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ID: 2059817
Name: Darya
Active within 24 hours

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Age 28
Star sign Cancer
Height 160 cm / 5' 2''
Weight 50 kg / 110 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond
Hair Length Long
Race White/European
Marital status Divorced
Children daughter 2009
City Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Education University
Language English: Fluent;
German: Good;
Russian: Fluent;
Profession Translator
Occupation Teacher
Religion Christian
Smoking No
Drinking Socially
Personality Appearances deceptive)) I might seem a mediocre and reserved person when at work, well, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to go crazy and fool around in an office together with your boss!)) And I’m not all nice around person either. I do have a couple of vices and addictions) And this is not a mask that I wear, just ‘m reluctant to be comprehensible for everybody. My friends would say that I'm cheer, positive and amiable person. Simple things make me feel happy...the sunshine, hanging out with my friends, seeing laughing ppl around, kids, pets...when your dearest ppl are healthy and happy...nothing special about me ,actually, but I'd love to meet that guy who'd love me for who I am. People's self-indulgence and insolence make me angry. I don't like when one tries to get into my soul . I don't like hypocritical, deceitful or double-faced people. Prefer mixing with simple and easygoing ppl. Love my friends and family.I think that I have good values and that I have a decent and respectful attitude towards life and towards others. I don't judge others based on their social or economic position. I judge people for what is in their heart and soul. I believe in destiny and karma. I believe in free will and independence. I don't believe in control over another person. I love nature and I love being spontaneous and excited about life. I love the beach on a full moon. I'm not a morning person. I love storms and cloudy days...
Interests Well, I am a versitile person, i love diversity in everything. BBQs, camping, hiking, love being in the open air, you know , all outdoors activities. Love being close to the nature. Beach fun!! I Love the sun and warmth. Volleyball, surf, diving, getting tanned is my fav thing about it

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For this objective, it is essential to find out not only what Russian girls want but also how to impress a Russian girl and win her affection. Ofmute 40 Male Ankara, Ankara, Turkey This is a great spot to begin the search for your Eastern European beauty prior to you step foot on an airplane. As you can imagine, the history of independent Ukraine hasn t constantly been simple. London 23 Male Huntsville, Alabama, United States The culture of this country is genuinely distinctive, it can t be compared with either the western or eastern directions.

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As she study reports on the atrocities in Ukraine, she became heavily invested and decided to take action—using dating apps to disseminate information and facts. how to date hot girls As soon as they are performed with taking care of their children, these Ukrainians often choose to remarry. So, if you like a woman you are dating, do not spoil your connection by considering that you are totally free to do whatever you want unless you are committed to exclusivity. amazingly beautiful woman The tales should be exciting and intriguing and a minimum of pretty near the truth.

Age to 55
Race Not important

Personal message

Do u believe in a friendship btw a man and a woman? not me)) man and woman are created for love and sensual pleasures..."We are each of us angels with the only wing and we can only fly embracing each other." So I need to find my only personal angel to be able to fly myself and to make him fly.
No adventure seekers! If you need to try all pretty women on Earth, if you're searching just for fun or having a good time-you need a call girl-NOT ME.

I don't know exactly what is the recipe of a perfect marriage or relationships...For me the key 'ingredient' of a happy unit is love. What love means for me...
When I look at you, when you are just reading or watching TV, eating, you know, just ordinary daily things and I only thinking... Oh my God, you are the best!
When I shall walk pass you and must stop and give you a kiss on your cheek because I feel that I just have to touch you.

When I get a warm feeling inside my body when you are laughing because I know that I made you feel happy.

When I get so frustrated at work so I have to go aside for a minute and call you because I need to hear your voice.

When the last thing I think of when I go to sleep and the first thing I think of when I wake up... is you!

To long for you tender touch, you attention, tenderness. To make you laugh and smile. To make you feeling safe and secure no matter what.

That you do know that I will do anything for you. That you are happy and that you are going to have as great life as possible. But it's equally important that both can feel the same, there are two in a relationship.

That's what I want and that is what I wish to feel. Maybe a bit to much to ask for, I dont know, but that what I'm waiting for, anyway.

And if that day will come I am ready to do whatever it takes to make it good for both. But we will see, I have a good life and I don't throw myself in something just to avoid to be alone, I don't have panic over to stay alone, .. But a lot of people do that and I don't really see the point in that, it almost always ends up with that either one or the other part gets hurt.

I do want to find someone who can make feel calm, someone who can push me when I need that and who can hold me back when that's necessary. I want someone who has his own will and can give me an other point of view.

Someone who can make me feel that I'm the only one, in fact, there is a big difference between just to say that and make the other part feel that.

Well the " list " can be long:), but that one who can make me feel like this, and make it feel like then I'm ready to do everything and what is necessary to make it good for both. And I will take the good with the bad, I dont really believe in fairy tales, sooner or later it will comes some down periods.
But if one loves each other and can talk with each other one can handle that. Well this goes long...
Love is all u will keep us alive...everything is spinning around it. That is something that really matters in this life...well, this is my point.

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Home Phone NO
Mobile Phone Not publicly available (use 'Email me' option)
Fax NO
Expression of interest response rate: 96%
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