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Elena Petrovaby Elena Petrova (RussiaUkraina.Dating)

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - I am not sure it still works but surely a good meal can soften up the heart (especially if you are very hungry).

Today I want to tell you about the way to a woman's heart.

Remember the joke, "How to make a woman happy"? A man needs to be 101 things (which still doesn't guarantee 100% success rate) to make a woman happy.

To make a man happy, all a woman needs to do is to show up naked with pizza and beer.

I think it's very funny but also very true.

Read the list of partner requirements in some women's profiles and you will probably find the complete 101-list with a few optional extras.


-- "Can you really make a woman happy?"

Permanently, she probably needs a child for that, but temporarily, you can soften her heart just as much as a naked woman with beer and pizza can soften a man's heart - IF you know what women want from men.

Most of all, women want UNDERSTANDING.

This is why women like to talk, so that she can help a man understand her. But because what she wants changes several times a day, it's pretty hard to deliver her what she wants.

So, forget what she says. Because she doesn't really know what she wants - she thinks she does but if you do as she asks, she may still not be happy because you didn't do it "exactly" in the way she wanted you to do it (you know what I mean).

I understand the ultimate men's frustration with trying to make a woman happy.

So, don't try to make her happy!

Just concentrate on the task of bringing a smile to her face and getting a sincere "Thank you" - it's much easier.

Because women want UNDERSTANDING, she actually doesn't want to tell you what will make her happy - she wants you to figure it out by yourself and then deliver it in a perfect order and then she will be happy (temporarily).

MOST of this happiness will come not from what you actually did but from the fact that you "understood" her.

I know, go figure!

So, let me give you a helping hand here...

Every woman wants to:

  1. Feel beautiful
  2. Become even more beautiful
  3. Be considered health-conscious and Earth-saving
  4. Be considered elegant and fashionable
  5. Stop pimples on her face
  6. Get gifts from her man

Gifts are as much a sure way to a woman's heart as "naked+beer+pizza" formula is a sure way to a man's.

Men have been vying for women's attention with presents and gifts for ages; it's nothing new. 

What changes is what kind of gift a woman will consider worthy of her - you don't want to give her a gift that she doesn't like. Even though a Russian proverb says, "he who'd been gifted a horse should not look at the horse's teeth", I think a horse (or a car for that matter) is an exclusion from the scrutiny list; you are probably not going to give her either - just yet.

So, a small but thoughtful gift is what we are after. 

The added bonus is that when you tell a woman, "I want to send you a small gift..." she will be happy to give you her address for delivery by courier and you can be sure to stay in contact for at least another couple of weeks until she gets the parcel, so you will have enough time to make a good connection. Send the gift by UPS and she will have to produce her passport to get it (DHL or Fedex do not require a passport - and remember, gifts valued at over $100 may attract a custom duty in some countries, so value the package accordingly). 

If you are planning a personal meeting, you can't pop up without a gift either and you are faced with the same dilemma once again:

-- What gift?

Considering the 6 points above and my own experience, my suggestion would be:
good cosmetics.

Right now the top cosmetics product for me (which I use for more than a year and I am absolutely thrilled about it) is the new line of herbal-based serums and creams called APHELIA.

I have been using various cosmetic products all my life since the age of 16 and this is the first time I am so thrilled with the product, I just want to share it with everyone! Because the results are really amazing.

Aphelia is based on naturally-derived herbal ingredients and it's first principle is, "first do no harm". The herbs are bio-matched to each other to increase potency (imagine putting a Mentos in a bottle of Coke and closing the bottle), it's a natural reaction increasing potency and results - but without harsh chemicals.

It's a cool line of new generation of cosmetics where natural power of herbal ingredients is married to western technological advances, with sexy packaging and reasonable prices (for this level of quality). Over the years I have tried some of very expensive cosmetics and they didn't work even close to the results I get from Aphelia! (In fact, Aphelia gives the results that even other people can clearly see)

So, if you are looking to impress the woman in your life and score some of the 6-point recognition as above, try this:

mazu aphelia MAZU - Eye and face cream set; I use it every day morning and night and they work great together. Lots of nutrients and very high percentage of herbal extracts as compared to regular over-the-counter creams. The eye cream contains special peptides that have botox-like effect of tightening fine wrinkles around eyes. I love the non-greasy feel and many people have complimented me on how radiant my skin looks. (Same happened to my mother-in-law who said people specifically compliment her on how great she looks; she says, "I am so tired and people still compliment me!")
oasis aphelia OASIS - Acne solution set; cleanser and anti-acne herbal essense. I used it to stop occasional breakouts - if you didn't know, every adult woman has breakouts from time to time (very embarrassing), so I use the anti-acne essence when it happens and I can vouch it works. My teenage kids are raving about this pimple-removing solution, having tried every acne product on the market including some extremely well-known brands and still having pimples - but they have managed to tame the zits with Aphelia (and they completely freak out when their Aphelia is about to run out and bug non-stop until more is ordered!) I can tell you EVERY woman has occasional breakouts and no other products ever worked for me. This was the very first product that I used from this line and which made me believe in the power of Aphelia.
luscious aphelia LUSCIOUS - Luxury hand cream. This cream is pure indulgence! Not only it has an absolutely amazing beautiful bottle and box, but it also has the highest level of herbal content of any Aphelia products. Some of the herbs have natural antibiotics in them, so it helps to heal cuts and reduce scars as well as remove age spots and moisturize. It's so good that I actually use it on my face most of the time, when I feel I need an extra boost of moisture (after being outdoors in the elements etc). My diabetic friend used it on her hands and had paper cuts that wouldn't heal for weeks disappear within 5 days. It's amazing!
the origin of beauty aphelia THE ORIGIN OF BEAUTY - what a name! Absolutely well deserved. This set includes eye and face creams, dark-circle correction serum, skin brightening cream and the anti-acne set. This is the ultimate set by Aphelia and if you are to impress, this would be my choice. It comes in a beautiful luxury gift box, too. I used every cream and essence in this set and although I have no regular problem with dark circles under eyes, some weeks with a lot of work and not enough sleep, this is what's going to happen. I know of no other dark circle solution that works. It's a great set and the gift box has the most lovely packaging.

So, here they are - my top picks from Aphelia Cosmetics that will bring a smile to your lady's face.

It's a new line, only a few years old but it's based on 15+ years of research and development and utilizes ancient secrets of eternal beauty by Chinese emperors, only ever available to rolyalty in the past (I know it sounds pompous but now that I have actually used it for more than a year, you will not make me switch to any other brand!)

"East meets West" cosmetics line of the 21st century.

What else can I say?

She will sure love it!

With all my best wishes,

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