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Russian Women Dating

Russian women dating tips for success with Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European women. 
Find out what can make a big difference in dating a woman from Russia and how to win her heart.

Russian women datingBy Natalia Neckam

Hello the lucky male clients of Russia Ukraine Dating,

I want to share my story with those of you who are actively searching for your special woman. I want to tell you what my husband did and how he married me. I will give you helpful hints, if it worked for me, it will most likely work for any other woman!

I started my search in the summer of 2007, being 27 years of age, after a devastating divorce, having 1.5 year old son. Since the age of 20, alongside with my linguistic studies, I had been working as a translator and interpreter at a dating agency in my city. I knew where to go and what to do. I placed my profile at a number of reputable websites, which, to my greatest disappointment, didn’t result in anything; the letters were just a few, it seemed to me as if I, having a small child, had no chance to find a good man. Then a director of one of the agencies in my city sent me a link to RussiaUkraina.Dating website to give it another try. I signed up as a member and for a couple of months talked to a number of men who wrote to me, waiting for HIM.

It did happen in November 2007 when my future husband, 33 year old Matthias from Austria, chose me among thousands of other women on the site and wrote the words I had been waiting for so long, in response to my ad on the site.

And here is the first tip:

1. If you are really interested in a woman, take your time to carefully read her profile: the best way to get her attention is to mention the things she wrote about in her profile and start a dialog from the very first message you send!

2. Don’t feel sorry about the money if you have to subscribe for a 'Platinum' membership in order to contact your woman, as far as I know, my husband did have to do it, I don’t think he regrets having it done! 

This is how we started our conversation. Needless to say, it was captivating and exciting, with every letter our connection was growing. He phoned me two weeks after the first mail, it was great to hear his voice, which was his next gain on the other men again.

3. Don’t hesitate to call and make your contact more personal through ‘live’ conversation.

4. Don’t be afraid to show your interest in more personal and closer contact, be persistent but not 'pushy'. 

I had regular email communication with many men but they never called me on the phone, those men immediately lost their chances! Only through 'live' communication you can decide if you want to proceed.

Nat and Mat datingAbout a week after I wanted to check his profile and I couldn’t find it! At that point in time we communicated through our personal e-mail addresses, which is also a huge advantage of RussiaUkraina.Dating dating site (many other sites won't let you do it, you can only write through their pay-per-mail system). I realized Matthias had hidden his profile! I was so happy - for me it meant he was really serious about our relationship!

5. If you really want to give your relationship a try, hide your profile; there is such a function on this site. It will mean the world to your lady. It will mean you are serious about her and the level of trust as well as the quality of your communication will soar.

In two months we decided to meet in person.

6. By organizing your visit, be prepared to do your research and find all you need on the Internet. Only if you are not sure which hotel or which airline to choose, only then ask your lady for advice. And of course the date and time should be decided upon together. You must show her that you are capable of finding a way on your own to visit her, it means you are a responsible and capable person. Of course, she will be happy to help you with her advice, but most of the work you should do yourself. (You can also meet in a third country, which is what many couples prefer, but it again should be you who organizes the meeting!)

I respect my husband until now for his courage to fly alone to the so-called 'Capital of Scams' Luhansk, in the east of Ukraine. He trusted me and I trusted him, this is the way to success in online dating.

7. In your letters be totally honest and open, and you will see two months is more than enough time to win the trust of your woman, and learn to trust her too.

Otherwise there is no chance. During this visit he met my 2 year old son, which took a lot of trust on my side. Since that day Matthey, as we called him, became a part of our life.

8. Do not hesitate if your woman has a child or children. In the beginning it may cause some inconvenience, yes. On the other hand, women with children are definitely more mature, ready for a compromise and able to truly appreciate you.

9. It is also a big advantage since you can see how your woman will treat your future children, what kind of mother she is. You can be sure your family future will be happy by choosing a woman who is a good mom.

10. Women with children are more sincere, they will not play around with you, because they do want a family!

Many more meetings followed. Meetings in Istanbul, Kiev, Vienna, where he proposed, I was not yet quite ready to give an answer… till he got to know my son better. He came again to Luhansk, I rented an apartment, so that we could live together, all three of us, to see how it goes. And the very first bright smile on my son's face when they met, this is where I knew I could say "Yes". It turned out to be natural, even the language barrier couldn’t stop us from building a strong connection, we already were a family. We continued working towards our future together; spent a month in Turkey as a family - it was the best vacation of my life! No longer I was a single mother. There was a man who was now a part of my life and who shared with me responsibility for my son.

11. Take your time to meet as many times as possible, traveling is a great way to really get to know each other. Travel stress makes people show who they really are.

12. Try to live together as a couple before getting married or engaged, it makes people either closer or they realize they are not compatible.

Despite my former doubts I realized I had found the WORTHY man Elena was talking about in her book. By the way, I have read this book thanks to my man, who, before he got to know me, bought and read it himself. Maybe that’s why he was lucky, he was well-prepared. And here is another tip:

13. Knowledge is Power.

14. Get ready before starting dating by reading as much information as possible. Russian women are different, our culture is different, that’s why you need to be aware of these differences to avoid 'cultural traps'.

15. By reading the book How to Find and Marry a Girl Like Me written by Elena Petrova, the founder of this site, you will avoid many mistakes, you will start your search with a clear mind, free from prejudices and you will be able to understand your woman better! 99% of what is written can be referred to any woman of the former USSR!

Then we met in Kiev to open the visa to Austria for me and my son. After that we spent the winter of 2009 in Korneuburg, a small town not far from Vienna. We lived together and experienced everything in these three months, from extreme happiness of being together at last to the first misunderstandings. But you cannot totally avoid those, I am sure this happens to all couples starting to live together!

16. Read very carefully information about cultural differences posted on Russia Ukraine Dating’ website. It will help you to understand that you took a flower out of the soil in which it had been comfortably growing for many years. You need now to have enough love, understanding and, most importantly, PATIENCE, for this beautiful flower to start flourishing and feeling comfortable in the strange soil, such as your environment. An ordinary supermarket looks like a battle field for the first time, everything is strange and unusual! The emancipated women of the West lost in your eyes their charms? There is no danger it happens with a RUSSIAN woman, still it takes time for her to catch up with the progressive women of your country, to learn many things anew, from smiling and thanking everybody everywhere to learning to drive a car! Be patient, you will be rewarded – the flower WILL flourish!

17. If you know someone who is also married to a Russian woman, arrange a meeting - the women will be delighted to get to know each other! I hadn’t yet unpacked my bags when my man arranged a meeting with a wife of his friend’s wife’s cousin, who came from Byelorussia and lived in the same city. It was a huge encouragement for me!

In March 2009 our 3 months visa expired, my son and I returned back to Ukraine. We decided to get married in Luhansk, it was a lot easier to get the permanent visa for Austria this way.

In May 2009 we got married. I managed to get through the paperwork quite fast.

18. Be ready, paperwork can be a somewhat tiresome process. That’s why sometimes you do have to pay extra to speed up the course of events. Don't hesitate to help your lady, this will speed up the process and you can be together sooner!

The new life started. Since July 2009 we have been living in Austria. I am working on my German and I have many goals and projects for the future.

My son goes to a kindergarten, he has also learnt the language and found new Austrian friends. They developed a very good connection with my husband, which is growing with every month into something bigger than friendship. I feel we have grown into a REAL FAMILY.

I wish you all the best in your search and your future relationship. DREAMS DO COME TRUE, YOU JUST NEED TO STOP DREAMING AND ACT! That was my driver when I joined this website, it did work out, there is no reason why it cannot work out for YOU!

My best wishes and best regards to all members of Russia Ukraine Dating’ team. I know it from my own experience, dating business is not only these happy faces and words of gratitude. It is also the world of disappointments and broken hearts… That’s the reason for such a long letter, I wanted to share my story, the story of a single mother who found, with the help of this site, her place in this huge world of singles, her second half and a reliable life partner!

Good luck to all!

Russian women dating

Natalia Neckam 
(Ukraine - Austria)

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