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ID: 1149025
Name: Olga
Active within 60 days

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Age 54
Star sign Aries
Height 162 cm / 5' 3''
Weight 54 kg / 119 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blond
Hair Length Medium
Race White/European
Marital status Divorced
Children boy,born 1979
City Santander, Cantabria, Spain
Education University
Semiconductor Electronics of Kiev State ...
Language English: Fair;
Spanish: Fluent;
Russian: Fluent;
Profession engineer,teacher
Occupation Oh,"Life After the USSR !"
Religion Eastern Orthodox
Smoking No
Drinking Sometimes
Personality Well, a few words FROM ME WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD :
I am really charming blonde Russian lady with kind heart, tender soul and easy character.

Well-educated, spiritual, intelligent, intellectual, good mannered.
Interests Oh,multiple and varied,some cultivated, some wilder---
except a punch drunk makes me bored stiff...ugh-uh!
I just hate being bored !

I am a great admirer of the special Spanish Fiesta - bullfight - corrida de toros. It is really given me a great impression and I resound the praises of it...Oh,one note...listen to me, I am far more on the side of the bull...Holy Mother!

My favorite writers :
Russian classics, American classics and modern, French classics, Garcia Marquez . In the season of my youth-Antoine de Saint-Exupery,Ernest Hemingway,Erich Maria Remarque.

My favorite music:
OH, without doubt - music from when I was young - The Wonder Years !!! far as interests go, but I am still enjoy Classical as well as "older" type Pop/Rock - the likes of the Rolling Stones,Beatles,Pink Floyd,Scorpions - to name a some of them

My favorite food:
Seafood, lamb, Spanish ham - cured leg of pig (jamon iberico), duck a Pekinese....
oh,yeah !... nobody gets sick with my cooking...well, YOU´ll see ???
A strong stomach is definitely needed in this field-- INTERNATIONAL DATING POOL !--

And... there's nothing like a good Screw-Driver with a good Right High-Love-Driver while it is thunderstorm inside in home before the sleep...

My favorite films:

Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Waterloo Bridge, Splendor in the Grass, The Bridges of Madison County, Out of Africa, Autumn in New York

The place where I want to live:

I truly love living on the beach...
And now I do not want to see snow even on a Christmas Cards! brrrrr... --LOL !!!

I have three personal passions:
have been a gardening fanatic all my life,
a huge buff a "mission beach",
and my third personal passion is being a bookworm-- inherited from my Dad,I think...

Looking for a partner

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Race White/European
Other Should I consider a husband such old enough to be my uncle?,no,no...
Am I a pretty bauble to hang on one's arm ??? NOOOOO....
Sometimes I can be a hopeless romantic,but normally I am an old-fashioned lady with regards to human qualities,therefore I value faithfulness and real man's features of character for all various moments of life. Physical appearance is important, BUT INTELLECT AND PERSONALITY ARE EVEN MORE IMPORTANT FOR ME...
Bonus points:
Who does not drink to DARKNESS...
Definitely a non smoker! --- I just burst into flames :)
...not a religious extremist zealot,preferably.

Plus, as an added bonus:
who does not sun-burned easily...
Okay, I had better stop...

Personal message



Where do I begin?
I have got so much to tell.
It was more than "n!" years ago, maybe longer even that time Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play ????


I was born from Russian parents in Kiev,Ukraine,then known as USSR.
I consider myself to be extremely lucky,having been raised in the ex-Soviet Union and I spiritually feel myself Russian and I am proud of it.

I was given the best education my parents could afford -- graduated from the same University as my father -- Kiev State University,specializing in Radiophysics-Semiconductor Electronics.

I have done scientific-research work for military sector (developing the navigation and landing systems for the MI-8 helicopters) in at earliest stage, before I moved to the Northern part (White Sea,Arhangelsk) of the former USSR and started teaching Physics,Math and Thermodynamics to the Marine College students there.

Our life took a drastic turn for the worst when "perestroyka" started with Mikhail Gorbachev about 20 years ago.

Then,one kind of thing led to another and before we could dry our eyes,the Great and Powerful Country broke apart--a bitter and complete separation! --literally saying between two Sundays!

Oh,all of you were on the "other side" whilst we were building our formidable beautiful machines and you were working on ways to get rid of them.
Then, when My Motherland became history and that served as a prelude to the decision would not come out and play anymore, there were a lots of you that were very genuinely disappointed, as we were the only ones who met the challenge with the same passion and out of the box attitude...

oh,these memories! ah,those memories!
well,well,nostalgia-aside!-- It's just a nervewracking situation...
let´s see: we are ceased to
exist,already...we have long mourned the humiliation of our Homeland.
But we all in the same boat,currently...huh?
Welcome to the Titanic!

I have loved (Oh,yes! each loved after his "terrible" kind!) I have trusted. I have build. I have achieved. I have provided. I have sacrificed. I have honored. All of these and other things can be rebuild. I really yearn a Real Man -- miss having my Mr.Right! -- Friend, Lover, Partner...
I bet you know what I mind WORLD was meant for TWO !

I understand that he will not be perfect, but I am only looking for the man who will be perfect for me...who will make my heart beat twice as fast as normal...

BTW making love after 50 refers to the extreme sports - good physical shape is not well???

Looking for life partner to play in some adult games---I just want to fall madly in love ...oops, correction!!!! -Oh, and when are we going to ahem,play Monopoly?
Any courageous volunteer here?


This is the second time I have dipped my toes into the internet pool of international dating and perhaps this time I will find what we all are seeking - an opportunity to find that SPECIAL ONE !!!

---Y lo pienso seguir haciendo hasta lo consiga o se me queme el modem ADSL---

Getting have a HUGE LETDOWN by meeting an American man after exchanging more than 500 letters...

--the ground HAD NOT slipping from under my feet-- OH, SIGH !
more sighs !...Oh, these obvious intangible laws of chemistry !!!did not work out...

LIFE IS TOO SHORT...we turn around and where have we been,all these years...

"Althouth nothing can return to us
those days of Splendor in the Grass
and Glory of the flowers.
You shouldn´t hurt for it:
In the Beauty that behind us
have to find full force to go ahead..

(from William Wordsworth)

Enjoy keeping up myself abreast of many subjects,including contemporary world politics and society and quite a few lesser known matters as well...despite everyone is in such a hurry these hectic and seismic days!-- so much going on now with the international banking "Mission Fiasco" here and there...
but nothing,to add insult to injury...In the same year in the USA to all the other miseries was Democratic President ---Mr.Utopia who continued to surround people with experience of Bill's
administration...even...a little intern "Monica Lewinsky"
hanky-panky and a cigar, alike ?including ?
I have heard...that Death Penalty commuted to a mortgage under 25 percent per annum,there ???... IMAGINE FOLLOWING HERE :
last time I converge to the ATM, and he asked me twenty euros until next Monday !!! --- Finance Minister Spaniard said that ordinary citizens have nothing to fear from the crisis ,fear should have been before, but now too late...

Also have a love affair with great American movies.

Enjoy writting and think it is a good way to help us become more clear about the kind of person we are and know better the kind of person we would like to meet and be with.

I know for myself,each and every time I write a letter it helps me look deeper into my heart and feelings.

Living in the one European prime wine area , I must confess , that I enjoy a glass of good Spanish wine like Amontillado from Sherry ( do you remember Edgar Allan Poe? ).

I will not to pray to GOD to wish us health, but rather I will pray to wish us good luck, as those on Titanic were healthy anyway.
So, if you are ready to start a new GREAT LOVE STORY -longlasting deep relationship -, react,..INQUIRE HERE----.

Oh, una cosa más...Abstenerse medianiás y los tacaños(STINGY) por favor!...los del campo de exterminio neuronal ( AKA UNICELLULARS ), los playboys (gigols) - infieles en serie, serial texters, Dutchman Flyings,Mr. Wandering Eyes, ... and so forth.. - PLEASE, DO NOT BOTHER...

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