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International Marriage Agency Reviews
for RussiaUkraina.Dating Marriage Agency

International Marriage Agency Reviews

Meet men from Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Canada and internationally!
Meet men from Netherlands
Alistair, 33 (Netherlands)
Meet Austrian men
Michael, 51 (Austria)
Meet UK men
Hitesh, 36 (UK)
Meet Amercian men
Dan, 43 (USA)
Meet French men
Yves, 43 (France)
Meet European men
Ben, 36 (Switzerland)
Meet men from Europe
Marius, 31 (Romania)
Meet Australian men
Adam, 44 (Australia)
Meet American men
Mario, 24 (USA)
Meet men from Denmark
Jake, 40 (Denmark)
meet American man
Lee, 48 (USA)
Meet Brazilian men
Ives, 42 (Brazil)
Meet Australian men
Chris, 48 (Australia)
Meet Canadian men
Jimmie, 34 (Canada)
  • RussiaUkraina.Dating international marriage agency has members in 167 countries of the world and specializes in introductions between Russian and Eastern European women and western men for a long-term relationship and marriage.
  • RussiaUkraina.Dating is the only Licensed Introduction Agency among large international marriage agencies.
  • RussiaUkraina.Dating is in business for more than 10 years (since 1999) and has hundreds of successful marriages on its records.
  • 140,000+ active profiles - greater choice for you!

Recent RussiaUkraina.Dating Marriage Agency Success Stories: 

International marriage agency review 1We met on RussiaUkraina.Dating in October 2008. Our 1st meeting was in Punta Cana for a ten day Christmas and New Year vacation. There is a near 30 year age difference, but that seemed minuscule compared to the wonderful time we had. We met again in Kiev then Frankfurt and Stuttgart. Our fiancee visa was approved and on August 1, 2009 we were together in the USA. 

We got married on September 6, 2009 and enjoy a wonderful life together. We highly recommend Elena's for meeting an Eastern European wife. They are the best.

Barry and Anastasiya (USA)

International marriage agency review 2Hi! My name is Yuliya and my husband's name is Michael. We met on RussiaUkraina.Dating in September 2007. My future husband came to Russia in January 2008 and after that we applied for a fiancee visa. We got married in January 2009 and live now in Colorado.

RussiaUkraina.Dating changed completely our life! We are so happy. This year God gave us our sweet son Anthony. I know many people who met their sweethearts with the help of RussiaUkraina.Dating and have happy marriages.

I would say RussiaUkraina.Dating is the most trusted site.

My husband and I always recommend RussiaUkraina.Dating to people who search for a serious relationship.

Yuliya and Michael (USA)

Marriage agency review 1Hello! I met my future husband on RussiaUkraina.Dating at the end of 2007. He visited me in spring 2008 and after that we applied for a fiancee visa. It was such a romantic time! We got married in January 2009 and live now in Detroit area. 

My girlfriend found her husband through Elena's, too, after I helped her with the registration on the site. I'm very happy that I trusted RussiaUkraina.Dating and found the love of my life!

My husband and I always recommend RussiaUkraina.Dating to people who search for a serious relationship.

Katerina and Larry (USA)

Marriage agency review 2Hello dear agency RussiaUkraina.Dating! I met my husband in December 2009, only 1 month after I had joined your agency. We didn't correspond for a long time, we only exchanged about 20 letters and after that my future husband decided to visit me in Moscow. We talked on the phone only once, the day before our meeting, and I almost did not expect how our story will end! But he wrote very serious letters and seemed to be a very reliable man. When I saw him for the first time it was like something inside me told me that I was waiting for this man all my life, and he had the same feeling. After spending 2 weeks in Moscow, he invited me to his country, and during this visit he asked me to be his wife. We got married on 29th January and in April 2010 I already was in Greece. 

We are very happy and we never get tired of saying "I love you" to each other. Now I am sure that soul mates exist! 

We want to thank your agency very much, for this great work that you do for single people, and we wish all the best to your agency and of course to you, Elena! And for all girls in this agency I want to say, "Never give up and always believe that your man is looking for you, maybe even right now and he will certainly find you!"

Aleksandra and Girogios (Greece)

Marriage agency review 3Dear Elena,
A quick note to tell you about another success story using your agency.

Larysa and I met through RussiaUkraine.Dating in February, 2009. We corresponded through email and talked on the telephone for several months before I flew to Ukraine for our first face to face encounter. We spent 10 days together, 3 in Kiev and 7 in Sevastopol. Larysa speaking little English and myself not knowing Russian! We found that we could communicate without much problem. The key was patience. The trip solidified our relationship and I proposed to Larysa. She accepted!

Upon my return to the USA we started the K-1 visa process and in February 2010, I flew back to Ukraine to help pack Larysa’s belongings and bring her home to Arizona. We were happily married on February 22, 2010.

On July 26 2010, Larysa received her “Permanent Residence” status for the USA.

We both thank you and your website for our introduction together and have suggested to others to use your site exclusively. It was the only site I found to be honest and trustworthy.

Dane & Larysa (USA)


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