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Russian brides for sale articleby Elena Petrova (Russian Brides Cyber Guide)

Since the introduction of 'search suggestions' in a popular search engine, I was shocked to find out that the phrase "Russian Brides for Sale" jumped to the top of the search suggestions list. 

If you type "Russian Brides", it comes up on the top of the search suggestions list, out of ten other suggestions, giving the testimony to the minds and hearts of people running this popular search. (Yes, fellas, that's us!)

So, where can you get Russian brides offered for sale?

Certainly, those days you can find virtually anything "for sale" on the Internet. You can find websites listing profiles of beautiful Russian women and Russian girls, and on some sites, you can buy their addresses and contact details (email, phone number and sometimes even a mailing address). 

Some men (probably the ones who are running the key string Russian brides for sale to the top of the suggestions list) think that if they bought an address, or paid to email a woman through the website, they somehow 'own' her or she somehow 'owes' something to them. 

Truth is, women who list their profiles on Internet websites are looking for their soul mates just like you are looking to meet someone special who will love you for you, and they do not think that if you paid for membership or email to her, she owes anything to you. 

Think about it, if you email a woman locally, would you think she owes something to you just because you paid for membership to the website? I don't think so. 

Also, you would not think the local women you see on the website offer themselves "for sale". Some of these women would love to become brides and are looking for men for marriage, too. Russian girls and Russian women that you see on the Internet websites also have the same aspirations and also seek genuine loving relationships, mutual respect and understanding.

The concept of 'buying' a Russian bride and Russian women and Russian girls 'selling' themselves, is a very peculiar concept indeed. Whilst the desire for a better life is a general human aspiration, we do not consider a company 'buying' an employee from a foreign country, although talks about sport clubs 'buying' players are common and considered normal.

How do you decide whether a person who moved to another country for love was 'bought' or whether it was bona fide love? 

Why a mother of three who moved from New Zealand to an American boyfriend she met online is not considered a 'mail order bride', but a Russian mother of one who moved from Russia to an Australian boyfriend she met online is considered to have been 'mail ordered'?

Russian brides whose profiles you see here also use Internet, email, Skype, MSN and ICQ, send SMS and carry mobile phones and can be reached across the globe any time of the day. 

Their addresses may be for sale but their love and affection is not. You have to earn it.


Elena Petrova is the founder of RussiaUkraine.Dating and Russian Brides Cyber Guide ( She is a former 'Russian mail order bride' with a degree in philosophy and a tongue-in-cheek view on the subject of international marriages. Her agency RussiaUkraina.Dating has clients in 167 countries and is bringing genuine love-seekers together since 1999.

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Russian Brides for Sale article success storyThank you all at RussiaUkraina.Dating. After a half of a year communicating thru email and many hours in the telephone I decided to travel to Lesozavodsk (Svetlana’s hometown). The Airplane landed in Vladivostok and we spent some beautiful time there with love, songs of dolphins and a lot of new impressions. We both believe that it is the beginning of a new happy and long life together.


Best Regards, 
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