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Elena and Mark - 9 February 2011

RussiaUkraina.Dating reviewDear RussiaUkraina.Dating, I am writing to you to say my big wholehearted "Thank You!!!" 

Your site is so well organized, there is such a lot of help and advice available, and I know it's this help and assistance that allowed me to find My True Love (which I nearly stopped believing in)! But... it was indeed a miracle!!!

Before I start my story, please forgive me for being so emotional; it's easy to understand why, I am simply SO HAPPY!!! Now with this preamble, I can tell you my story, which could pass for a 'fairy-tale' if it hasn't happened in real life!

I registered on your website RussiaUkraine.Dating in May 2007, confirmed my profile and it has been approved! This is how I started my search for my special man and partner. In April 2008 I met a man that I liked a lot, and we met in real life in July the same year... It was a beginning of a long romance that lasted two years. I deactivated my profile on EM and talked to him exclusively, he even asked me to marry him and I agreed, but obviously this wasnt' meant to be - in May 2010 we parted our ways...

I was totally heartbroken, feeling devastated and deserted... But I realized that if I stopped searching there, this could become a beginning of a down spiral. I re-activated my profile on EM and started my search again, looking for my true love, my one and only man who would be able to accept me as I was, with all my strengths and weaknesses, good and bad. I wasn't too sure fearing that at my age (I turned 46) my chances to meet my soul mate would not be too great...

So, when I got yet another email with my "Matches" from RussiaUkraina.Dating, "Helen, your matches for 12 October 2010", I didn't put too much hope into it but still decided to check the site and started to read profiles of men. One of the profiles was of a Belgium man, it stood out for me - our views and ideas on life, our hobbies and interests were so similar... I decided to write him a letter. I had doubts he would respond but got an answer the same day! As I found out later, my letter was the first one he received, as Mark only registered on your site that very day.

We started to talk through the site and on Skype. It was surprisingly easy and we got a feeling as if we had known each other for years... He asked if I could meet him in Brussels for Christmas and I agreed. He sent me tickets and we were looking forward to our first 'real' meeting, at the same time we were spending more and more time talking and learning more about each other.

I shared my happiness with a friend who lived in Prague, and she probably misunderstood me and said, "You should come to Prague to register your marriage! I have been involved in registration of international marriages for more than 10 years and I know that if you marry in Prague you can immediately live in Belgium together and wait for the paperwork to get through". I didn't had a chance to tell her that I had not gotten a marriage proposal yet!!! :-)

Later that day I was talking to Mark on Skype and told him about the conversation with my friend, I thought it was funny and expected a laugh - but Mark suddenly said, "I think we should use this chance..." I was surprised, how was this possible, we haven't even met in real life, only on Skype??? But he responded, "If we don't use this chance, we probably will regret it for the rest of our lives..."

Well, what happened after is totally amazing and unbelievable, both Mark and I think that our story is very unusual and can possibly set the record for the shortest courtship before marriage on your site! :-)

See for yourself:

1) We contacted each other on 12 October 2010.

2) Without meeting in real life, we were going to meet for the first time on 21 December 2010 in Brussels.

3) As such, there had not been any official marriage proposal - Mark said that proposing on Skype was not special enough and totally un-romantic.

4) Regardless, Mark decided to take this chance and arranged for a marriage ceremony in Prague and paid a deposit!

What happened next: I flew to Brussels on 21 December, where we met each other in person for the first time at the airport. I instantly saw him in the meeting crowd at the airport and my heart skipped a beat... I stopped breathing and said to myself, "It's my Mark". He saw me... We cannot even recall some details of our meeting, the emotions were so high, it was like in a dream...

We can only remember that when we met we both had the same feeling that we had known each other for a very long time and that we never wanted to part again... I don't know how long we were just standing there hugging each other, but as we found out later, we had exactly he same thought in our minds, "THIS IS MY SECOND HALF!".

We found Mark's car at the parking lot and he took me to his home town. We talked as if we knew each other forever, there was no language barrier whatsoever! If I could not find the right English word, I could simply look him in the eye, make a grimace or smile, and he could understand what I meant! The same with me, I could understand him without words, and it only became easier with every day.

We spent Christmas with his family and on 26 December he took me to Paris... And in Paris, in one of the cozy French restaurants, Mark officially asked me to be his wife - and I agreed, I was amazed how I could live without this wonderful man for so many years! 28 December was Mark's birthday and the same say, early in the morning, we flew from Paris to Prague. Our marriage was 30 December 2010. (It's funny, I brought a wedding dress with me from Russia - without even having an official marriage proposal! :-))

So, this is our wonderful and amazing story, a real-life fairy tale - and we are so very HAPPY!!!


And at the end, I'd like to add: Dear men, please be more decisive, don't waste your precious years on correspondence, meet your potential brides, make your choice and remember, "No risk, no reward!"

Dear women, don't ever stop believing that you can find your true love and happiness, don't stop looking, and even when your romance doesn't work out the way you hoped, don't despair and keep searching and remember, "Seek and you shall find!"

With lots of love and respect to all of you,

Elena and Mark (Belgium-Russia)

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