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Services and prices

1. Immediate access to full database:
Real street and email addresses and phone numbers of all the ladies featured for only US $10!

We want our ladies to find husbands, it's why we give away all addresses and phone numbers in bulk. If you are not successful with one lady, you can always contact another one. Instant online delivery. REAL DEAL. 

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Instant Database Access
Postal/Email Addreses and Phone Numbers

2. Personal listing in Russia: 
Sending your data to 79 local Russian marriage agencies for only US $10!

Local Russian marriage agencies are undoubtedly the best destination for Western bachelors. You will receive letters from single Russian ladies WHO ARE ALREADY INTERESTED IN YOU! Order TODAY, and you data will be sent next Monday. Our clients receive up to 100 letters!!! VERY EFFECTIVE.

Read what an agency says:

"Thank you very much for your weekly gentlemen's catalogues. Our clients already know about them, and come every Monday to check out a new issue; especially after one of our girls got married to a man from the catalogue! We receive full and timely information about available men, and we think it's a great idea. Keep up the good work!" 

Vladimir Senatorov
Interclub " Constellation S", Novosibirsk

Order TODAY and receive women's letters NEXT MONDAY!!!

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Sending Your Data to 79 local agencies
Including your photo, addresses, bio and personal details


3. Combined service: database access + personal listing $15

Combine 2 excellent services, and widen your choice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Order NOW for only $15!
Instant Database Access + Sending Your Data to 79 local agencies

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NEW exciting services are coming soon!

PLEASE NOTE: the data you will receive are intended solely for your personal use, and may not be sold or in any way distributed to a third party.