. It brings together people with serious attitudes. We are very grateful and extremely happy!

Jim (USA) and Elena (Ukraine)

16 February 2012

Russian girls datingFrom Brian: Dear RussiaUkraina.Dating, you make dreams come true!!!! My first contact with my future wife Olena was exactly 1 year ago today in February 2011. This was one month after I created my profile on Elena�s Models. We both were very serious about wanting to meet, so in March I traveled to Ukraine to spend a week together. We knew instantly that we both found what we have been looking for all our lives. In April we filed for the Fiancee Visa. After thousands of emails, 2 trips to Ukraine, and a few Skype sessions, Olena finally arrived on US soil in October. Since then it has been the happiest times of our lives. We both want to give our BIG THANKS to Elena�s Models for making our dreams a reality!

From Olena: I created my profile on RussiaUkraina.Dating and 2 weeks later received an email from Brian. I received many emails but responded to most with a polite refusal. Brian's email was special: it wasn't a template. From the very first lines I realized he wrote it specially for me and I decided to respond! This is how our love story began. It was like a fairy tale, easy and effortless. When I saw Brian at Kiev's airport, I realized this was the man for me, now and forever. It's been a year since I met Brian and I have been happy every day! Thank you so much RussiaUkraina.Dating!

I want to give advice to all men and women who have just started their search: trust your heart!

Brian (USA) and Olena (Ukraine)

14 February 2012

EM is the best Russian dating agencyDear Elena Models!

Thank you very much for your help, thanks to you we have found each other!!! 

We met on "RussiaUkraina.Dating" in November 2010. 

Aitor: I wanted to find my future wife and I heard that "Elena Models" was a serious and good dating agency. Finally, I decided to join. My first contacts didn't work out but finally I saw a profile that was different. Of course, it was my Delya!!!! Her smile and her profile were very special. She was open and clear and she wanted the same things that I wanted, to create a family and a good future. We started corresponding and sending emails and soon we realized that we were made for each other!

Delya: Before "Elena Models" I used several different dating agencies but my experience with them wasn't really good. When I finally joined "Elena Models", everything was different! When I saw Aitor's profile, I realized straight away I have found the man I was looking for many years!!! When I saw his beautiful and kind eyes on the photo, I decided: I will marry this man!! He was very special for me. Before I met Aitor on RussiaUkraina.Dating, I saw a dream: in this dream I saw a handsome man and our wedding. When I saw Aitor on the site, I realized it was him! After we started corresponding, our first letters and chatting online, we decided to stop talking to other people on the site. We organized to meet in real life in my home city, Tashkent (Uzbekistan) in March 2011. Then we met again in Dubai in April 2011 and after that I visited Spain (Aitor's home country) to meet his parents. And in August 2011 we got married!

Our advice to all the people who are still looking for their second halves: don't give up!!! Believe in yourself and your dreams will come true!

We're very grateful to RussiaUkraina.Dating for the high quality service and giving us the opportunity to meet each other. Really, RussiaUkraina.Dating is the best agency in the world!

Aitor and Delya (Spain)

22 January 2012

Russian girls for marriageWe would like to say thank you for a wonderful web site - Elena Models. 

Since the first  time we came in contact with each other in December 2010, we have developed a close and strong relationship.

From the first time we met in Moscow February 2011 we fell in love. 

After visiting each other several times during the last year, we got married in Moscow on 21 January 2012. We had a beautiful wedding day and now we are looking forward to a wonderful life together!

Natalia (Russia) and Bj�rn (Norway)

12 January 2012

Russian girls for dating and marriageWe have corresponded for about 6 weeks before we met at a neutral site in Kiev (Ukraine). We talked via Skype twice daily until we met again in Katya's hometown of Maykop, Russia, where I formally asked her to marry me, and met with her family. 

We continued to correspond twice daily on Skype and wrote each other over 300 emails! By the time we were together we were very much in love and knew each other very well.

It took about 6 months for Katya's visa to be approved and we were married on 11-11-2011. 

My advice is be patient, know yourself and what you are looking for and you will find your second half and the love of your life! We know we are not perfect people but we are perfect for each other.

Thank you RussiaUkraina.Dating!

James (USA) and Katya (Russia)

8 January 2012

Russian brides in USAFirst, I want to thank Elena personally for all of your work and care in your advice and instruction. This is a wonderfully unique site. The ladies are real and I have found true love. 

Inna and I started writing to each other one year ago in January of 2011. I live in Wisconsin in the USA, Inna in Nikolaev, Ukraine. We decided to meet in May and spent 3 wonderful weeks together. I asked her to be my wife as she was everything in a woman that I wanted and needed. 

We are deeply in love and we spent another 2 weeks together in December and January for Christmas and 2012 New Year's. We are getting her visa and hope to be together in time for our marriage in Wisconsin in the spring or summer this year. Then we will begin the rest of our lives together loving and supporting each other as a man and woman were meant to do. We are each others best friend, partner and lover. 

Thank you Elena and every one on your staff!

Alan (USA) and Inna (Ukraine)

28 December 2011

Russian bridesI first communicated in Oct 2010 with several ladies but followed Elena's advice to focus on only one after a few months as the ladies do not like to be "strung along" without some commitment. We met in Prague ("Mila" is from Russia) in February as her native Siberia was too cold for sightseeing! We e-mailed, sent some letters (cards), phoned, and SKYPED before Prague and decided to move forward when we left Prague on Valentines Day and then submitted the K-1 petition in late May with approval in early August. This was a very quick approval, so I have to believe it was because of my well-prepared application which was "tabbed" for easy location of the required forms and photos of our visit together, etc.

We met again in Barcelona in June just to be sure of our plan to proceed and for some warm beach weather and my fiancee received notice to submit her application for her K-1 visa in August. Her interview in Moscow (the only American embassy that is used for K-1 Russian fiancees, so if your fiancee lives in Vladivostok, she has a very long trip) was in October, and she arrives here Jan 15, with our wedding in Las Vegas on Jan 21.

Mila speaks, reads, and writes English very well, so I must admit I don't think this could have went this far without her proficiency, just a serious fact to consider guys, if you are finding it difficult to understand one another if you are staring at each other on SKYPE, as it is not likely that you are proficient in Ukrainian or Russian! 

I am 65 my fiancee is 49....our age difference was never a "difference" to her and then of course not to me as I felt comfortable. Eastern European women just don't have this issue as we do in the USA. 

RussiaUkraina.Dating was selected by me simply because she is Russian, knows how Russian/Ukrainian women will react and thus her advice on how to communicate and yes, win some lady's heart. Her site can be trusted and one easily moves from the site to direct communication with the ladies of your choice, with no extra "charges", just very simple and inexpensive.

We are indeed grateful for Elena's assistance.

I never tried the "meet in Russia or Ukraine" "social gatherings" which I see documented on TV, as I think the Internet and SKYPE method gives you just as much diversity in finding a potential mate, but whatever works... works!

Daryl (USA) and Liudmila (Russia)

22 November 2011

Russian girls datingWe want to say thank you RussiaUkraina.Dating for all the help to meet love and make our dreams come true!

We met on Elenas in May 2010. After many hours of communication by Skype and tons of emails we met in June 2010 in Ukraine and spent 10 happy days together. It was the beginning of our love story. 

We celebrated 2011 New Years Eve together in Ukraine which was great. We got married 24 may 2011 in Cyprus. We live in Canada now and we are very happy together. 

We want to tell all people who are looking for a partner: don't hesitate and start your search with RussiaUkraina.Dating right now! Give yourself the chance to be happy TODAY! RussiaUkraina.Dating unite people and make them happier and it works very fast. It doesn't matter where you live. What really matters is that two people can meet each other and become happy. RussiaUkraina.Dating is the perfect way to meet you soul mate anywhere in the world. It really works!

if you know exactly what you are looking for and work every day, soon you will find your destiny and love and became the happiest person in the world! 

Thank you very much RussiaUkraina.Dating for the opportunity to meet each other, be happy and create the marriage of our dreams!

Good luck to everybody!

Olga (Ukraine) and Jose (Canada)

16 October 2011

Russian girls for marriagePaul and I had been on RussiaUkraina.Dating website for a little while and we feel extremely lucky that after communicating with other people we both were back at the same time. 

In July 2010 I was about to go for a 3-week vacation when I received an email from Paul. Both of us realized quickly that there was something real and that we liked each other. I hoped Paul would be still there and wanting to continue our communication after my 3-week absence... So imagine how happy and surprised I was to find a long and detailed letter from Paul with lots of photos on my return! Our contact moved from emails to phone calls and then to Skype; we quickly adapted to each others� accents and styles and had no language barriers at all. 

In November we met up in Bangkok, Thailand, for an incredible first date that lasted two weeks. We deeply and quickly fell in love with each other and by the end of our vacation we had only one mutual decision to make, how soon we were going to get married!

We lodged completed documents for my visa in December and received approval in May this year. During that time we planned and discussed a lot of things to action. Paul came to Ukraine in June to help me move and we had a great holiday in Kiev and Crimea for over a week in each place, and then went to meet my family and friends. Parties, celebrations and lots of nice words from family and friends, and then I packed my things and left with Paul for my new life in Australia.

I have been enjoying Paul�s city of Sydney and my new country; Paul is a great guide and he showed me lots of places and things. My 9-year-old daughter and I have settled in well with absolutely no regrets but great appreciation for Elena�s Models website that could make such connections a reality and not just a dream.

We married on the 1st October among family and friends and now I�m the happiest woman in the world finally finding my best friend and partner and the man of my dreams.

Both of us looking back now can only advise to be upfront and honest with your profiles, photos and real expectations of your ideal partner, so that when you do find your perfect match, there won�t be tears later. Furthermore, it's very highly recommended that women like myself should seriously consider learning or strengthening their English skills.

We highly recommend Elena�s Models as the best agency for these complex International romantic connections where trust and integrity are crucial and highly sought after. 

Thanks from Natalie and Paul!

Natalie (Ukraine) and Paul (Australia)

6 October 2011

Russian girls datingI met my future wife on this site.

I simply looked at her profile and started to correspond with her (Inga). We started our relationship with emails and soon we began to Skype. After 2 months I traveled to her city in Russia (Rostov on Don). We got along famously and enjoyed every minute of each others company.

I traveled again to Rostov 2 months later in January this year. I decided to test our relationship by doing a work project together in her flat. We wallpapered her hallway which took 5 days of hard work. We got along so well. It was the final proof that I needed to know that we were a match. 

I again traveled to Rostov to celebrate her birthday in April. Once again, we got along very well. I had already proposed to her in November, so I returned home and continued to wait for our K-1 visa to be approved. We received our approval and she finally met me in Austin, Texas on August 25.

We got married on 7 September and are enjoying our lives together. I am so happy to have given up my search for an American woman. I have a beautiful wife inside and out that has traditional values. Such a rarity now days.

Thank you so much RussiaUkraina.Dating for presenting such a professional and high quality dating site.

John and Inga (USA)

15 September 2011

Russian girls for marriageDear Elena:

From Simon:

After the collapse of my first marriage, I joined RussiaUkraina.Dating in 2006. My intense search resulted in correspondence with a few ladies. I visited Moscow in January 2007 to meet a couple of ladies, but the meetings didn't work out. For a while I abandoned the idea of finding a mate online but I kept checking the weekly E-mail messages from RussiaUkraina.Dating. In March 2011, I spotted another prospect, so I re-joined. Instead of sending an Expression of Interest (EOI), I sent Olesya a message instead. Through correspondence and Skype chat we discovered that our personalities perfectly matched and our core values were also compatible. We also had many common interests. I was especially attracted by Olesya's intelligence, open-mindedness and commitment to gender equality so that we could be equal partners for life. After checking out her blog website, I sensed that she was definitely the one for me, so I proposed and we got engaged. She wanted the marriage to be in Russia and I agreed. In late August 2011, I travelled to Irkutsk, Russia, to meet Olesya face-to-face for the first time, and we got married 4 days later on 31 August at the central ZAGS palace. It was the most exciting experience of my life. Since Oleysa and her lovely baby are taking up my surname, a bureaucratic struggle continues to have her internal and external passports updated, and to obtain a permanent visa to Canada. However, we are confident that we can overcome this last hurdle to get together as a happy family.

From Olesya:

First time I joined EM in 2007 and it didn't work out... In 2010 I became a single mom of a beautiful girl and started to search for a father for her, so I signed up to RussiaUkraina.Dating again. I decided to reply only to those men who were really interested in a marriage and family. One day I got a mail from Simon, and another mail from him came the next day, in which he said he'd keep writing till I reply. I had no choice but to reply! We started chatting in Skype and I was amazed how we well we could understand each other! He accepted me as I was, with all my bad and good sides. He showed real interest in helping me to raise my daughter. For the first time in my life I didn't feel like I was all alone, even though he was so far away from me. We got engaged and married in my native city, Irkutsk, Russia, on 31 August. A photographer at our wedding commented that he had never seen such a harmonious family. It took a lot of time and energy to get ready for the wedding and now it will take even more to get our immigration visas but I think family happiness is worth it.

My advice to all the girls who truly look for a happy family: be careful, attentive and patient. Thank you, Elena, and good luck to everyone!

Simon (Canada) and Olesya (Russia)

22 August 2011

Russian girls dating I sent an expression of interest to Natasha beginning of May 2011. She replied with an email and so our story started. We exchanged emails every day, sometimes more than one. Then I started calling her on the telephone, after overcoming initial nerves. We also exchanged text messages on our mobiles. I knew from the beginning I had found somebody very special. We arranged for me to visit her city, Kyiv, in August 2011. Natasha surprised me by arriving in my hotel as I was checking in. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a beautiful woman approaching me but I thought she was just going to the desk. Then our eyes met. I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. We hugged and kissed much to the amusement of the receptionist. She then accompanied me to my hotel room to help me settle and my usually good co-ordination deserted me completely.

I was overwhelmed with this lovely lady that I already knew very well. I just dumped my luggage and we went to walk and talk and drink a coffee. We also ordered something small to eat but neither the coffee or food was finished. We were holding hands and chatting and for the two of us, the world disappeared. We spent a wonderful weekend together. Natasha showed me her city and although I am a photographer, the 600 photos I took were of her and her equally beautiful daughter, Kseniya. Natasha invited me to her apartment on Sunday and she cooked me Sunday lunch. We walked for miles, through parks, sat on benches, and just enjoyed each others company for the short time we had. I said goodbye to her on Sunday night which was painful but I knew I would see her again, so my overall mood was one of happiness.

On arrival back in the UK I phoned as soon as I could to see how she felt about my visit. I have started the procedure to get a visitor visa, so Natasha could visit me in the UK. I had intended proposing when she arrived, I felt that strongly about her but I couldn't wait and I proposed by email on August 21st quite late at night. The following morning I waited for her contact. I had already sent the customary good morning phone text and received a reply but I awaited, very nervously for her reply to my proposition. I think I received her email about 11am UK time which was an emphatic yes, yes, yes. The rest of her email was wonderfully emotional and I must confess to shedding a tear or two of sheer joy and happiness.

When she arrives here for her visit I will propose properly in the traditional way and then we will start the process of moving Natasha and Kseniya over here to live with me permanently.

I have been a member of this site on and off for some time now. I had a dream, a beautiful Ukrainian bride. There were many times that I thought the dream couldn't possibly come true and almost gave up. I came back in May 2011 and found Natasha.

Without RussiaUkraina.Dating I wouldn't even know of the existence of Natasha, now she will become my wife and right now, I am happier than at any other point in my life.

My advice for other members is don't give up. I have been in contact with hundreds of Ukrainian and Russian women. I was never completely sure what I wanted although I did have a shopping list.

If you try hard enough you will find your partner. He or she is out there but be patient and you will know by instinct when they turn up. When you find your partner, save some money and hire an immigration expert to oversee your application. It is what they do and they are very good and knowledgeable. When you visit your lady, take her a beautiful gift. In my case Kseniya received a much wanted gift too. 

Above all, be open with them. Ukrainian women are the best in the world, and the most beautiful, so treat them with the respect they deserve and it will be reciprocated ten-fold. I have found the most beautiful and wonderful lady in the world and she has agreed to become my wife.

I want to thank Elena Petrova and RussiaUkraina.Dating from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to Natasha. I know we will have a happy and fruitful life together.

Steve (UK) and Natasha (Ukraine)

10 August 2011

marry Russian womanWe met on Russia Ukraine Dating in August 2009; we continued to correspond via personal email. In October 2009, I flew Moscow to meet and ask for her hand in marriage - she said yes! We communicated very well considering the language barrier. We seemed to be able to know what each other was thinking and chemistry was like nothing I have ever felt before.

I then visited two more times and met her family. We stayed in contact through email every day.

On February 20th 2011 I flew to Russia to bring her home and on February 25th we were legally married. Then on August 7th [2011] we were officially married before God in the Russian Orthodox Church.

I want to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for making this all possible!

Kerry (USA) and Yulia (Russia)

27 July 2011

Date Russian womenSveta and I met on this website in October, 2010. We began e-mailing with the use of an online translator. We then both began to study each other�s language. 

We met in Kiev in May, this year. We found ourselves both fluent in "Russlish"...probably because we are so very much alike. Communication was easy in spite of the language barrier. We are now engaged and waiting for her visa. 

My advice to you guys: Russian definitely helps, even if she speaks English, and keep trying. 

Sveta and I are both thankful to God and wanted to express our sincere thanks to RussiaUkraina.Dating for helping to bring two true soul-mates together... Thank you!

Fred (TX, USA) and Sveta (Ukraine)

25 July 2011

Date Russian girlsHello Elena and Site !!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I met my perfect woman here on the site. We met in March and I flew her here to the USA in June and we are getting married on Sept. 9th, 2011.

Marina and I wish everyone on this site the best of luck and we want to Thank models for your help in bringing us together!!

Joseph & Marina (USA)


19 July 2011

Russian girls datingHello Elena and everybody else!

My name is Larisa. I�m married to my husband, Bryant, for almost 5 years!!! I met him on Elena�s Models in 2006; his first letter arrived in May 2006. And we met in person the very next month in June, and spent 10 fantastic days in St. Petersburg together.

I could speak basic English at that time and we could communicate, even though I was making lots of mistakes; we also used a pocket English-Russian translator a bit. It was lots of fun. Bryant organized our meeting very well; we saw two great performances in Mariinskiy Theater, and this is where Bryant proposed to me and I accepted. It was one of the happiest moments of my life!

It may sound strange, but my first meeting with my future husband was not just a meeting with a stranger. We saw each other in our dreams long time before we first met! I will never forget my fantastic sleeping dream where I saw the man who I knew I loved with all my heart. When I got the first email from Bryant, I realized that he was the man from my dream. I could feel it with all my heart. I was in love with this man long time before he sent me that email! My strong feelings from my dream became a reality in St. Petersburg.

If you asked me for advice, I would say: follow your dreams and listen to your heart. Our dreams do come true; I'm sure about that!!!

Now I'm a USA citizen and I'm getting ready for my nursing test. My Russian nursing education was accepted. My husband helps me to raise my son who came to the US at the age of 11 and he is now 15. We had a lot of challenges coming to US, but what is important is that I 'm married to a very good man with whom I'm truly happy every minute of my life. He gave me everything I dreamed about. I wish to all my girlfriends from Ufa and all the nice and decent girls from Russia to believe in their dreams, and one day they will meet their Love.

I highly appreciate the work of Elena�s Models team who helped me to meet my future husband and find my real happiness. Thank you, Elena's!

Larisa and Bryant, Georgia, USA

10 June 2011

Russian brides marriage datingHello! We met through your agency in March 2008. We corresponded, talked on the phone, and visited each other in our home countries. It was a great success...and on September 26, 2009, we were married! :) In August 2010 we had a little boy. His name is Daniel and is an active little toddler, who keeps us all quite busy, especially his mommy. :) The picture here was taken last Christmas.

We want to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for all their help, especially from Lina, because your Help Desk and support team worked perfectly for her.

We are both Christians, and tried Christian dating sites too, but it was through your site we met and had success. :)

May you continue to prosper in your work! :)

With best wishes,
Arne & Lina (Norway)

11 May 2011

Russian girls datingWe met here on RussiaUkraina.Dating. I called Tatyana a few days after our first email exchange, and all I could say was: "Wow!!!!" Soon we had the chance to see each other on Skype, and again I thought: "Wow, is this true or am I dreaming?" We talked almost every day and in November 2010 I flew to Volgograd for our first real meeting.

From the first moment I was treated and felt like a family member. I returned to Volgograd again in December, celebrating the New Year Eve with her whole family. This was when we decided to marry!! 

We love each other, I adore her little son, so all I can say is: "I'm the happiest man in this World, and it's all because of her, her smile, the way she speaks, all she does is magic!!!"

Thank you very much!!!!!

Athanasios (Germany) and Tatyana (Russia)

5 May 2011

Russian brides datingDear Elena,

Your site was extremely helpful. Tanya and I met on here in June of 2010 and decided to meet in person in November. It was love at first sight and we had a wonderful time together. After 5 days I asked her to marry me and she said "Yes"!

When I came home I started the K-1 visa process and we we should be reunited soon. 

Thanks again for your site! I'll tell you more after we marry.

Darwin (USA) and Tatsiana (Belarus)

13 March 2011

Russian girls datingAfter a trip to Tunisia, where I met some ladies from various countries I decided to broaden my horizons. I had only looked for a new romance within my own province up till then.

Within two days after I registered with RussiaUkraine.Dating I received an email from Elmira. Even though I had numerous other ladies I corresponded with, she stood out from the crowd. She had no fancy studio pictures, no sexy clothes, professional lighting or make-up and no Photoshop. Still she was very beautiful to me. She was smart and funny, fluent in English, and we understood each other.

We corresponded for a couple of months. Then I decided to cut all correspondence with the other ladies. I bought a headset and installed Skype on my computer. We started calling, well, me calling her.

Pretty soon we decided that if we wanted to take it to the next level we should meet. By that time I had bought and read all the e-books by Elena, her husband and other sources. So I knew it was up to me to visit Elmira. So I did at Christmas last year, about six months after our first contact.

I got us a hotel room. This is necessary. As a single girl, she lives with her parents. We would have no privacy there. As an experienced traveler, there was no culture shock on my part. And I loved the food. Too bad I couldn't talk to my potential in-laws. They do not speak any English.

The culture shock I got was when she actually visited me a couple of weeks later in the Netherlands. I re-experienced my own country through her eyes. Everything that seemed ordinary to me was a great marvel to her. And we spent hours trying to find her an acceptable breakfast in various deli's and supermarkets. Elmira doesn't eat bread or any other stuff we have for breakfast or lunch.

She is learning Dutch and will have to pass her exam (language, history, culture) in April to be able to apply for a visa. If and when she passes this exam, we want to start working on our future in the Netherlands. This involves a civic integration process, additional education, finding a job, making new friends, etc. Especially learning to ride a bike or drive a car will be fun for her.

When it all works out we will get married and start a family. We both want at least one child.

Dennis (Netherlands) and Elmira (Azerbaijan)

3 March 2011

Russian bridesMagic an luck helped our hearts connect 1/3 across the globe! Svetlana and I knew it would be special the first time we saw each other. We met in Kiev at the end of 2010 and then she came to visit me in February, and now we are engaged and looking forward to getting married soon! I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART.

I was inspired to look for a partner online by a friend, started talking to some ladies on the site and finally a mix of luck and effort drove me to find Svetlana. Funny enough I didn't fly to Kiev to meet her but the hand of destiny connected us. Funny enough she didn't want to find a guy from Mexico. But as luck had it, we met, fell in love and are now getting married, thanks to your site and all the tools you have available!

Juan (Mexico) and Svetlana (Ukraine)

9 February 2011

Shortest courtship before marriage?Dear RussiaUkraina.Dating, I am writing to you to say my big wholehearted "Thank You!!!" Your site is so well organized, there is such a lot of help and advice available, and I know it's this help and assistance that allowed me to find My True Love (which I nearly stopped believing in)! What happened with Mark and me is totally amazing and unbelievable, we think that our story is very unusual and can possibly set the record for the shortest courtship before marriage on your site! :-) We only met on your site on 12 October 2010 and got married on 30 December 2010 - just 2.5 months later! (Read the full story here)


And at the end, I'd like to add: Dear men, please be more decisive, don't waste your precious years on correspondence, meet your potential brides, make your choice and remember, "No risk, no reward!"

Dear women, don't ever stop believing that you can find your true love and happiness, don't stop looking, and even when your romance doesn't work out the way you hoped, don't despair and keep searching and remember, "Seek and you shall find!"

With lots of love and respect to all of you,

Elena and Mark (Belgium-Russia)

7 February 2011

Beautiful Russian womenHi Elena! Just a quick email to say thank you for a great web site.

Irina and I starting chatting in November of 2009 and then met for the first time in May, 2010.

Irina then came to Australia in November 2010 for 3 months and I am very excited to say that we are now finally engaged to marry!

I was dubious at first as to whether the web site was legitimate but now all I can say is praise. Irina told me how she joined the site and was amazed that the next day after joining was contacted to verify her information. It was then that I emailed her and as they say, the rest is history :) 

I have already recommended the site to others and in the future will have to send the wedding pics!

Best wishes to all in their searches,

Chris (Australia) and Irina (Russia)

28 January 2011

Russian bridesHi, Elena! My husband and I are very thankful to your web site. I'd been on RussiaUkraina.Dating for 4 months before I met my future husband. He sent me a message via the site and we started to talk in ISQ also spent a lot of time in Skype. After 1 month Warick wanted to visit me. We met on the site 1 October 2008, and 2 February 2009 he flew to Belarus from the far-away Australia. It was wonderful, great holidays for both of us. We spent a whole month together. 16 October 2009 I flew to Australia. 21 November 2009 we got married and it was the happiest day in our lives! Now we are together for more than one year and we are very excited because we are expecting our first child! 

We never thought that Internet could really help us to meet our love but this fairy tale came true! We love each other very much and are very happy together. My English was not very good but from the beginning it was rather easy to communicate. I like Australia, I like people and traditions here. Warick likes my Belorussian cooking very much!

Thank you again for your help! And good luck to you and all girls on this site. Your dream can come true, just wait and have faith! ;-)

Yana (Belarus) & Warick (Australia)

21 January 2011

Russian girls datingElena,

We just wanted to write a few lines to thank you for your services...

Tatsiana and I met through your website in early August 2009. Tatsiana is from Minsk, Belarus, and I am originally from Ciudad Victoria, Mexico. First, we began corresponding and talking on Skype. After we felt more comfortable with each other, we made plans to meet. We chose one of the nicest and romantic cities, St. Petersburg. Our experience bound our lives together almost instantly. Now, after traveling across the world several times, dealing with visas, immigration requirements, and learning about each other�s culture, Tatsiana and I are happily married and living in Houston, Texas, United States.

Remembering the time when we first started reading about other people�s fortune meeting online, we used to wonder if that was actually possible and if we could get that lucky. We have to admit that we both knocked on wrong doors before. Fortunately, we found your website and contacted each other! The rest is a nice and long story that is still unfolding . . . : )

By the way, and as part of our story, we had our first child on September 1, 2010! Oscar Alexander is healthy and is well taking care . . . : ) I am sending you a link with some of our photos.

Finally, we hope that health, fortune and happiness surround you and your loved ones.

Our best regards,
Tatsiana & Oscar (USA)

19 January 2011

Love story from Moscow RussiaIf you are looking for a loving wife with old-fashioned values to raise your children, you might want to give these Russian ladies a try! I met Tatiana in my very first bunch of contacts, and quickly eliminated all the others. We graduated from emails to Skype -- a necessity!! 
She was shy at first about meeting on Skype, but after she saw me and heard me talk for about twenty minutes, she turned on her camera. What a lovely lady!! Tatiana lives in Siberia, and invited me to meet her in Moscow for the Holidays. Was language a barrier ?? -- Well, so much of our communication was non-verbal that I'd forget we came from different countries. Tatiana is a college professor; speaks very good English; educated, intelligent, well-spoken, and loving - with the figure of a high school cheerleader! Moscow is a very interesting place, and Tatiana wanted me to meet her friends and experience the Russian culture. 

How did it end? Well, I am more in love with Tatiana than I've ever been with anyone before in my life! She seems to love me, too. 

Guys -- it's worth it!!!

RussiaUkraina.Dating was extremely helpful, providing advice and insight that you get at no other online agency that I know of.

Alan (USA) and Tatiana (Russia)
[Read the full review]

8 January 2011

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storySome good news for relationship seekers. My wife Olga and I met through this site 18 months ago. Because I was travelling for work we were able to meet in Ukraine even though I am from New Zealand such a long way from each other.

We were married 6 months ago after meeting many times and are so happy together. The journey was a difficult one because of different cultures, visas, travel, and the many obstacles that confronted us. However, our relationship became strong because of a common idea of what we wanted in life, a strong family and unconditional love.

RussiaUkraina.Dating made that possible for us, so thank you and good luck for all others! Be serious about your intentions.

Peter (New Zealand)

28 December 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyElena�s Models, 

We want to say thanks for making our meeting on your site possible. 

We found each other and started correspondence in August 2010. We were writing each other letters every day, sometimes 2-3 letters per day. 

Our first meeting took place in the beginning of October 2010 in Moscow. We spent together 4 days and fell in love with each other. For the New Year Eve we are meeting in Turkey and we are very happy together!

Hakan (Turkey) and Elena (Russia).

18 December 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyOn December 7 it was our third (3) year of marriage. 

I would like to thank you for helping to make this possible. It was almost two years in dealing with the immigration issues, but it was all worth it. 

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Tom and Alla (USA)


12 December 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success story

I am the happiest person for having my wife beside me! 

I am very thankful to Russia Ukraine Dating agency for letting us meet each other here, on the site. 

God bless anyone who is meeting each other here.

Mariam and James (USA)


30 November 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyInga and I met on 4 July 2010 on your site. We were both serious about getting to know one another and found we were interested very quickly.

Inga and I put together a list of things that were important to us in a spouse of about 16 areas and spent a month going through and discussing these in emails and on skype.

We made the decision that I should visit Russia in August over my birthday (Aug 29), so I rushed to get my visa and tickets, and flew to Moscow for a wonderful week. We talked, went to the ballet, saw the circus, visited a variety of sites, had several romantic dinners, went shopping together, and had a great few days together. I have spent many years in Asia and the Middle East, so non-US societies are not intimidating or unusual for me and are both interesting and exciting to get to know. Moscow was very interesting, had a lot of beauty, and seemed to be full of energy and an entrepreneurial spirit I respect and appreciate. I also met and had dinner with Inga's children (who are in their 20s) and we found that "the like" we found getting to know one another by email and skype was blossoming into love.

Neither of us was interested in a prolonged long distance relationship, so before we left and for a couple of weeks after, we starting entertaining the idea of marriage while also planning another 2 weeks together in October in the US. The trip was being planned around my plans to attend my 35th class reunion. I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in 1975. We expanded our plans to include visits with my parents, my oldest son and my daughter and grandchildren, my favorite Aunt and cousins, some good friends in Washington DC and the class reunion in Colorado Springs. In mid-September, we decided to get married and I proposed to Inga on skype. The next few weeks were filled with wedding planning and getting everything in order to be married at the USAFA Chapel (the number one tourist attraction to the State of Colorado. I connected with a wedding facilitator and minister while Inga and I continued to discuss what we wanted. As we proceeded, the wedding got more elaborate. I purchased rings, arranged for two former classmates who were also attending the reunion would stand with us, my god son is a 3rd year cadet, so he walked Inga down the aisle, and on October 7, we were married under the laws of the State of Colorado, USA. At the end of the two week whirl-wind trip, we were married but parted ways. Inga back to Moscow, me to Kuwait where I live and work.

We recently completed another two week trip to the US for the Thanksgiving holiday where my parents and two sons joined us at my parents house and Inga got to know the family and some of my friends better. Since we were married I arranged for a 6 month visa for Inga to join me in Kuwait and she arrives this coming Friday. Sometime in the next 6 months, we expect to move, probably to Dubai.

While the remaining chapters of our life remains to be written, and this story seems to have come about quickly, it just goes to show that two people from much different cultures who are committed to finding their love can do so. Inga and I are very suited temperamentally, physically, and spiritually. We are each committed to our marriage and we expect it to be for the rest of our lives.

I'm attaching two photos of the happy couple and thank Elenas for providing us the forum to meet and find what we expect to be much happiness.

David and Inga (USA)

24 November 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyBefore telling you our story we would like to thank this site which has changed our lives.

Before subscribing to this site I was 34 years old and hopeless in any serious relationship with French women. Almost by random I decided to subscribe to the site and very quickly I could see that to have a good chance to be successful I should be involved with this site 100%. For six months I was corresponding with several women but without luck and as soon as I decided to upgrade as a GOLD member my communication exploded and I met my future wife who was new at the site, very young but already disappointed with Russian men.

After several weeks of corresponding with several women I quickly realized that she was the woman I wanted to meet. So, we wrote to each other every day and called every week and for the New Year's holidays 2008 I stayed 5 days in Moscow in the hotel, meeting her every day and I understood immediately that she would be the woman of my life.

My first contact with Russian society was a great shock in spite of the fact that I traveled a lot before because of the climate, level of life and strange conception of democracy that the authorities have (especially at the Embassy and the customs).

The formation of our live story was long (I was 12 times in Russia in 1,5 years) and not always easy (the fears of my wife to leave her family, work, friends and country) but as we believed very strongly in it, we managed to go over all of the obstacles and to marry July 24th.

Since this February we live happily together in Paris, my wife takes the courses of French and advances very quickly and begins to get accustomed to French life (multiracial society, strikes and demonstrations every day, infantilism of young people).

To the men who want to subscribe to the site, I would like to say them that the success is really possible but for this they have to be sure of their decision to have a serious attitude towards women who advertise here and respect them.

It's not always easy, it will take time, money and energy, but at the end they will never regret because your life will change. My wife would like to advise the women who subscribe to this site to never give up and believe in yourself!

Frederic and Elena (France)

11 November 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyWe met here on RussiaUkraina.Dating in October 2008. Our 1st meeting was in Punta Cana for a ten day Christmas and New Year vacation. There is a near 30 year age difference, but that seemed minuscule compared to the wonderful time we had. We met again in Kiev then Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Our fianc�e visa was approved and on August 1, 2009 we were together in the USA. 

We got married on September 6, 2009 and enjoy a wonderful life together. We highly recommend Elena's for meeting an Eastern European wife. They are the best.

Barry and Anastasiya (USA)

6 November 2010

Good morning, 

I'm happy to tell you about my meeting with Ksenia. We did't correspond much, mostly talked on the phone. She liked me very much, so I decided to go to visit her. It was a bit difficult because I live near France, but I did all for this trip.

The first time in Belarus was a little difficult for visa and invitation, but I found a Belarus agency and they did all the documents for me. Ksenia is a very fine, educated and intelligent woman, and I hope we are going to marry one day. Our dream is to live in Italy and create a very nice family. I'm very happy to know this lady and now I'm taking documents to come back to Belarus for Orthodox Christmas with her. Language wasn't a big problem for me, she speaks English and I do too, not so good, but we can talk.

I was in Minsk and it's a very beautiful city, very clean and very quiet and you can feel all the history of this city and this country. I could not believe it was such a big and nice city, full of culture, theaters, museums and many green parks around the river.

The only problem was the weather, it was really cold for me, but with Ksenia was really very very good. She is a highly cultured person and I was very impressed with her.

I think she is the best woman I could meet, very serious and very smart, with elegance and at the same time simplicity.

I love this woman. Thanks to all at RussiaUkraina.Dating for this fantastic meeting!

Gianni (Italy) and Ksenia (Belarus)

7 October 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHi! My name is Yuliya and my husband's name is Michael. We met on RussiaUkraina.Dating in September 2007. My future husband came to Russia in January 2008 and after that we applied for a fiancee visa. We got married in January 2009 and live now in Colorado.

RussiaUkraina.Dating changed completely our life! We are so happy. This year God gave us our sweet son Anthony. I know many people who met their sweethearts with the help of RussiaUkraina.Dating and have happy marriages.

I would say RussiaUkraina.Dating is the most trusted site.

My husband and I always recommend RussiaUkraina.Dating to people who search for a serious relationship.

Yuliya and Michael (USA)


5 October 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDear friends, I am sending your another photo of my successful life with my wife Anna!

Thanks to RussiaUkraina.Dating web page, I never thought it could be real, now my wife and I live together and we are very happy. I would recommend to anyone to try this, it's a great experience.

Anna and Everardo (Mexico)



13 September 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHello! I met my future husband on RussiaUkraina.Dating at the end of 2007. He visited me in spring 2008 and after that we applied for a fiancee visa. It was such a romantic time! We got married in January 2009 and live now in Detroit area. 

My girlfriend found her husband through Elena's, too, after I helped her with the registration on the site. I'm very happy that I trusted RussiaUkraina.Dating and found the love of my life!

My husband and I always recommend RussiaUkraina.Dating to people who search for a serious relationship.

Katerina and Larry (USA)

9 September 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyI met Svetlana on RussiaUkraina.Dating, we began communicating via email in December 2008. We met in Prague for her birthday in May 2009. I know it sounds corny but it was love at first sight. 

We spent a weekend together in Hamburg and I visited her in Kaliningrad in November 2009. I cannot thank RussiaUkraina.Dating enough for the introduction. In January 2010 I popped the question and she said yes without hesitation. We married in May 2010 in Kaliningrad.

Thanks again RussiaUkraina.Dating! 

Attached a couple of photos from our wedding.

Lionel (UK) and Svetlana (Russia)

1 September 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyI found Irina's profile in February 2010. I wrote a long detailed letter to her. This letter got her attention and after a month of emails I called her on the phone. Then in May we started to skype. After that we talked on skype, phone, text and email several times a day. Irina had won a green card before we met and she was able to come to United States in August 2010. She has been working in several countries before that. Upon her arrival, when we saw each other, it was as if we had known each other forever. Irina came to my home and met my family, and now we are planning on getting married and having kids!

Your advice was very helpful and all I can say is that men need not to be so pushy wanting to skype, first get to know the lady through letters and phone calls and win her heart. Especially try not to mention looks, love, brag etc... this turns them off.

Eric and Irina (USA)

18 August 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHello dear agency RussiaUkraina.Dating! I met my husband in December 2009, only 1 month after I had joined your agency. We didn't correspond for a long time, we only exchanged about 20 letters and after that my future husband decided to visit me in Moscow. We talked on the phone only once, the day before our meeting, and I almost did not expect how our story will end! But he wrote very serious letters and seemed to be a very reliable man. When I saw him for the first time it was like something inside me told me that I was waiting for this man all my life, and he had the same feeling. After spending 2 weeks in Moscow, he invited me to his country, and during this visit he asked me to be his wife. We got married on 29th January and in April 2010 I already was in Greece. 

We are very happy and we never get tired of saying "I love you" to each other. Now I am sure that soul mates exist! 

We want to thank your agency very much, for this great work that you do for single people, and we wish all the best to your agency and of course to you, Elena! And for all girls in this agency I want to say, "Never give up and always believe that your man is looking for you, maybe even right now and he will certainly find you!"

Aleksandra and Girogios (Greece)

17 August 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDear Elena,
A quick note to tell you about another success story using your agency.

Larysa and I met through RussiaUkraine.Dating in February, 2009. We corresponded through email and talked on the telephone for several months before I flew to Ukraine for our first face to face encounter. We spent 10 days together, 3 in Kiev and 7 in Sevastopol. Larysa speaking little English and myself not knowing Russian! We found that we could communicate without much problem. The key was patience. The trip solidified our relationship and I proposed to Larysa. She accepted!

Upon my return to the USA we started the K-1 visa process and in February 2010, I flew back to Ukraine to help pack Larysa�s belongings and bring her home to Arizona. We were happily married on February 22, 2010.

On July 26 2010, Larysa received her �Permanent Residence� status for the USA.

We both thank you and your website for our introduction together and have suggested to others to use your site exclusively. It was the only site I found to be honest and trustworthy.

Dane & Larysa (USA)

27 July 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyMy Irishka first messaged me on Valentines day, 2010. Most women on RussiaUkraina.Dating know English, however, she did not know English and I did not know Russian. Something about her compelled me to continue writing her and soon I realized I was not interested in any other woman on the site. After a little longer, we agreed to marry. It seemed very obvious that we were right for each other. I started learning Russian and she started learning English.

In May I travelled to Russia and stayed with her for 3 weeks. The last week was spent in Moscow getting documents for our marriage. I am currently in Russia while I write this in July. I am pleased to say that we are married as of July 21 and we are now working on immigration and a temporary residence visa for her to come and visit me during the immigration processing time.

I really enjoy Russia, though, I do not believe it is for everyone. I didn't experience any culture shock and the people are very nice. I feel safer here that I do in any large city in Canada. Even now that I have learned more Russian, I am still surprised at how patient my wife is with me. She is a truly amazing woman.

1.5 years before signing up with RussiaUkraina.Dating I bought Elena's book. Not everything that I read in it was helpful but I must admit that one of the most important things I did was from Elena's book. I made a list of all my must haves, would likes and do not wants. I made sure I didn't compromise the list and I can't imagine finding a better girl than the one I have now. I am constantly surprised to find how good we are for each other.

It has been quite the adventure and I am happy that there is a reliable site like RussiaUkraina.Dating where I was able to start my search for my wife. I am excited to make a home with my new family in Canada.

We both would like to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating. We are very happy together and are looking forward to a long and happy marriage.

Brian (Canada) and Irina (Russia)

26 July 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDear Elena�s Models� agency staff,

We want to thank you for your good job in bringing people together! Thank you for the simple and convenient, but at the same time very well-thought and effective match-making system, which helped us as well as many other singles from all over the world to find each other!

We want to thank Elena personally for her highly professional approach and input into the organization of this site. Thank you for your advice, for your creative and realistic ideas on Russian Brides Cyber Guide, the exciting and truthful story of How to find and marry a girl like me, and many other books and articles, that you have written in order to help people meet and understand each other.

We met at Elena�s Models website in November 2007 and got married in May 2009. We have been living in Austria together for one year already and have since our marriage developed a tight family connection. Our son is also very happy, he has now a mother and a father. Our relationship becomes deeper with every month!

Family life is always work, we are ready to put efforts in our mutual growth, set new aims and never forget to thank destiny and the RussiaUkraina.Dating website for our meeting!

We wish your team success, luck, development, and many more happy couples who send letters like this!

Natalia (Ukraine) and Matthias (Austria)

11 July 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHi! 

To be honest, I never thought that I could be married in this site. I opened an account just for curiosity and... it kills the cat, ha! 

But here we are. After one year of mails and meetings in Spain and Moscow finally we decided to get married.

David (Spain) and Olga (Russia)


1 July 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyWe have been writing letters for about 6 weeks before our first meeting. Every day waiting for her new words at night, and every letter was getting more interesting, like a book. Her words were very diverse and unique and making me feel that I wished to see her as soon as possible. We did not talk to each other before meeting.

Last week we finally met, in Moscow. It was absolutely perfect, starting from the first moments on the airport. We spent more than 3 days together, smiling, talking, eating, walking. No problems with language or cultural differences, I believe that the international character of our relationship is making us stronger and always understanding. We shared concrete ideas and dreams about our future. 

In a few weeks we will meet again to spend holiday and I am sure this will be the next step towards being together forever. 

It works! I wish to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for creating these opportunities in bringing people together in love.

Marcel (Netherlands) and Elena (Russia)

16 June 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyTERRY: I met Nadya in August 2005. In March 2006 I went to Russia and met her in person. I was there for two weeks and it was a very enjoyable experience. 

Meeting her for the first time it was as if I had known her for years instead of just for a few months. Communicating with each other was difficult at first but with the help of an electronic translator, communicating became much easier. 

Nadya and her son Vitik arrived in the USA on 7 April 2007 and we were married on 8 June 2007, and we have been happy ever since.

NADYA: I met Terry on your site in 2005. We had been writing mails to each other for several months, and then started to talk on the phone. My English was so poor at that time that we basically were only listening to each other's voices and tone :-) Then he visited me at my home town, and we spent two weeks sightseeing around Moscow. I was the most impressed by Terry's tolerance and understanding. After his visit, we applied for the fiancee visa for me and once the visa was granted I joined him in Texas, and we have been together ever since. We got married in June 2007 and recently celebrated our third wedding anniversary. My English is fine now and we think of our first communications with a smile. In May this year I received my Associate in Business and I plan to continue studying for a Bachelors degree, and then I will be able to fully contribute to supporting our family. I am very grateful to your agency for all the work you do helping people. Thank you very much!

Terry and Nadya (USA)

7 June 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHello Elena, my name is Matteo and I am 30 years old. My wife of 24 and I want to thank you for your wonderful site

I decided to use RussiaUkraine.Dating out of frustration in dealing with free dating sites. I subscribed to your website in May of 2009 to look for a Russian lady to share my dreams, wishes and heart with. I was flattered to receive letters from ladies even before sending any out. It was an indication that many users of the website were serious in their search for a companion (something that seemed to be lacking from other dating sites). One lady in particular was interesting to me. She was a law student who worked in aviation. When I got my first letter from Elya I felt an instant connection. We happened to be on-line at the same time and wrote letters to each other filled with curiosity and genuine intentions. It didn�t take long for us to exchange e-mail addresses and Skype names so that photos could be shared and voices heard. At first Elya was shy about web chatting, but I helped her overcome her shyness by simply offering to turn my camera on first. A few days later she surprised me with a beautiful smile to go along with her sweet voice. We spent countless hours communicating.

I guess I can say that I'm a very lucky guy in that Elya was the one who travelled all the way to meet me. We shared an amazing two weeks together in New York, Washington, Miami followed by a cruise in the Caribbean Sea. Day by day our love only grew. Within a couple of months after that first meeting I got on a plane to visit Elya in Moscow. Her family welcomed me with open arms and on her birthday I took her out to an elegant restaurant called Sky Lounge and proposed to her. She responded with an emphatic �YES� and her smile filled my heart with a joy which is indescribable.

Instead of wishing to be together on Christmas Elya encouraged a special meeting during this holiday. She flew from Russia so that we could spend some time together in New York City. Within weeks she was also able to visit me in my home country of Canada. She shared her passion for traveling with me and in getting to know each other we confirmed what we already knew early from the start: that we shared the same dreams and goals in life.

In between meetings we desperately spent hours writing e-mails, calling and doing web chats to try and be closer together. Over the months we made prodigious efforts to visit each other as often as possible and we moved from being simple acquaintances, to best friends and lovers. 

On the 17th of April of 2010 we got married in Niagara Falls and after the honeymoon I was fortunate to be able to spend a month with Elya and her family. We�re looking forward to moving in together while I work in Family Medicine in USA. My goal is to have a family with my dear Elya and eventually move back to Canada and grow old together. The only difficult part now is waiting for her to get her new passport and the two of us to secure our visas so that we can be together once again. 

My goals became real the moment I signed up to Elena�s models. Both Elya and I feel very fortunate to have joined your site. Going online to search for my one and only wasn't an easy challenge, but I can say it was the best decision of my life. What helped was perseverance and self-reflection to discover the type of person that I was and then to realize the type of person that I not only needed in my life, but wanted to be along my side. I think taking the time to know that person as well as arranging to meet within a few months will help the relationship to develop normally. If you�re serious about your intentions and are ready to put in the time then you WILL find your soul mate regardless of how you initially meet. 

Thanx Elena for providing a unique opportunity and thank you Elya for making my life complete. I am full of happiness.

Matty (USA/Canada) and Elly (Russia)

28 May 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHi, my name is Tanya. I am 36 years old and I am writing to say thanks to this great agency, which helped me to find my mate. I met David on this site and I can tell that this agency is really true and pick up the real matches. We have been corresponding for two years. I was divorced and had a child and my mother to support, therefore I didn't haveo much time for dating because I had to work to support my family. But like any woman I wanted to be loved and find my special partner. I met David as soon as I joined this site and. I was very surprised that foreign men were so much interested in women from Ukraine because every day I would receive at least 3 letter from men and that was really good because it made me even more confident in my choice and I realized that I liked David the most. 

We had been talking online via instant messenger every day for these 2 years; we also organized to meet each other in Cancun, Mexico.Ii tried to come to visit to see the USA but unfortunately the embassy would not give me the visa; I was only able to come to the USA on the fiancee visa (after meeting in Mexico)  and then we had only 90 days to decide if we wanted to get married or not! 

We got married after two months, 24 October 2009. We are very happy together and want to thank this great site very much!

Tanya (Ukraine) and David (USA)

22 May 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success story It began with a dream. I dreamed that I was flying to Paris to meet my husband. Except that I had never been to Paris, and there was no husband. I knew then that my life was incomplete and I should make a serious effort to find my future husband. I found the RussiaUkraina.Dating website. Everyday I opened up the site and thought maybe yes, maybe no, maybe yes. And finally I signed up.

RussiaUkraina.Dating suggested that I write letters to 20 men each day. That is too many! I wrote to five men. Guess what? My future husband was letter #3! When I saw his picture I thought yes, that's my man. But then I thought, what if he does not like me? What if I don't like him? And then I received his answer, and there were no doubts.

Every new letter was more interesting than the last. Every night I would look in my email for a new letter, and the night would be good. After several months of writing each other, Gary agreed to come to Russia to meet me. I told my sister and she thought I was crazy, out of my mind. But her husband said Olga gets what she wants, and he helped me make the arrangements for Gary's visit.

Finally, Gary arrived. We spent a few days in Moscow and then traveled to my apartment in Cherkessk. He got to meet my whole family, including my mother and father, the sister that thought I was crazy, and my nephew. The final evening he asked me to marry him, but I was not sure if he really meant it.

Then when he returned to the United States and sent me the documents for a marriage visa, I knew. Our love grew, even though we were apart. And finally, when I was able to join him in San Francisco, it was perfect! We are very happy together, having been married now for eight months, and I know we are destined to be together forever.

Olga (Russia) and Gary (USA)

10 May 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyWe have met after three months, after talking on Skype. It was a Christmas surprise. I started my travel on 24th December and arrived on 26th! I stayed with Elena for one week. Then she came with a friend to visit Brazil, and then I again went to Kiev for 15 days. And Then she came to stay with me in Brasis to never leave again. We are going to marry soon. I have experienced no cultural problems neither barriers, but all my family is from Europe, so that it was easy. 

Your agency was simply essential and great. Thank you very much!!! 

For other men, I can say: Be honest, generous, never lazy or stingy, and do it!! If you remain seated in your chair and do not travel, you will never get anything. If you want it, do it!

Elena (Ukraine) and Cristiano (Brasil)


2 May 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyI have found my Angel and she filled my hearth with the love I was looking for many years. After I met Elena I have understood that my life just started with happiest in it. we met at the beginning of march and got married last week end in Ukraine with a great party with the Ukrainian traditions and now we are in Turkey.

We are so happy thank you Mss Elena!

Omer (Turkey) and Elena (Ukraine)


29 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHi, my name is Julia. My ID number here was 9103867. I registered on this site in May 2009. Every day I was looking through many men's profiles with one thought in my mind, to find a man who could be my partner and spouse. This is how I came across the profile of my future husband. It was important for me that he had a good education, spoke six languages and looked nice on his photos. I was lucky to be the first girl who wrote to him! Something like this, "Hi, I�m Julia. I like your profile, have a look at mine�. 

I must tell you that I uploaded lots of nice photos for my personal profile. Not just model-like photos, but photos with an idea - the ones that would show what kind of person I am and how I think. Like it or not, your photo is the first thing that people notice

I received an answer from my Patrick nearly immediately, and he was very impressed by my photos and also liked coffee as I do! He asked me some questions about me and I responded with a long letter. After that, we were spending all our evenings chatting and talking on Skype - 5-6 hours a day..... and then all weekends. It was wonderful but we almost did not sleep!

Soon he invited me to visit him. Maybe it's better when a man visits you first but it was me who had a vacation coming and I decided to give it a try. (By the way, there are many ways you can protect yourself if you are concerned about visiting a man.) We spent a whole month together (July 2009) and during my stay he bought plane tickets to visit me in Ukraine. He came to visit me in August 2009 and we decided to meet again in December 2009 for Christmas with his family. At that time we decided to get married and lodged an application with the City Hall. And finally, 27 March 2010 we got married in a beautiful small wedding ceremony in Paris! 

We can tell you there is a lot of paperwork involved, visas you need, etc. But it's nothing compared to finding the right person, the one person you meant to be with in this world.

And believe us it's no problem to be from different countries. It is so exciting and by the way it is a strong motivation to improve yourself. For example, after 6 months my husband has learnt some Russian and I can speak French. "It's already not so bad�, as my husband says. :)

Julia (Ukraine) & Patrick (France)

22 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyThank you RussiaUkraina.Dating for introducing Elena (Helen) and I in March 2009. We married in Omsk on 16th April 2010. We first met in Kiev in May 2009 and spent time together in Omsk and Istanbul.

Elena is a wonderful woman and the perfect wife and we are very happy together. We are about to apply for a visa for Elena to live with me in Spain. 

Once again a big thank you from both of us.

Steve and Elena (Spain) 

21 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHello Elena,

We had met back in May 2008 and had corresponded til I went to see her in Russia back in September 2008. The trip was wonderful and no cultural shock! Her friends and family were very nice to me and they were happy for the both of us.

Natalia had applied for her k1 visa in January 2009. It was a very long and hard year for the both of us. It was nice to be able to see each other on the web cam and to talk to each other on the phone. We both became very happy when Natalia had received her visa in November 2009. Then in December we were together again at last! We got married on the 18th of December.

This is the good way to go for anyone looking to finding their true soul mate. Right here on RussiaUkraina.Dating!

Thank you for helping to find each other.

Sincerely yours,
Natalia & David (USA)

20 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyNatalia and I began our correspondence in January, 2009. We hit it off quite soon. At the end of March, we decided to meet and chose Istanbul, Turkey as our destination because neither of us needed a visa to enter the country. When we met, we both were overjoyed to see each other in person. Our stay in the "Sublime Porte" was the stuff of dreams, of paradise. I suppose we are now engaged because I asked Natalia for her hand in marriage and she consented. Presently, we are waiting for the K-1 Visa, that is expected to arrive in December and our wedding day will be 10 January 2010.

I followed Elena's advice from the beginning: 

1. Choose a compatible person from their profile. 2. Send expression of interest. 3. Communicate via: i. e-mail, ii. snail mail, iii. Skype (for free) iv. send many photographs & ask for many photographs. 

And, make an effort to fall in love. Choose love and companionship as your goal. And, if one is of a cautious nature, check your intended's name and address for "scam" possibilities.

I am very, very pleased with "RussiaUkraina.Dating" website. I wish to thank you for enabling Natalia and me to find each other in this big world of ours. Without the computer, the WWW and your website, we would never have known about the other person in a thousand years. Your efforts have made both Natalia and me extremely happy. We salute you! And we will toast you at our wedding!

Jim and Natalya (USA)

18 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHello, we are married and have a healthy child together. We are a very happy family and we say "Thanks for the site Elena", because we met here online.

My husband and I and our baby live in Sweden. I can say it's a wonder land, very good ecology and nice people. For many years in Russia I had been living alone. Now we live here in Europe and we are very happy. This site is really magic!

I am happy for all men and women who met online.

Anastasia and Peter (Sweden)

15 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDear Elena,

I am happy to report that I will no longer need your help. I have met the most wonderful woman, Ekaterina (5323328). We noticed many common interests and exchanged letters every day and spoke by phone a few times. I would definitely recommend to others to only communicate through your site rather than personal email as your staff was very helpful in eliminating women which were not legitimate. Within a month, I knew this is the person I wished to meet. We met two months after this. To my surprise, she was better than I ever expected in every way. The slight communication challenges we experienced by phone were eliminated when were able to speak in person. We spent a week in Kiev and spent most all of our time together. The people in Kiev were very friendly and none of the horror stories I read about passing customs were true. The agents were friendly, helpful and professional.

We agreed to meet in Independence Square and we spent the first day walking the city and steeling glances at each other. By the end of the week, both of us were certain that we wished to share our lives. I was certain a bit sooner and was glad she accepted my proposal. She is wonderful. 

We were married on 12/24/2009 and we are very happy together. I have found my soulmate. She is sitting beside me, teasing me with her feet as I type this to you. I have dated women from all over the world, but I have never met anyone like my Katya, moya dietka [my baby]. I am very grateful for you creating the site which brought us together. I have never loved like this and have never had this kind of love in return. Thank you so much!!!

Richard and Ekaterina (USA)

14 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyAfter our first contact using Elena's we wrote many letters to each other then talked on the phone and used sms. We decided to meet in August 2008 in Ekaterinburg. I had been to Ukraine and Russia before on business and spoke a little Russian. Irina spoke fair English. 

I arranged a business visa for her and she came to stay for Christmas 2008. After many arrangements with family Irina came to live with me in GB on a fiance visa in July 2009. We were married in England on 31-10-09 and have now obtained a Spousal visa.

Advice, if you have never been to Russia do not go alone, use the services of the Agency. The UK boarder agency is a disaster zone and even the immigration lawyers have problems, read the web site very carefully and research everything, keep all correspondence with each other from day 1 you will need it. For us it has all been worth it and we are deeply in love.

Elena's is the only honest agency I found on the net and they helped us get started.

Richard (UK) and Irina (Ukraine)

14 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHi, my name is Yulya. I "met" my husband Jim here, at models. It was in January 2007, and in February 2007 we first met in person in Moscow. We got married in September 2008. I decided to report it here, because what happened to us still feels like kind of a miracle. But it's real. We found each other. And I can tell honestly - I never met a man in my life who would be a better partner for me! I believe he feels the same way about me :)

So I wish good luck to everybody here: try, hope, and something like this may happen to you too :))))

And also I would like to thank models personnel for their advice. If I had not followed it, I probably would have never met Jim :)))

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in September 2009, and we are still happily married :))) Thanks a lot!

Yulya and Jim

13 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyI found Tamara's profile here on Elena's site in March 2009. We started our relationship through email and very quickly we both felt something special. After a few short weeks, we began to talk on the phone, and decided we would like to meet. I traveled to her home city in Rostov-on-Don in May 2009. It was the best week of my life, and I have more memories from that short trip, than from any time in my life. We are deeply in love, and we plan to marry in the Fall. I wish to thank Elenas for allowing us to meet. We both feel that our dream has been granted! You have changed our lives and I will never forget it!

Brian and Tamara



13 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyElena�s Models, We have very good news to report. Aliona and I have been married and have settled into our new life. Nikita our son has made many friends in school and has just returned from his first overnight camp out with the Boy Scouts. We have obtained the permanent resident status for Aliona and hope to receive the card for Nikita shortly. We spent last weekend visiting downtown Chicago and on tour. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed our time together. We remain very much in love. Enclosed is a picture from our vacation in Orlando in January �2010. 

Thank you for the original introduction and all your support. The only rough part was the legal work and waiting for the visa. Good luck to all the other couples on this website.

John and Aliona (USA)

12 April 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyI started using RussiaUkraina.Dating dating site in April, 2008 after having been scammed by a "Russian woman" on

On Elena's, I was soon contacted by a beautiful Russian woman, Alena, and we started a daily communication until I finally visited her in August, 2008. We spent two weeks together in her home city of Astrakhan, then we flew to Moscow for a week. We hit it off and our relationship flourished. We continued to communicate and decided to marry in July, 2009. We started the laborious paperwork task required by the USA to bring my bride to this country and I even paid a third visit to Russia in November 2009. Although I speak little Russian and her little English, we were able to communicate much better in person without translators. I had never traveled to Russia before and was absolutely shocked to see how corrupt things were. I had to bribe 5 officials with Cognac to make the marriage happen but we weathered the difficulties and were married July 27. Alena is a wonderful woman, the best I have ever met in my life, and we are both extremely happy. She will make San Diego the new home for her, her daughter and son and should be arriving in June 2010. She has never traveled to the USA and I have tried to describe the difference between Astrakhan and San Diego but she must experience it herself. 

I will say that RussiaUkraina.Dating is a good, legit site.


29 March 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyWe first corresponded in August 2007 and knew right away that we were met to be with each other. I went to meet Iryna in Kiev in October 2007 and then again in December, April 2008 and July 2008 to be with her when she got her Fiance Visa at the US embassy in Kiev . 

I had traveled to Eastern Europe previously several times. Getting to spend quality with Iryna was very spectacular because she is such a fun person to be with and is an extremely good guide. 

Iryna came to the US in August 2008 with her 12 year old daughter, Liliya. We married on October 12, 2008. I have been living the fantasy with my sexy wife & new family.

Before using Elena 's Models I used other internet sites to meet Eastern European women and was disappointed with the results.

Also it is important to go and meet your potential fiancee in person in her country.

Thanks for your help

Iryna & Chris (USA)

22 March 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyWe would like to thank you for your services in bringing me and Evgenia together.  

We are now happily married and living in South Carolina. We love to travel and look forward to starting a family very soon.

John and Evgenia (U.S.A.)



18 March 2010

Our first mails were using your email facility in August; we soon exchanged personal email addresses. I then visited Inga in her home city of Moscow. Inga then visited me in France for two weeks. We had a romantic Christmas together and we fell deeply in love. We have again met this March [2010] and got engaged.

Our advice, know yourself first and be honest with your partner at all times.

Keith (France) and Inga (Russia)

17 March 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHi, I am writing this letter to let other men know that you can find true love on Elena�s. I joined this site back in April 2009 with some reservation thinking that it is not possible to find true love over the Internet. This whole way of meeting women was new to me. In a very short time, I was corresponding with several wonderful women, when I came across one particular profile. Her name was Victoria. I had an instant attraction to her. So I decided to contact her. It was the best thing I ever did. We started to communicate using MSN. Shortly after, it progressed to phone calls. And let me tell you, once I heard her beautiful voice with her Russian accent I was completely hooked. 

The more we talked the more I wanted to meet her in person. So we arranged a meeting in July 2009 in Antalya, Turkey. Let me tell you, I was very nervous about this meeting. Many things went through my head as I was waiting for her to arrive. Will she like me, am I what she is looking for, will we have many things in common. Well she got off the plane and I walked up to her kissed her and all concerns vanished. Because in front of me stood a beautiful woman that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. After our meeting it was very hard to leave her again.

Returning back to Canada I was already planning my next trip. So I visited Victoria in August and in November of 2009. Both times I went to her home town of Saratov. I met all of her family including her wonderful son Losha. We also spent some time in Moscow. I was so sure about my feelings for Victoria and her feeling towards me, that I asked her parents if they allowed me to marry their daughter.

So I returned in February 2010 to finally marry the woman I loved from the very first day we met. We spent a beautiful honeymoon in the Maldives. 

We want to thank Elena�s for bringing us together. This is a wonderful site that I would recommend to anyone that is looking for true love.

Victoria (Russia) and Michael (Canada)

3 March 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyTo start our letter, I wish thank you very much for your help. After some months of writing and some phone calls we decided to meet in Spain, it was the happiest week of our lives! After it we both understood that we must be together and some months later she came to live with me. At the end October [2009] we got married and now we are happy and decided to write this letter to tell all people who enjoy this page that it is possible find love with help of this wonderful site.

Martin and Jane (Spain)

2 March 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHello! About a year ago I placed my ad on Elena�s Models and started to receive letters from men. One of them stood out for me straight away. We started to correspond in March 2009 and already in May he visited me in my city. I offered him to stay with me in my house, so that he could see me in my everyday life, my relationship with my family and really get to know me. I showed him my city, we went for walks, boating and sight seeing. We became very close. When he left, I cried like I would never see him again, and he was also very sad. I have never experienced such strong emotions, affection and love in my life! We were talking on the phone and online every day for hours, and soon he asked me to marry him! We decided to get married in Russia. In July Brian again came to see me. It was so amazing, being with the man I loved! We visited Moscow and spent a wonderful week there, and then spent more time at my home city, going to beach, theme parks, backyard barbeques and other things. We officially got married in October in Moscow and then had a church ceremony in my home city. When my husband had to go back to America soon after the wedding, it was so hard� I cried again, although I knew we would see each other again soon. Brian traveled to me again in January 2010 and now I am packing my bags to move and join him in America. We have great plans and we are looking forward to a long happy life together! It was not easy but it only made our relationship stronger, and we know we will value each other and every moment of our future life together.

Tamara (Russia) and Brian (USA)

20 February 2010

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storySteve and Irina

From Steve: 


I want to write to you to express my sincere and humble thanks for you web site "RussiaUkraina.Dating". It has changed my life completely!

My former wife left me some time ago after 17 years of marriage. I don't even know why she left, really, she just mentioned some vague notion that she wanted to be independent. I was left with a daughter to support and another son at university. I felt cheated. I was a good man and thought I was a very good husband and Father.

I knew I didn't want to be alone but where I live has 2 or 3 men for every woman and the available women here weren't really to my liking so I tried Australian internet dating sites hoping to find some interest from nearby. After a month, nothing.

While browsing the internet I came across an article about Russian Brides. I'd never even heard of such a thing before and the article mentioned Elena from RussiaUkraina.Dating. I did some research, found the website and then started reading all the background material you provided about Russian Women. I thought, these women have the same problem I have -> lack of members of the opposite sex. It seemed perfectly reasonable to me that they should try their luck on the internet. Maybe I should have a look.

I copied across my profile from my Australian dating site and opened an account with RussiaUkraina.Dating. I was stunned to see so many lovely, intelligent women all in one place. It was very hard to pick out just a few to write to.

My first day, I received a message from a lady named Irina. I deleted it without reading as I had a few early messages from obvious scammers and was feeling a bit upset and deleted my whole inbox. A few days later I realized the mistake I made and went back to see what was there. Hers was the only one I reinstated. [note: shortly after I saw that the potential scammers profiles were all suspended!!]

I received many messages but compared to the other messages I received, hers was the most sincere. It was evident she had written this message herself, which showed me a level of honesty I needed. I really liked how she tried to write in English even though her proficiency was low. 'Having a Go' is a trait all Australians can appreciate and I felt that her efforts should be rewarded with a reply at the very least!

I should add that Irina is 2 years older than me and it showed a great deal of courage to write to a younger man given the normal situation here is that the woman is almost always younger. Yes - she picked me out carefully, it was not a bulk email effort! As a suggestion for other Russian women - Her age never bothered me one bit - go with what you want!

I wrote back and we communicated for a month before I wrote to suggest we write exclusively to each other because I could not see how any other woman could ever be as intelligent, funny and charming as she was.

Soon after we heard each others voices on Skype and a month after that we were staring and laughing as we both set up webcams and could see each other 'live' for the first time. I don't think we said a word for 10 minutes as we were too busy giggling like kids!!

After a total 4 months of emailing, chatting, talking and video calls, I visited Irina in Russia. The one factor we both knew that could ruin everything was 'chemistry'. Would there be chemistry between us. The answer was a resounding 'YES' as from the first second we touched, I knew we were meant to be together. I could feel the electricity between us, it was a magical feeling. Irina says the same. I have never felt that way with a women before. 10 days later I cooked up dinner in the apartment we stayed at and asked her to marry me. Of course she said "Da"! It made me the happiest man alive!!!!

I must tell you, I have never met anybody like her in my life. Beautiful and slim, educated and intelligent (a Medical Doctor), kind (almost to a flaw), funny and witty,
calm and analytical, devoted to her family.......need I go on? She is perfect for me.

I'm completely bewildered as to how she can never have been married at her age (44). Yes, it's true, this was the subject of a bit of misunderstanding between us as I
thought she must be hiding something to still be single. It's not true. In fact she has had a difficult personal life with events and relationships that as an Australian male, I may never fully understand. I'm sad in a way for her difficult history but glad as well because without these events happening I may never have met her. The Russian men's loss is my gain!!

We are now completing the paperwork to bring her and her 2 children over to Australia and she should be here within 4 weeks!!

Thank you Elena and thank you for your site. Without this we never would have known such happiness!!!!!

From Irina: 

Thank you, Elena!! When I read your practical guide (, I have not received a high score and chance, but I still decided to do it! I just knew that I would succeed!! I said exactly what I was looking for in my profile and followed all your advice, as you recommended. Thank you for your instruction and your invaluable experience.

Of all the men who wrote to me (quite unexpected for me, I wrote a very serious marriage-minded, intelligent and pleasant man). I eventually chose one. My man is from Australia!!!!

First, we corresponded, and then ring up, then saw on Skype. He came to me on New Year. It was his first time abroad!! It was the first time he saw and touched snow!!

All, as in a dream!! He is the ideal of my friend, my husband, a father for my children!! He proposed marriage to me and it was unforgettable!!! I'm going to fly to be with him in March 2010. Wait for our wedding photos!

Steve (Australia) and Irina (Russia)

8 February 2010

Dear RussiaUkraina.Dating,

First of all, we would like to thank you for your service. We met through this web site. After lots of issues with visa, finally everything is settled down. We got married on 04th February, 2010 in Z�rich, Switzerland. We can understand each other very well and stick to each other very much. Most important part of our marriage is that Kaushik is from Indian origin (born and brought-up in India) but settled in Europe and Olga is from Russia. Our culture, religion are totally diffident . But we are together, understand each other, love each other very mcuh. We hope that we will be happy together our whole lives.

Thanks & Regards,
Olga & Kaushik

16 November 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyWe meet on this site in 2006. We have stayed in touch and my work is hard to get away from, she was very patient with me and finally got my chance to meet her in April of 2009 and it was like we never missed a beat. I really enjoyed the city of Kiev - one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen; she took me everywhere; I cooked more then we ate out, as I am a chef I am going back in March to meet mum and dad and family. Or wedding is in September 2010.

Guys, do your best to find one that you can understand better. They are all beautiful and very sexy and look like models! Just be yourself and treat them well and they will be yours. And if you say you are going to do something, you better do it!  Margaryta took very good care of me when I was there. And take her shopping she'll love you forever LOL.

Thanks to Elena's site I found what I was looking for! Internet is full of scams but not on this site; it's the only one I trust and recommend! Good luck!

Milton & Margaryta

23 October 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyThank you Elena for creating the most powerful site in the world for finding a Russian wife. 

The way the RussiaUkraina.Dating dating web site works is by far better than all the others I have been on. I had the most fun using this dating site and it really got me in touch with how Russian women communicate. I joined RussiaUkraina.Dating for the second time in February of 2007, was only a couple of weeks to find my future wife, Larisa, on RussiaUkraina.Dating , even after talking to several other ladies on the phone. I knew Larisa was different, I knew she was for me. In March I was in Russia by her side, loving every minute of her company. The culture shock was at a minimum because Larisa took very good care of me. *When a Russian lady loves you , you will surely know it , there is no mistaking it ,* that is what I experienced with Larisa. Returned 2 times more to Russia and we got engaged. We were married in July 2009 and we are very very happy. My life is now complete, just wish I would done this years ago. If you want success like what I have, you'll need to have serious intentions of traveling there. Contact as many girls as you can and get their phone number and call call call, it's very important to hear each others voice. Without RussiaUkraina.Dating, Larisa and I would not of found the perfect love, each other.

Paul & Larisa

20 September 2009

We wanted to write a short message to tell you about our success meeting on your website. We first corresponded in January of 2008 through RussiaUkraina.Dating. After a few weeks of e-mails, we decided to meet in a neutral location. I discovered that I was very interested in spending more time with Anya, so it wasn't long before I booked a trip to Russia to visit her. What followed was a whirlwind 2008 as I visited four times and she also came here for a summer vacation. It was during her summer vacation in the United States that I proposed to her.

We have been happily married for just over a month now and are very much enjoying our life together. We talk often about how strange it was to meet through your website and how lucky we were to find each other, from so far away!

We thank you very much for providing us such an opportunity to find each other over the thousands of miles, and we wish much success to future couples to find their "one and only" through your website!

Dom and Anya (USA)

18 August 2009

Dear Elena, I have found my partner for life. We have talked every day and mailed each other for over a year. We have just visited each other for 9 days in Moscow and Helenjik near the Black Sea. We are engaged and will be married next Sping in the U.S.A. in New Jersey. 

Kindly Yours,
Michael (USA)

1 August 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyI began using your services late last year and corresponded with several ladies over the course of several months, before finally narrowing my travel choice to Irina ID 5145667 from Rostov-on-Don Russia.

After corresponding for almost half a year, I just recently returned from a trip to meet with her for two weeks in her city, and found that she was absolutely everything that I'm looking for. I felt very accepted by her entire family including her mother and her two daughters, and I believe we developed the next level in our relationship which will lead to a marriage the middle of next year.

We've just begun the filing process on a K-1 it order to get her into the United States in order to fulfill that objective.

If you will recall, I am the individual who was the victim of a scam artist several years ago that resulted in federal indictments in San Diego against several people abusing this type of introductions service. So I'm very well aware of all of the problems associated with attempting to run a legitimate agency such as yours, and to eliminate such individuals that only have the intent of separating gentleman from there pocket books. It was just a matter of determining the compatibility between the ladies and myself, as to whether we had a chance for a relationship to work.

I think that I've truly found that in Irina and we have since deleted her profile from your database, and I would ask that you do the same for mine at this point in time. Please feel free to use my reference in any promotion of your business, and you can even go as far as to give potential members that are questioning the validity of your site might direct telephone number. I will be more than happy to set their mind at ease should they wish to call me before utilizing your service.

Anthony (USA)

19 June 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDear RussiaUkraina.Dating,

I planned to write to you for a long time but things were happening in my life so fast, didn't have time. I met my husband Carry through your agency in 2007. He is from the U.S.A. In the beginning he seemed too strong-minded to me, and I wasn't too keen on talking to him, but little by little our letters became warmer and I started to notice how many things we had in common, our interests, our values. We started talking by phone and soon he decided to fly to my home city Rostov to meet me in person. I thought, "What a nice guy" but still wasn't sure it was going to work out. When he came to my city and we started to "date" for real, he completely swept me off my feet with his caring attitude, he was looking after me and giving me flowers all the time! And then he gave me a ring and asked me to marry him. I introduced him to my family and friends and they liked him a lot. He then visited me to spend Russian Christmas with me. This time he already stayed at my place and not in a hotel as the first time, so we could see how compatible we are living together. I was very happy to find out that it was even better and how wonderful it was for us to be together! I moved to United States in April 2008 and we got married in June 2008, and in February this year our we had a daugher!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! WE ARE SO HAPPY!!! And want to have two more children!!! :-) 

Olya and Carry

30 April 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyI rejoined Elena's in October 2008. I sent out many letters to eligible ladies that I was attracted too. Anastasiya responded almost immediately and we began communicating on a regular basis.

I was impressed by her inner and outer beauty so I asked her if she would like to meet me. She said, yes! But where? At first i though i would travel to Moscow and we could meet there. She was happy about that.

However, I really wanted to get to know her and decided to make this a very special meeting. I made reservations for a ten day vacation over Christmas and New Years in the Bahamas. Then I asked her if I sent her plane tickets would she meet me? She said yes! This was the most wonderful ten days in my life.

We met again in Kiev in February, again in Germany in March and we will meet again on May 12, 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany.

We applied for a Fiancee visa in January and we should have this completed by June.

Elena's is the best Eastern European Dating site in the world. I highly recommend this site for a man who is serious about meeting a quality lady.

Barry and Anastasia (U.S.A. - Ukraine)

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08 April 2009

Dear Elena and Team,

I can't wait enough words how to thank you.

Your website has helped me to become an absolutely happy woman. Last year I met the man of my dreams on Elena's and last week Saturday we got married. Please find the attached picture from our wedding, just kindly asking you not to publish it.

Thanks a lot for your help from my Husband and myself.

Bol'shoe spasibo eshe raz :) I udachi Vam v rabote.

S Uvajeniyem,

Z & G

05 March 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDear Elena,

We were introduced to each other from your site in June of 2007. After sending each other many emails, we decided that we should meet each other in person. I went to Russia in September of 2007 to be with Tatiana and her son to make sure that we are compatible with each other. The 3 weeks that I was there, the time went by to fast and I asked Tatiana to be my wife and move to America with me. She agreed to marry me and I am happy to announce that in January of 2009 we married. We are both very thankful to you for having your Elena's site as it has brought us together from two different parts of the world. 

Thank you so much, 
Mark and Tatiana (USA)

04 March 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyI met my fiance, Natasha, on your site. Thank you! Natasha is from Kurgan, Russia. She was widowed eight years ago, and was raising a 13-year-old on her own. Having raised two daughters myself, I commented how difficult a girl that age can be. From there we continued corresponding via e-mail, then by phone (she said I sounded like a robot), and finally met in person last September in Moscow. 

It's amazing how two people who grew up so differently on opposite sides of the globe could be so perfect for each other. I proposed our last night in Moscow and she accepted. We met in Prague in January and determined there is no doubt we should be together. 

If everything goes as planned, they will move to Missouri this summer and we will be married by autumn. Elena's tips were very helpful, especially early in my relationship with Natasha. I have, and will continue to, recommend your site! Here is a photo of the two of us in Prague. 

Darrell, U.S.A. and Natasha, Russia

19 February 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDear friends:

My experience in these issues was interesting and unbelievable, however, with my actual girl, I've been so happy that I recommend, give yourself this opportunity to meet someone that possibly could be this special one in your life and future.

Anna and me, we are so happy, and we have had the opportunity to get know each other in Cuba. Our differences in culture (Mexican and Russian) exist, nevertheless there are other things more important to me. Russian girls see well our Latin-American feelings and way to say the word "love". Such as I value the feeling of the Russian woman. Those days in Cuba with Anna were the greatest days of my life. She is the most special girl that I love deeply and in essence as a woman and human being.

We are planning our wedding soon.

Best regards to everybody who believes in love!!!

Anna and Everardo

23 January 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyI found Svetlana on your web site on Oct. 10, 2007. Thanks to the miracle of instant messaging, we soon were communicating for hours every day. I visited her in Saint-Petersburg in February 2008, fell in love with her, and returned in July, at which time I proposed and met her family in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine. She and her dog arrived in the United States in October, and we were married on Dec. 22. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find my true love.

Weston, Florida

07 January 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyHello RussiaUkraina.Dating.

15th of August I announced that Marina and me were engaged. Well, 6th of December we were married in the beautiful city of Moscow. I wish to thank you for finding the love of my life. To all of you guys hesitating if it's worth while trying I can say: "Go for it! I am a normal guy like you and I succeeded in finding my girl. So, you can do it too!"

Thank you RussiaUkraina.Dating!

Bene and Marina (Belgium)

07 January 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyThank you all at RussiaUkraina.Dating. We have found each other at your site in February 2008 and are planning to get married in the beginning of 2009 and are in the process of getting all necessary papers for the transfer to Sweden. After a half of a year communicating thru E-mail and many hours in the telephone I decided to travel to Lesozavodsk (Svetlana�s hometown). The Airplane landed in Vladivostok and we spent some beautiful time there with love, songs of dolphins and a lot of new impressions. After a week we travelled to Lesozavodsk by a six hour journey by train, and I got the opportunity to see Svetlana�s home and meet a couple of her nice friends, We had a lovely time together and we both believe that it is the beginning of a new happy and long life together.


Best Regards, 
Johnny & Svetlana (Sweden)

P.S. We both can recommend Elena�s Models as a very helpful and honest dating-site.

03 January 2009

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success story10 Days until our first wedding anniversary and still in total amazement.

We met via email 2 weeks after I created my profile in December. We both decided to communicate exclusively after another 2 weeks of emails... it all simply came together. We meet in Moscow in March and had a whirlwind time. I began the K1 visa when I returned and 7 months later Elly was here and we married on December 12, 2007.

Elly expresses all the traditional values and care that are lacking in the modern American woman. She is a stunning woman and is more than I could have wished.

My advice - learn Russian and read as much about the Russian culture as you can. The American ideals and views are quite different. It is important to understand this difference so that you can be open to these values, it will vastly make the connection and communication more intimate.

It's a long time from the first K1 process until you meet her at the airport when she arrives - we had over 2000 email each. This is a true testimony to the relationship. Remember - she is leaving everything behind for you. Remind her and show her everyday that you know this.

I looked at 4 other sites and decided on RussiaUkraina.Dating because of the educational articles and help. I paid for the full top level membership to show that I was serious about a relationship.

Beware - there are scams and games everywhere - so take time and research.

We have met another couple who also met on RussiaUkraina.Dating and live in the Seattle area - small world, but it shows that it can happen.

Todd and Elly (USA)

16 December 2008

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyElena,

We want to personally thank you for bringing us together! We both joined your website in November/December of 2006. We started chatting in January, 2007 and after visiting Tatiana on two separate trips to Moscow then Kiev, I decided to sponsor Tania and her son through the K1 Visa program. They arrived in America on February, 2008. We were married two months later. 

Your web site provided the connection and as you know, the rest is up to us. Bringing two people together from very different worlds is never easy. It costs time, money, patience and requires a willingness to work through the distance barrier. People have done this for many generations but now it is easier than ever. This website provides a great service and it is just as real for anyone who is willing to believe. 

Thank you,
Robert and Tatiana (USA)

03 December 2008

Dreams do come true!  

Thank you so much to everyone at RussiaUkraina.Dating for helping us find each other in this wonderful world.

Our names are Elena and Mark and we first joined your website agency, unknown to each other, about the same time in February 2007.  Within 3 weeks we had found each other and both knew we had begun something very very special!  Almost immediately both of us hid our profiles and communicated exclusively with each other.

Within 4 weeks we had started planning Mark's long trip from the remote Kimberley region of Australia to Elena's home city of Sevastopol in Crimea, Ukraine.  That was about 20 months ago and what a totally wonderful, amazing journey we have had since then - Dreamstuff!

Mark arrived in Kiev in July 2007 and we both literally melted into each arms immediately - we had both "felt" our love prior to actually meeting, but realized beyond doubt it was the "real" thing from when we first saw each other! After very romantic 2 days in Kiev staying in "floating Boatel" we then flew to Simferopol and taxi to Sevastopol where we had the most gorgeous, romantic 18 days together, never leaving each other. 

Toward the end of our quickly receding time together, Mark proposed to Elena and with a tear in her eye and a new ring on her finger, Elena didn't seem to hesitate too long!

After our inevitable and very sad, though temporary parting, Mark returned to Australia and we began the huge process of preparing a prospective marriage visa for Elena to enter Australia. This took us 4 months to prepare and was lodged in December 2007 - wow, we got a shock when it was granted 3 months later in early March 2008! Then again we melted into each other's arms on April 14 this year when, after a staggering 55 hour journey, Elena arrived in Perth, still about 3500km from her new home! Soon after a few days in Perth to meet family and friends, we had another 4 hour flight "Home" and began our beautiful new life finally together 13 months after Elena first "spotted" Mark on your website.  A truly amazing and exciting journey - and in July, nearly exactly 12 months after we first met in person, we married in a small, very intimate ceremony amongst good friends.

Arriving home, again, after our adventurous 4 week honeymoon, we knew what we had to do next!  Prepare another visa application for Elena - this time a "Spouse Visa" that would give Elena a provisional residence status and allow her to stay a further 2 years in Australia.  This application took us a little less time to prepare as we had most of the info - 2 months to prepare and we thought it maybe best to lodge in person in Perth - most definitely the right decision!  We had appointment for 11 am and Elena had her visa by 2 pm - 3 hours, same day!!  (We were told average wait about 8 months) We think this might be some sort of new world record!  We would also suggest here that the "secret" to a successful visa application is really quite simple - Give them exactly what they want, cross all the "T"s and dot all the "i"s - first time!  We must say that the Australian Immigration people are very easy and helpful to deal with - they really go out of their way to be helpful.

For anyone considering this great way of meeting their dream partner, may we offer a few simple "tips" -
1. join RussiaUkraina.Dating
2. read Elena Petrova's book - it is jam packed with useful and essential information - a MUST
3. focus on finding a person of similar background, family, climate and especially DREAMS AND DESIRES
4. don't play games or the "field"
5. communicate with your special person as often as possible- phone, email, post, gifts, best of all SKYPE
5. when preparing any applications - visas etc - give the authorities everything exactly as they want
6. Most importantly - BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF DREAMS!  (they do come true!)

So now, 21 months since meeting on RussiaUkraina.Dating, we are together, so in love and happily married, dreaming and planning about our life together.  Elena has a great job and is enrolled in the special Australian Government English program - None of this was possible without your simply brilliant website and helpful staff - THANK YOU SO MUCH!  (Interestingly, we were both extremely skeptical and doubtful about internet based marriage agencies to start with...mmm now, absolute way to go, way of the future!)

Elena and Mark - Western Australia

01 December 2008

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDreams come true on Elena�s site. We met in February 2007. The magic of love already happened right from the start. We got married in December 2007 and live happily ever since.

Thank you for letting us believes in dreams.

Veronica & Theo 
(Donetsk, Ukraine - Rotterdam, Netherladns)

28 November 2008

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDear RussiaUkraina.Dating:

I contacted different ladies on your website and wrote letters for a few months. I then visited Ukraine to talk for a few days to each of a few ladies so I could find a best match for both of us. Each lady I spoke with was very nice and very proper. Exactly what I wanted in a wife.

I must admit there was one lady I liked very much before I met her. When we met I liked her even more. We spent many days together and she warmed my heart, and I learned what a good person she was. I decided to continue only with her. We wrote more letters, spoke on the phone and I visited her again and met her family. During that visit I was convinced she was the perfect woman for me and I was falling in love with her. I visited her three times because I could only get off work for two weeks at a time. We enjoyed regular days together like going to a park as if to be living a normal daily life so we had time to talk and to see how each other was.

Now we are planning our wedding for next year. She and her son will live with me in America. So I must thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for helping me find the woman of my dreams and a woman who loves me.

PS: I was very careful to select your website as I researched several to eliminate scammers.

Chris and Ilona (USA)

19 November 2008

I want to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for having a great website. 

I met My Wife Natalya here and visited her twice in Russia, one time we spend 3 weeks in A sanitorium , for those that do not know it is a Health Spa, It was wonderful place to visit. We exchanged over 400 emails . We first wrote to Natalya on August 29th 2007 which was her birtday. I was fortunate that she has good English and her son too. During our relationship I was able to play a online Video game with her son and we also became very good friends. Natalya had a friend put her info in RussiaUkraina.Dating for her and I thank god every day for this.

Natalya and Andrey came to America on August 26 and we got married on the 12th of September. At this time we are in the process of doing the last steps to make my family a permanent resident of the USA.

I would tell anyone that is thinking about using this system to find a Family, to read the book that Elena Has put together about How to find and marry a girl like me. The knowledge that I got from this helped me all the way through this process. My new family is learning about America first hand, the boy is in school doing ok, and my wife is taking English as a second language to improve her English. They both love it over here.

I have attached a picture of us After our wedding.

Thank you very much Elena.

Larry and Natalya (USA)

9 October 2008

Hello all you dreamers! 

My partner and I met on Elena's in Feburary 2002. After much emailing and telephoning, I went to visit Luiza in Varna, Bulgaria in June.

After another four months I came back to Varna with a Fiance Visa and took her with me back to the USA. 

Today she is doing the same job she was doing in Bulgaria, as a cement factory quality control manager, only instead of making 700 leva a month, she is making $6000 US plus benefits and retirement. 

We are about to celebrate our third year anniversary and are more in love today than when we first got married! 

Thanks, RussiaUkraina.Dating!

Daniel & Luiza

2 October 2008

Hello RussiaUkraina.Dating, 

I met Valentina through your web site in August 2007. I had chosen her as one of my favorites but had not contacted her because I was extremely busy with business and had not had time to do an introductory letter. When I first started looking for a foreign wife I made the mistake of signing up with [another web site]. 

After doing a more through search of the agencies I became a member of your company. After looking at many hundreds, if not thousands, of profiles I was becoming overloaded with possibilities. After about 90 days of reviewing profiles and narrowing down possibilities I recieved an Email, supposidly from Valentina, from [another web site]. I thought it was quite a coincidence that I received this from one of the ladies I had already chosen as a best choice from your site. Because of the time that I had spent researching the scams that are out there I was very suspicious of the contacts that I had received from [another web site]. 

I sent Valentina an Email through your agency and about a week later she replied to me that she was interested in corresponding. We started out by emails. After a short period-2-3 weeks- she gave me her phone number and we started talking on the phone. Soon we were talking everyday for about an hour. After about two months we decided that we would like to meet in person, and that if we had the right "chemistry" we would get married. 

We made arrangements to meet in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. This is an excellent place to meet. Americans and Russians can travel there without visas. The beaches and hotels are fantastic. We got married in the Dominican Republic, and Valentina returned to Moscow for about two months to wind up her job. We returned to the Dominican Republic in December of 2007 and rented an apartment while we were waiting to receive Valentina's visa. Valentina returned to Moscow to visit her parents in September, and to go to her interview at the American Embassy in Moscow in November.

We spent about one week per month together in the DR. It has been a fantastic year. Valentina appreciates everything that I get for her, and/or do for her. We have enjoyed getting to know each other and having a week each month has made it much easier waiting for the visa. I spent around $30,000 for the apartment, food and travel for the year, and would gladly have spent twice as much.

I am 22 years older than my wife, i.e., 54 and 32. I absolutely find no problems due to this age difference. My wife has made many comments to her mother and father as to our good relationship. She has made numerous comments about many of the Americans she met as not being serious. I am very intellegent and very well educated (Professional Engineer), I own my own business. I feel these are extremely important to my wife. I have not had an American woman appreciate hardly anything for the last 20 years. I highly recommend, if you are serious, taking the time to meet a serious, well educated and cultured Russian Woman

RussiaUkraina.Dating did a great job on translating my resume letter and all the advise they provided was right on the money.

Paul & Valentina (USA)

22 September 2008

Olga and I first started emailing each other in October of 2005. We talked on the telephone, first through a translator but after the first time we decided on direct calls. In December of that year we discussed me coming to her town.

In March 2006, I took the trip to Russia! It was a nice trip there weren't many problems the language barrier wasn't very noticeable though we carried a Russian-English dictionary.

Currently Olga and I have been married over a year and a half and while it was a rough start because the language barrier (which was more obvious after she came here) it is much better now!

RussiaUkraine.Dating was a very good way to go for me and I am very happy to have found Olga through their service! 

Thank you so much RussiaUkraine.Dating!

Mark & Olga (USA)

16 September 2008

I met a most beautiful and wonderful lady through RussiaUkraina.Dating! We corresponded for five months through e-mails and some phone calls. 

I visited Vera in her home city of Kiev for nine wonderful days and nights. Although Vera studied English for five years it had now been 30 years since she last spoke the language so communications were somewhat difficult but we were able to communicate through an electronic translator and good ole Charades. 

This was my first visit to Europe and therefore my first encounter with their charming old world culture which I found to be very interesting and enjoyable. I was able to spend some time with Vera's two sons, daughter-in-laws and two gandsons and through the process learned that although we came from different cultures, spoke different languages and lived very different lifestyles we were not very different as individuals. 

Before I left Kiev it was apparent to both Vera and I that we had made a special connection and neither one of us wanted our relationship to end. We made plans for Vera to come and visit me in Mexico where I was currently living part time while managing a business I owned. 

Two months after my visit to Kiev, Vera arrived at my home for a short visit. On this visit Vera's English had improved sufficiently that we seldom had to use the Electronic translator. Our love for each other grew stronger each and everyday and her short visit turned into a five month visit with Vera and I getting married last May here in Mexico. We are currently awaiting Vera's U.S. Visa so that we can soon move to my home in Colorado.

We are two of the most happiest people on earth and are so thankful that we were able to meet each other through the services of RussiaUkraina.Dating.

Gary & Vera (USA)

9 September 2008

Hello All,

A note to let you know our story. We met on your site in Febuary 07. I travelled to Kiev in May of that year to visit Elena. During that trip we knew we were in love. 

I returned to the US and started the work on the K-1 Visa. I returned for a second trip in October to celebrate her birthday. It took a bit of time, but Elena finally arrived in Texas, July 18th. 

We were married on August 30th and look forward to many happy years together.

We would never had met if not for your agency. 

We thank you very much.

Paul and Elena 

2 September 2008

Hello RussiaUkraina.Dating!

It is a short note to let you know how happy we are! We emailed each other for a while, then started talking on the phone. It was clear to me that Anastasia is special and so I decided to visit her.  



Thank you!

Peter & Anastasia

31 August 2008

Hello Elena!

We got married in April, 2008 in Pennsylvania, USA. Thank you very much for your website, this is where we found each other!

Our correspondence started in December 2006 and after only 5 months writing to each other we met for the first time in Belarus. 

Larry stayed for three weeks and we fell in love. He proposed then! I said yes! We started visa process and 9 months later I flu to America to be with my dear Larry! 

We are very happy!!! So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Julia and Larry, (PA, USA)

28 August 2008

Hello Elena!

First made contact on August, 15, 2006 by email, after some correspondence we started talking on the phone often. I visited Lana twice December 9-19, 2006 and June 8-23, 2007; 

Those visits brought us to a sure conclusion. We married January 1, 2008


James & Lana

25 August 2008

Hello Elena!

Would just like to take the opportunity to thank you for providing such a quality website that has given Philip and me the opportunity to find each other and the happiness that have both of us always dreamed of. 

After our first meeting in Baku, love blossomed and now I find myself married and living very happily in New Zealand. 

We wish everyone using this website success in their search.

Rena & Philip (New Zealand)

23 August 2008

Dear Elena!

I want to thank you and all your team from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for giving me a chance to find my happiness, my destiny!

Robert contacted me on the beginning of January, 2008 and in May, 2008 we got engaged in Bulgaria! Now we are preparing for the big day, our wedding day is coming!

I have deleted my profile from the site and I want to tell everyone how happy we are!

My best wishes to all!

Ludmila and Robert (United States)

21 August 2008

Inessa and Steve (USA)Dear RussiaUkraina.Dating, 1st of June we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. 

We would like to express our gratitude to Elena and her team. Thank you very much for making it possible for us to find each other.

We've been married for one year and we are so much in love as if we've just met! We wish to say to all the members of RussiaUkraina.Dating - KEEP TRYING, it is possible to find your love, your destiny online and RussiaUkraina.Dating is the right place for it! Believe us, we've done that. 

Everyone has a right to be happy and have that special person in his life. So one must keep looking. Do not give up!!! We, after one year of marriage, have so many things we do together, we support each other and help each other. I am so happy I joined RussiaUkraina.Dating! I wish you all love and happiness!

Inessa (Belarus) and Steve (Florida, USA)

18 August 2008

I'm writing to you because I'm a very happy man today and I now have a beautiful and Intelligent wife thanks to your service. 

I went to se my wonderful woman 3 months after the first correspondence. It was very close to not happening cause I hesitated a lot going to a foreign country alone. I didn't know the language and my ladies English was very poor. But I decided to go just doing the opposite to what I usually do. I always "played it safe" and now I was taking a huge risk (I thought). I decided to meet her over a weekend and sadly my plane was delayed one day. But when I met her, I would describe it as love at first sight. She Invited me for an Icecream and I was sold. I must add that she had a interpreter with her at the meeting at the airport who was if not as beautiful anyway almost. 

Ukraine where my Lena is from is a very different country then my Sweden. People seem sad and buildings are old and torn. But the food was wonderful, home made and tasty. Women like to dress up and show their famine side. 

We married after 2 years only meeting on vacations. Wedding 19/7 2008 in Svedala Sweden. My advice for others trying this way of contact is to go with your gut feeling. Lena just felt right for me from the first mail from her. I'm a richer man today. I have learned some Russian which has opened a whole new world to me.

When I read some other people success stories here at models. I never imagined that I would be writing one some day. But here it is!

Jacek and Elena

15 August 2008

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyMarina and I wish to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating because it gave us the opportunity to meet. 

In December last year we started to write to each other. Due to circumstances we lost our contact a few weeks later until we met again in April this year. We wrote and sent sms every day. We found each other interesting and decided to meet in Moscow. During this meeting I felt this girl was special to me. She's beautiful outside and most important...inside. I had some strong tender feelings for her. 

After I returned home from Moscow we phoned each other every day for hours. And we got more and more connected. We started to know each other better every day. Because this was so special, we decided we should meet very soon. I fixed the necessary visa papers and by July 22nd, Marina got her visa to come over to Belgium. August 4th I picked her up at the airport. 

It was the start of a very nice and romantic time together. We visited some very romantic places of which the most romantic town in the world. We kissed each other under the Eiffel tower in Paris. During our time together we grew towards each other more and more and we decided to give this relationship every chance. Now we are making plans for my next trip to Moscow. 

We feel we are crazy about each other and we think we have a very nice future together!!! To anybody who has doubts about this way of meeting somebody we can can really work out!!! Be sure we will send our wedding pictures to your agency.

Marina and Bene (Belgium)

10 August 2008

Hi Elena !!!! 

We will never thank enough God and your agency which gave us the chance to make our dearest dream come true...
After one week's correspondence, I decided to fly to Ukraine, listening to my heart, and I can say now the  trip changed my life forever....

I spent all February in Ukraine with the sweetest and loveliest lady I never met before...  it was like a fairy tale and a very romantic Valentine's day under the stars of Red sea. 

All my hopes and dreams became at last reality. With Inna I felt real connection of our souls - it was love from first sight...

We got married on July, 11 in Dneprodzerzhinsk - we are a wonderful love story in spite of cultural and language barriers !!!!

Many thanks again from the bottom of my heart ;)))

Patrick and Inna

4 July 2008

Hello Elena's, 

Thank you very much RussiaUkraina.Dating! With your help, I found my woman! her name is  Evdokiya and she is my real love. I live in Canada and my wife is from Kazakhstan. Our correspondence started in December 2007. From our letters we grew to like each other very much, and soon began to talk over phone and chat online. 

In March 2008, I went to Kazakhstan for our first meeting. And guess what... we fell  in love!!! After living together for one week, I know Evdokiya is the woman I want to be with. When I went there to see her second time we lived together for 3 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Now we are happily married!!! Thank you again and good luck to all the members on your site!

Evdokiya and Andre, Canada

24 June 2008

Dear Elena,
Thank you for your web-site and your agency�s services!

We made it in spite of different obstacles and circumstances. It is our magic it has always been our magic� Brent and I have met about three years ago. I am originally from Ukraine and I was living in Turkey at the moment when I met Brent. What an international relationship it was! We lived different lives on different sides of the world but the life kept bringing us together again and again. I had to leave my career and my life in Istanbul and I moved to US. It doesn�t matter WHERE to live but it is much more important WHO to live with. What we have been through made us stronger and our feelings doubtless.

There is no escape from the fate and the moment to obey the destiny always comes� We meant to be. We had the spectacular tropical wedding on the beach. Blue Ocean was symbolizing our relationship. Sometimes it is stormy and passionate or sometimes it is calm and peaceful. But it is always in a harmony with itself just like we are with each other. Sunset blessed our marriage and we don�t know if we could be any happier. Every new day brings new smiles and new happiness. It is just amazing that it all started just from a simple email�

Thank you for your Cupid�s job! Well done! 

Olya & Brent, USA

19 June 2008

Aliona and JohnElena, 

Our thanks again to RussiaUkraina.Dating. Aliona and I have been dating for about a year. We spent our third trip together and continue to make plans for the future. Our last trip was a holiday in Turkey to enjoy Istanbul and Kemer resort. 

Here is a picture of Aliona and I enjoying a wonderful dinner at a rooftop restaurant in Istanbul

John and Aliona

22 May 2008

Samuel and Oksana, USAI have the highest gratitude to Elena and her wonderful website! On 19 January 2007 I received a brief and unassuming introductory letter from a woman on RussiaUkraina.Dating website. It was because of this unassuming little letter that a fairy tale romance began that soon blossomed into a deep and genuine love. 

From that day forward, my life changed forever. We wrote to each other daily. I felt an instant chemistry and many similarities between us, as did she. I obtained her address and phone number and we began to speak by phone and I would occasionally send flowers to her to brighten her day. Through the letters and phone calls that we shared with each other, we knew that we were developing genuine feelings for each other. I would quite literally crave to read her letters and to hear her voice. She had told me during our correspondence that she could take time off from work in April. Therefore, we then began to make plans to meet in person. 

I arrived in Odessa Ukraine on 17 April 2007. When I stepped off the plane and saw her for the first time, everyone around us seemingly disappeared. For a brief moment, there was no one else in the entire world except for me and her. It was love at first sight. As I gazed upon this stunningly beautiful Ukrainian princess for the first time, I instantly became lost in her angel eyes. We spent the entire next week together getting to know each other. The more I learned about her, the more I knew that I couldn't live without her. It only confirmed the feelings that I had for her before I went there. We spent most of our time dining out, walking the city hand in hand and enjoying the precious little time that we had together, just being in love. 

She speaks only basic English and sometimes the language was a barrier, but I told her that we had the rest of our lives to learn each others languages. I asked her not to worry about it, because although we would sometimes encounter language obstacles, our hearts understood each other perfectly. I told her that love is a language that is understood by all hearts. Soon afterward, I told her that I wanted to marry her and she replied that she would think about it. We went on with our having fun and being in love for a few more days when she told me that she'd thought about the idea of me proposing to her and she indicated to me that nothing would make her happier than to be my wife. The next day, we went shopping for an engagement ring and found the perfect little ring. The following day, on my birthday, 24 April 2007, she invited her mother and her 10 year old son to meet me and to witness the marriage proposal. After the proposal and acceptance thereof, we all went to a celebratory dinner at a restaurant. 

I had to leave the following morning, my flight was going to depart on 25 April 2007 at 5:05 a.m. We spent the last precious moments together. We stayed up all night with each other just talking and soaking in the final hours before my departure. She saw me off at the airport and after I left, I missed her greatly. We then applied for her fiancee visa and she received it on 14 February 2008. :) I then made flight arrangements for her and her 10 year old son to come and join me in America. 

She arrived here on 6 April 2008 and we became married on 27 April. I have never been happier in my life and I have never loved someone so deeply and passionately. We are now a happy family and we also are planning on expanding our family and very much want children together. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my "angel eyes". 

I have one word of advice to anyone that is planning on visiting their sweetheart. Invest in a handheld electronic translater, it helped me immensely with our occasional language issues. RussiaUkraina.Dating was instumental in bringing us together and were always helpful with advice and answers to any queries I had. 

Thank you Elena from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And thusly, I will conclude this letter describing our fairy tale romance with this statement: "and they lived happily ever after..."

Samuel and Oksana


12 May 2008

Svetlana and Rick (USA)Dear Elena,

Thank you for your site that helped us to join our destinies together! Last time we wrote about our engagement and now we�re married! 

Before I met with my husband I imagined his character and appearance. Sometimes we feel as if we�ve known each other for a long time and I knew him when he was a child. Our marriage was written on the stars. We met thanking your site that connects people across the ocean. Your site helped us to find each other, to guess, to feel and then to know our spiritual intimacy. It helped us to feel a close personal, kindred spirit. 

We had a real white wedding in North Dakota, the USA. Our wedding ceremony in a Lutheran church looked like a winter fairy � tale!   It was in February 16, 2008 and it was snowing. The snow fell on my vale and wedding dress and on the cowboy hat of my husband. Children threw the petals of the roses. Our parents - my husband�s and my Mom were very happy seeing us together. 

I came to North Dakota in December, 2007. I met a lot of hospitable people here. I was very welcomed by my husband�s family. I have a lot of friends here! 
We love each other more and more everyday. It�s very easy to be married with a man, who has good morality and isn�t afraid of responsibility, calm, very manly, very assured and has a good sense of humor.  My husband�s resolute and constant.  I trusted him from our first meeting in Moscow. 

We like to spend free time together and we both like skiing and the nature very much. We like dancing together and live music concerts. I�m never bored with my husband! 

Thank you for a chance to meet each other and be happy, 

Svetlana & Rick.

USA, North Dakota.

31 March 2008

Alexandra and AndyElena, 

I have met my man through RussiaUkraina.Dating and we could not be happier! He came to visit me and, I knew as soon as I saw him, that we were going to be alright. He is a good man, I am lucky to meet him.

I am looking forward to my new life, new beginning. It is real chance, do not hesitate to take it!


With gratitude
Alexandra and Andy 

29 March 2008

Larisa and DavidDear RussiaUkraina.Dating!

I am so grateful to your agency and want to say thank you for your help and opportunity for me to meet David.

We are married and we are happy! We are positive about our future together!



Lara and David (Australia)

16 March 2008

Dear RussiaUkraina.Dating!

I am sending you our photos together as promised. I want to tell all the women out there to keep looking, keep trying and one day you will find your match, the man you can trust. 

I met Eugene on this site and we corresponded for a while, he then came to see me and now we are married. I feel good, I am happy.

Thank you do much for your help and great work. You bring people together and give them a chance to love and be loved.


Olga and Eugene (Australia)

7 March 2008

Bernd and LaraDear Elena!
We wish to express you the recognition for happiness which we have, having found each other on your site. We more than are happy. We have found in each other soulmate. 

It was a long and difficult way to each other. When we have got acquainted, Lara had negative experience of dialogue with some members of a site, which did not trust or did not wish to trust in sincerity and decency of Russian women. I too searched unique woman, which becomes a part me. And it has come , we have found in each other everything, that we wished. This inexpressible by words, simple human happiness. 

Us so pulled to each other, that for some months we some times met in Russia. We is remarkable have spent time in Vladimir (city where lives Lara). Russian culture is surprising and fine, as my Russian Lara. 

We know, that we in the beginning of our joint way. But we are firmly assured, that we know as to make a successful relationship. We know about the each other  all and are convinced, that trust and honesty is a basis of happy relationship. 

We once again thank you for your work, which gives people an opportunity of the happiness. 
Bernd and Lara (Europe)

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