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ID: 1078415
Name: Kjetil
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Age 42
Star sign Taurus
Height 175 cm / 5' 8''
Weight 90 kg / 198 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color
Hair Length
Race White/European
Marital status Never married
Children no kids
City Harstad, Norway
Education Special
Language English: Fluent;
Profession Self employed
Occupation Own business
Smoking Yes
Drinking Socially
Personality I am a calm and balanced person. I don't make a fuzz about small and trivial things and I don't like people who do either. Drama and yelling is definately not a part of my life. I joined this site to meet someone who could enhance my life, not complicate it. Not that I can't deal with life's challenges but I don't seek it unless I have to.
Interests I must say I have a variety of interests. I am quite flexible in regard to my spare time. I live close to nature so obviously using it for different purposes is something I like. I enjoy a good movie, spending time with my friends, can go out having dinner and a drink on the weekend or stay at home inviting friends or is really no big deal for me as long as I am comfortable with it. I also live by the sea so spending time on and by the ocean is great. If traveling is very important to you I am probably not your guy. My job mostly prevents me from taking long vacations and besides I am not particulary fond of busy airports, security checks and flying anyway :) so this is not a high priority in my life. Not that I haven't been places or will be going places but it won't happen every year.
Criminal record I do NOT have any criminal record

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Age to 40
Race Not important

Personal message

I am a happy, carefree and cheerful person. Humor is very important in my life. I can be very serious about things but I try to stay positive and deal with different situations with a positive frame of mind. I like to laugh and have a good time. I am not a jealous person and I hate unfairness. I try to be fair and to put myself in others position so I better can understand their way of thinking and looking upon things.

I want to meet a girl who has a positive view upon life and who don't carry any luggage or have issues from past experiences in life...becasue I don't. I will never expect more from her than I am willing and able to give myself. I prefer communication to confrontation and believe a relationship without communication is as good as dead. It can never last, at least not happily.

I am not looking for a mistress and a housekeeper. I need someone who can be my equal in many aspects. I need to be challenged on different areas, and I don't enjoy being in a relationship where I make all decisions and everything is done my way at all times. My woman needs to have opinions about different things. A good relationship is about cooperation and understanding each others needs. It boils down to give and take. I don't like takers. People who never give anything back, they are just selfish and shallow in my opinion.

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