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They made it happen!
"Thank you Elena's for being the place where we found our happiness!" (Will, Canada, and Tatyana, Russia)
Will, Canada, and Tatyana, Russia
"Your website is the best place for lonely people looking for love. " (Elena and Rob, USA)
Elena and Rob, USA
"I met the most wonderful man in the world!" (Larisa, Russia)
Larisa, Russia
"Thank you for the happiness that we have found!"
(Irina and Thor, Norway)
Irina and Thor, Norway
"Our dream came true - we are husband and wife!"
(Anna and Joe, USA)
Anna and Joe, USA
"I am confident that my husband is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with."
(Anna, USA)
Anna, USA
"Thank you so much for your service!"
(John and Svetlana, USA)
John and Svetlana, USA
"We were married in a castle in Wales!"
(Mark and Zhenya, UK)
Mark and Zhanya, UK
"Right from the beginning of our correspondence we knew we were true soulmates."
(Rex and Svetlana, Netherlands)
Rex and Svetlana, Netherlands
"Thanks so much!"
(Darryl and Elena, Australia)
Darryl and Elena, Australia
"I first met my wife through your web-site, and we are both sublimely happy. Thank you very much. I owe you my life."
(Sean, Australia)
Sean (Australia)
"I want to thank you for the way you operate your company RussiaUkraina.Dating, it is without doubt well run and professionally operated. I wish to advise you that I recently married Alla - a very Beautiful, Intelligent, kind and loving lady whom I met through your agency. I write this letter to you today to give testament to the fact that Internet marriage agencies do work!"
(Mike and Alla, Australia)
Internet marriage agencies do work! Click here to read the whole story
"Never in my life I was so happy. Every day for me is like a wonderful fairy-tale, I go to sleep and get up with the smile on my face. I recommend your agency to all my girlfriends!"
(Svetlana and Nick, England)
Svetlana and Nick, England
"I am writing to thank you for helping me find the love of my life. We were married in Las Vegas!"
(Ron and Elvira Hawkes,USA)

"We both think that it has been just God's blessing to have met in such a wonderful, unbelievable way!"
(Tanya and Derek, England)
They made it happen! - Tanya and Derek (England)
"Our relationship started last year and now almost a year later we have solid plans for our future. Your web site has brought to me this beautiful lady."
(Alberto and Elena, Netherlands)
Elena and Alberto, UK
"I feel I have been blessed, with exceedingly good luck and fortune in finding Tanya, who was listed on this website."
(Bill and Tanya, USA)
Bill and Tanya, USA
"I think RussiaUkraina.Dating is the best organized and most reliable marriage agency on the Internet. The money I paid to obtain Kseniaâ¿¿s address was nothing compared to the happiness and true love I found. It was the best investment of my life!"
(Steve and Ksenia, USA)
Steve and Ksenia, USA
"We met through your service almost a year ago and are eternally grateful to you."
(Svetlana and Tim, UK)
Russian girls and Russian women from RussiaUkraina.Dating
"I would like to share my joy with you: with your help, I found my happiness."
(Mila and Marshall, USA)
Mila and Marshall, USA
"Thank you for your wonderful service and help in bringing my wife and myself together. Without your service I would never have met my dearest Elena and our lives would not hold so much joy and happiness."
(Michael and Elena, Australia)
Michael and Elena, Australia
More testimonials from our clients
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Every week we receive 10-15 requests from our ladies to remove their data because they have found the man of their dreams.
So if you see in our listing a Russian girl that captivates your attention, do not hesitate to email her TODAY - before she becomes "NO LONGER AVAILABLE"! Some girls find their dream men in 1-2 weeks!
Contact her before she becomes John and Natalia (USA) - one of our first couples
Recent Engagements
"We are very happy and would encourage others to find Love, as we have!" (Daniela, Romania, and Lonnie, USA)
Daniela, Romania, and Lonnie, USA
"Thanks so much for your web site!"
(Mark and Natasha, USA)
Mark and Natasha, USA

"Thank you for the service you provide. It has changed my life!"
(Chris, USA, and Roza, Russia)
Chris, USA, and Roza, Russia

"We love each other with all heart!"
(Olga, Uzbekistan)
Olga, Uzbekistan

"We are so grateful to RussiaUkraina.Dating for helping us find each other!"
(Julia and Steve, USA)
Julia and Steve, USA

"I have met and fallen in love with the most spectacular woman. Thank you RussiaUkraina.Dating for bringing us together!"
(Dave, USA, and Elena, Russia)
Dave, USA, and Elena, Russia

"We each found our other half..."
(Perry, USA, and Alina, Romania)
Perry, USA, and Alina, Romania

"Your site gave us the chance to find what was missing in our lives..."
(Michael, USA, and Emilia, Ukraine)
Michael, USA, and Emilia, Ukraine

"Thank You for helping us find each other. I had no idea that with one letter a chain of events would happen that would lead to finding such a wonderful woman."
(Ron and Savina, USA)
Ron and Savina, USA

"Annie is like a dream come true, and I know she feels the same way about me. You have an excellent service. Keep up the good work!"
(David and Annie, Germany)
David and Annie, Germany

"Thanks to your service, we are engaged and very happy!"
(Wayne, New Zealand and Yarina, Ukraine)
Wayne and Yarina
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Russian girls... Russian women... Russian ladies...
Looking for YOU!

Yes, they are looking for YOU!

They seek compatible partners for long term-relationships and marriage - not some famous or wealthy guys, but normal, kind, honest and sincere men. They want to love and be loved. Those words might feel worn out, but that is exactly what Russian women and Russian girls want - they want to be loved and respected by their husbands, and be able to love and respect their husbands in return. They are not looking just for a way out of Russia or a Green Card. They sincerely seek that special someone who will make their life complete - just like you do.

A quote from a client:

"My name is John Nichols from Australia, I have nothing but praise for your site and the genuine ladies that you sent to me, I have chosen one lady Galina from Odessa and after writing for some time I visited her in June and I must say she was far more than I expected. We have a very deep love that I have never felt before and now we are going through the mountains of paper work for a fiancee visa for her to come to Australia. I will be going to visit her with my 14 year old daughter in October. One day in the future I hope to see this wonderful lady in my country. 

My advice is to any one wanting a wonderful wife to ignore all the bad publicity and follow your dreams. There are more nice woman in the former USSR than the  bad ones that the media will have you believe."

John Nichols (Australia)

We have been working in the international dating industry since 1999, and hundreds of people met their love through us since. Every week we add 50-120 new profiles of single Russian girls and Russian women to our online database. Every month we receive letters of thanks from our clients who have found their soul mates through our dating agency RussiaUkraina.Dating:

Marina and Michael (USA) We want to say thank you to you and your great service one more time! Michael came to Yekaterinburg after 1.5 month of our correspondence. I met him at the airport and it was enough to see this tall, handsome man to fall in love with him! He is caring, attentive and adorable man. I enjoy our life together. He is my great man about whom I dreamt! And I love him! I've only wanted for us to have a long life together and to be happy. Happiness it is so important for every person. Thank you Elena for your work!!!

Marina and Michael (USA)

You can also meet somebody special...
Meet your dream Russian girl today!

We do not promise you the moon and the stars

We also do not offer "mail order brides".

Our ladies seek PARTNERS, not just passports or a better life. If you seek a life-time partner that is intelligent and educated - and at the same time holds marriage and family as her first priority - you are at the right place. If you seek a "mail order bride", we do not have them.

Our women are real people, and they seek real love and relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. They seek somebody to love, to talk to, to laugh with, to cry with, and to share their lives with - to be together forever through thick and thin.

Most of our ladies hold advanced degrees and many work as professionals. The women we represent have high moral and family values. It is important to understand that they are not "selling themselves" but seek suitable partners.

If you also seek a PARTNER and will consider the option of meeting them in Russia or countries of the former Soviet Union, we will be happy to assist you.

We accept credit cards and use third party services for billing purposes so you don't have to worry what your banker or accountant may think about your purchases - the words "RussiaUkraina.Dating" will NOT appear on your credit card statement.

If you would like to learn more about our agency, and what other people think about it, please review the Testimonials page (you can contact these people to confirm what they say about us).

If you are wary of Russian dating services or have had bad luck with them in the past, we understand your skepticism. Russian dating agencies have gotten a bad name from a few unscrupulous and fly-by-night operations. 

Let us assure you that RussiaUkraina.Dating is completely different from any other dating agency you've used before.

  • RussiaUkraina.Dating' highest priority is the success of our clients. Our services are designed to work - not to make money for our company. You can see photos of many happy couples that met through our agency on the pages of this website. We have a proven record of success in the industry of personal introductions.

  • RussiaUkraina.Dating was the first agency to introduce its own Black List of dating scammers back in 1999. We have a zero tolerance policy towards scams and scammers. Our agency is recommended by numerous anti-scam lists. recommends us as their #1 choice.

  • Our customer support is always prompt, friendly and effective. If you have a question or need help, we are always here to assist you. You will not be left alone to walk down this road - we will be by your side every step of the way.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients to find suitable partners.
We want our clients to get married - and stay married.

There are hundreds of Russian dating agencies on the Internet. There are thousands of Russian girls and Russian women seeking love and marriage.

But if you are serious about your search, choose RussiaUkraina.Dating.
Since 1999, we have helped hundreds people to find love.
We can help you, too.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question or need help. We are here to serve you and we will help you as much as we can on every stage of your search.

Good luck in your future relationship and don't forget to send us your wedding photo!

NEW! Individual Search
On numerous requests, we now offer personalized matchmaking services: give us your requirements and we will find the woman your are looking for. Would you love to find somebody truly special who will love you for you, but feel frustrated with the whole process? Get professionals to do the job for you. Details

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Only Platinum Members enjoy 3 EXCLUSIVE OPTIONS (not available in any other package):

  • Unlimited number of addresses of the Russian girls from the online database of RussiaUkraina.Dating;

  • Free sending and receiving of letters to and from ladies;

  • Featured listing in the gentlemen's catalogue on the index page of our Russian website (13,000 unique visitors a month! - which ensures all new female members will see your ad).

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Russian Girls of Model Quality

RussiaUkraina.Dating specializes in introducing Russian girls of model quality. We strive for quality rather than quantity. Every week we receive 100-250 new applications from Russian women and Russian girls, and introduce you to only the best. All information is checked prior to publication, and the ladies are informed when their ads are published. We send double confirmations via email and regular mail to ensure they remember about their ads and will inform us when they no longer consider themselves available.

Every week we receive 10-15 requests from our ladies to remove their data because they have found the man of their dreams.

So if you see in our listings a Russian girl that captivates your attention, do not hesitate to request her address and write to her - before she becomes "NO LONGER AVAILABLE"!

Why Russian girls seek husbands abroad?

The reason why so many Russian girls seek husbands abroad is simple: they cannot find them in their homeland. There are less men than women in Russia (10 million less men than women of marriageable age, according to the latest census), so some women are destined to stay single. Many girls are disappointed in the values and attitudes of Russian men, and they believe foreign men value family more. Also, many girls start looking for foreign husbands because they know know some Russian women who have married foreigners and are very happy.

Escaping Russian economical hardship is NOT the main reason why Russian women seek husbands abroad, and you should not expect that your American (British, Australian etc.) passport alone will be the reason why a beautiful Russian girl decides to marry you. Remember, you cannot buy love!

You must be ready to work hard to win her heart, because we do not offer "mail order brides": our girls are real and your relationship will not be based on money but on love and mutual respect.

You need to remember that Russian girls do not offer themselves "for sale" - they seek their True Love and One And Only. If you believe in "mail order brides", you will NEVER find true love with a Russian girl.

Don't try to impress them with WHAT you are or what you HAVE, try to impress them with WHO you are - your values, your experience, your inner self. Approach them with the same respect as you would like your sister or daughter to be approached. Treat her like a princess, and she will become YOUR princess.

Good luck!

RussiaUkraina.Dating in Media:

  • Meet Real-Life Russian Brides - Intelligent, Educated, Beautiful and Sexy! (PRWeb)

  • Soviet Unions (The Sunday Mail)

  • From Russia with Love (The Age)

  • Romantic relations with Russia (Weekend Post, SA)

NEW! My Visit to St. Petersburg, Russia, to the Girl I Met Online - Not sure it can work? Read what Matt (USA) has to say about Russian women and Russia.

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Direct email addresses of featured women

Every 150-200 NEW Russian girls join our website. If you prefer unmediated contacts, you can "Retrieve contact details" and get direct email and postal addresses and phone numbers of featured ladies*. All orders are processed automatically, and you will gain access to women's addresses in just a few minutes.

Weekly Ladies Catalog

"Best value for money in Eastern European Introductions" (Chris Saber, USA)

Profiles of new women are available through the Weekly Ladies Catalog. For 4 weeks only subscribers to the Catalog can contact them. After that, any member can contact the ladies. As a subscriber to the Catalog, you can contact any woman from the Catalog, send unlimited mails to the ladies in the Catalog and retrieve unlimited addresses. You can email ALL new girls of RussiaUkraina.Dating for less than $8 a week! Click here to learn more

This week's new ladies
New ladies from the Weekly Ladies Catalog New ladies from the Weekly Ladies Catalog
New ladies from the Weekly Ladies Catalog New ladies from the Weekly Ladies Catalog
To read more about these ladies and find their ads, search here: select the option "Only Weekly Catalog" in the question "Search Weekly Catalog?"

English-Russian translation

Quality Russian translation that helps your relationship: professional and fast. Make sure she really understands what you want to tell her.

How to contact our girls?

Step 1. Create your own profile: Creating a profile is FREE. Click on the link "Register" on top of this page and follow the instructions.

Step 2. Select the ladies you want to contact: Click on the button "Add to Favorites" when viewing her personal page.

Step 3. Contact them! You can send an email through the website, retrieve their contact information (direct email, phone and/or postal address*) or send "Expression of Interest" message to the ladies of your choice. If you have many ladies you want to contact, it will be prudent to upgrade your membership to a premium level (Gold or Platinum). If you only have a few people you want to contact, you can simply pay for sending them an email or retrieving their contact information.

* Email and postal addresses and phone numbers are subject of availability. Some ladies prefer to make their contact information not publicly available and only correspond through the website.


FAQ - frequently asked questions about using our services and finding, courting and marrying Russian women.

About us - Read more about our agency and what we stand for.

Testimonials - See photos of our couples and read their stories.

What our users say about us - Hundreds of users volunteered their comments to help you decide about joining RussiaUkraina.Dating.

Services in Ukraine - Help in meeting Ukrainian girls.

International Marriage Broker Regulation Act 
RussiaUkraina.Dating on the USA law about dating agencies  


9 Simple Rules For Dating Russian Women

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Scammers are not welcome in our agency; in case of any problem with any of the Russian girls we represent, please contact us. recommended

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