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Why Russian Women Make Good Wives?

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Russian wivesby Elena Petrova (RussiaUkraina.Dating)

Reporters writing stories about Russian brides always wonder why American (Australian, Canadian, English etc) men seek Russian women for marriage - would not it be easier to meet someone at home?

Truth is, Western men do not specifically "seek" Russian women to marry; they simply want to meet a woman for a serious relationship and possible marriage, who has strong family values, will be a good and faithful partner and at the same time a woman who is educated, smart and beautiful.

Many men come to our site because they have a friend who married a Russian woman and they can see how happy he is with his wife, and these men want to meet someone like their friends' wives.

Other men come to our site because we list many beautiful women and when they start reading their profiles, they become very curious and interested, because for a Russian woman, family is always her first priority.

The reason why Russian women make good wives is simple: Russian girls and Russian women are taught from the early age that family is their first priority and without a good family, a woman cannot be happy. 

Now, you may say that it's not so and there are many women who have not been married, have no children and they are happy and accomplished. This is true - but only in your country and within your culture. In Russia, it's a common belief that a woman's happiness is her family. Her career or other things in her life can only compliment her success as a wife and a mother.

You also have certain beliefs and values that determine whether you are happy or not. For example, most western people believe it's good to own a home. It makes them happy if they own their homes. Do you really need to own your home to be happy? No, but all people strive to own their homes. It's a belief that makes sense for us and we set our goals based on this belief, and if we manage to achieve these goals, it makes us happy.

Just like this, Russian women believe they will be happier if they have a husband.

This belief is so ingrained in Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European women that you can often read in their profiles, "Just like any woman, I want to have a strong happy family". When they write it, they truly believe it's true and correct, because for them it is!

Based on this belief, Russian wives do their best to keep their marriage strong and happy: they are more tolerant and accommodating, more loyal and generally value their families more. 

When you value something, you naturally spend more time and effort maintaining it, and ensure it works. 

For example, think what would happen if you were maintaining your car meticulously since the first day you bought it, would it be in a better shape than if you neglected it and paid no attention, year after year? Imagine you became a proud owner of a brand-new Ferrari or Aston Martin, would you be looking after it better than after a 20-year old Ford? This is how much Russian women value their marriage; for them it has such a high value, they spend a lot of time and effort to maintain it and keep it "strong and happy".

This is the reason why men married to Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European women often say, "Russian women make good wives". Just like a person who loves children would make a better nanny than the one who doesn't, a woman who enjoys being married and values her marriage highly will be a better wife, whether she is Russian, Ukrainian, American or Australian.

With all my best wishes,



Russian wivesABOUT THE AUTHOR: 

Elena Petrova is the founder of RussiaUkraine.Dating and Russian Brides Cyber Guide ( She has a degree in philosophy and a tongue-in-cheek view on the subject of international marriages. Her agency RussiaUkraina.Dating has clients in 176 countries and is bringing genuine love-seekers together since 1999.




FROM A RUSSIAN WIFE: Married for 3 years and very happy together!

Russian wives in USAI met Terry on your site in 2005. We had been writing mails to each other for several months, and then started to talk on the phone. My English was so poor at that time that we basically were only listening to each other's voices and tone :-) Then he visited me at my home town, and we spent two weeks sightseeing around Moscow. I was the most impressed by Terry's tolerance and understanding. After his visit, we applied for the fiancee visa for me and once the visa was granted I joined him in Texas, and we have been together ever since. We got married in June 2007 and recently celebrated our third wedding anniversary. My English is fine now and we think of our first communications with a smile. In May this year I received my Associate in Business and I plan to continue studying for a Bachelors degree, and then I will be able to fully contribute to supporting our family. I am very grateful to your agency for all the work you do helping people. Thank you very much!

Nadya and Terry

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