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How To Buy a Russian Bride
And How Much It Costs

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How to Buy Russian Bride articleby Elena Petrova (RussiaUkraina.Dating)

Isn't it interesting you clicked on this link, "How to Buy a Russian Bride" - do you really think you can buy a Russian bride?

Well, truth to be told, if you think of the word "buy" not only in financial terms but in terms of what needs to be invested if you want to get something (in the way we say "Time is Money"), then sure, you can talk about "buying a Russian bride". Because anything in this world can be obtained in exchange to certain amount of time, money and effort. Anything! Including a Russian bride, if you want one.

Let's see, for example, you want to be a lawyer, or you want a law degree. You can get it in exchange for certain amount of money paid to an educational institution, lots of time and effort spent studying, and maybe, depending on where from you want your degree, you also need to pre-study to get the marks allowing entrance to this particular educational abode.

You see, you can "buy" a law degree!

If we are thinking along these lines, then yes, you can "buy a Russian bride" in exchange to certain amount of time, money and effort - just like anything else in this world! The question you may have is what needs to be invested. Read on and you'll find out!

But before we move any further, let's sort out the definition of a "Russian bride". You know different people mean different things when they say something; this is often the reason for misunderstandings because when one person says they want to relax and enjoy their life, this can mean watching TV laying on the couch and eating potato chips for one person and sailing the Caribbean for another. So, let's make sure we are on the same page!

When I say "Russian bride" what I mean (for the purposes of this article anyway) is a woman who was either born in Russia or the former USSR, and who wants to get married to someone like you and live with you in your country and home.

If this is the same what you mean by "Russian bride", then I am ready to answer your question, how you can "buy" one and how much does it cost!

There are 3 ways of getting a Russian bride:

  1. Go to Russia, live and date women there, propose to some and you probably will get married.
  2. Find some Russian women in your country, date them, propose and you may get married.
  3. Date Russian women seeking a man like you over Internet, meet in person, propose and you are likely to get married.

There are no other options of getting a Russian bride!

The good news is, we can help you with all 3! We have western men living in Russia who use our site to find someone (because they want someone who is willing to immigrate to live with them), we have Russian women living in Europe, UK, America and Australia, and we have THOUSANDS of Russian women living in Russia who want to meet a western man for marriage!

Now, how much does it cost?

Way 1 - Going to Russia and dating Russian women there

You will need money for an airplane ticket (costs vary, check online for tickets to Moscow), money for hotel accommodation until you find a permanent place to live ($200/day), and then once you found a permanent rental, at least $1000/month for living expenses (this includes your rent). Cost of dating women on top of that, consider at least $40 to take a woman out for dinner every time you meet someone new. Plus all the time you need until you meet someone you like, who likes you back and prepared to immigrate (because most Russian women don't want to move abroad). There, you are competing with all the Russian men without the home advantage of speaking the language and understanding the culture, plus then trying to convince her to immigrate to live with you and leave her family and friends behind (and you need to make her fall in love with you first) - this is why many western men living in Russia use our site, because our women are prepared to move overseas if they meet a suitable partner! Then once you found a woman who is ready to move with you, the regular costs of visa application and moving, tickets for you and her.

You can say the minimum cost will be around $6,000 if you manage to find someone very quickly.

Way 2 - Finding Russian women in your country and dating them

This may be the cheapest option, question is, how do you find Russian women living locally? We have many Russian women living overseas who placed ads on our site, and you can check if we have some women in your country (use "Advanced Search"). This may be much cheaper as it's only the money you need for travelling locally; problem is, you are competing with all other single men out there! Still, you may want to try it as it's certainly the cheapest way of getting a Russian bride. Dating costs will be the same as dating someone locally.

The minimum cost here will be about $1,500; again, this is if you are very lucky and manage to meet the right woman very quickly, it's just the cost of subscription to the service and actual dating (prepare to spend at least $100/date), and then the cost of a local move for your woman. (Costs of a wedding on top of that.)

Way 3 - Dating Russian women living in Russia over Internet

Success-wise, this will be by far the easiest way to "buy" a Russian bride, it's quite simple: subscribe to a website specializing in introductions between Russian women and western men (ours, for example!) and start writing letters or chatting to women! On our site, we offer plans from $16.50/month and the minimum investment under $99, which is certainly cheaper than buying a ticket to Russia upfront! (Or even going on a date locally.) You can talk to many women at once and being so far away from you they don't consider it cheating if you talk to other women at the same time! It costs you nothing to chat on Skype or exchange emails and photos, and you can develop a full-blown relationship over the long distance before you decide to buy that plane ticket and meet in person. If you are lucky and managed to build a good relationship, this is all it's going to cost you, as it may be you can stay at her place when visiting and if it all goes well, you probably won't want to go out much and enjoy home-made dinners! Once it's all done and through, the cost of applying for a visa and move, plus tickets for her. 

Surprisingly, the move for her from Russia to your home may be cheaper than the cost of a local move as she certainly won't be moving her furniture from overseas to your place!

The minimum cost for this way will be about $3,500 but the advantage is that you only spend really big money once you have found someone; until then, dating is free and the cost of subscription to a site is negligible in the big picture of things ($100-$200).

So, here it is, the minimum costs of 'buying a Russian bride':

  • $1,500 for finding a Russian woman living in your country (prepare she will have much higher requirements than women from Russia because she has so much more choice) - same cost as finding someone locally, you know what it costs you to date here and how much success you have had, plus a dating site subscription fee;
  • $3,500 for finding a Russian woman living in Russia - if you are successful, if you are not, then you are only out of the costs of subscription to a dating service;
  • $6,000 for finding a Russian woman in Russia by moving there yourself.

Please bear in mind all these ways involve you establishing a genuine relationship with a woman and putting an effort and time. 

Time-wise, Internet dating works faster because you both want to be together, and the only way to do it is for you to get married, to get her the visa. Many our clients report getting married within 6-18 months, which is very fast compared to the 'real life' dating.

So, to buy a Russian bride, you need the same resources as for getting anything in life: some money, some time and some effort. You decide what is easier for you, to spend effort dating online or meeting people in bars and through friends. Certianly, if you want a Russian bride, there are many more Russian women in Russia than in your local neighbourhood and if you want a good choice, Internet dating is a better option.

One thing I can say, women on our site are really interested in getting married and ready to relocate if they find a suitable partner, and if you have SERIOUS INTENTIONS and prove it with following through and putting an effort in your communication and meeting, you will be treated with utmost respect and you will have a very good chance to be successful.

So, if you want to get married to a Russian woman, this is how you can "buy a Russian bride"!

Good luck!


Other popular questions: 

Recent Russian Brides Success Story:
"We Got Married in Less Than 5 Months!"

RussiaUkraine.Dating - success storyDavid (USA) - 30 Nov. 2010: 

Inga and I met on 4 July 2010 on your site. We were both serious about getting to know one another and found we were interested very quickly.

Inga and I put together a list of things that were important to us in a spouse of about 16 areas and spent a month going through and discussing these in emails and on skype.

We made the decision that I should visit Russia in August over my birthday (Aug 29), so I rushed to get my visa and tickets, and flew to Moscow for a wonderful week. We talked, went to the ballet, saw the circus, visited a variety of sites, had several romantic dinners, went shopping together, and had a great few days together. I have spent many years in Asia and the Middle East, so non-US societies are not intimidating or unusual for me and are both interesting and exciting to get to know. Moscow was very interesting, had a lot of beauty, and seemed to be full of energy and an entrepreneurial spirit I respect and appreciate. I also met and had dinner with Inga's children (who are in their 20s) and we found that "the like" we found getting to know one another by email and skype was blossoming into love.

Neither of us was interested in a prolonged long distance relationship, so before we left and for a couple of weeks after, we starting entertaining the idea of marriage while also planning another 2 weeks together in October in the US. The trip was being planned around my plans to attend my 35th class reunion. I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in 1975. We expanded our plans to include visits with my parents, my oldest son and my daughter and grandchildren, my favorite Aunt and cousins, some good friends in Washington DC and the class reunion in Colorado Springs. In mid-September, we decided to get married and I proposed to Inga on skype. The next few weeks were filled with wedding planning and getting everything in order to be married at the USAFA Chapel (the number one tourist attraction to the State of Colorado. I connected with a wedding facilitator and minister while Inga and I continued to discuss what we wanted. As we proceeded, the wedding got more elaborate. I purchased rings, arranged for two former classmates who were also attending the reunion would stand with us, my god son is a 3rd year cadet, so he walked Inga down the aisle, and on October 7, we were married under the laws of the State of Colorado, USA. At the end of the two week whirl-wind trip, we were married but parted ways. Inga back to Moscow, me to Kuwait where I live and work.

We recently completed another two week trip to the US for the Thanksgiving holiday where my parents and two sons joined us at my parents house and Inga got to know the family and some of my friends better. Since we were married I arranged for a 6 month visa for Inga to join me in Kuwait and she arrives this coming Friday. Sometime in the next 6 months, we expect to move, probably to Dubai.

While the remaining chapters of our life remains to be written, and this story seems to have come about quickly, it just goes to show that two people from much different cultures who are committed to finding their love can do so. Inga and I are very suited temperamentally, physically, and spiritually. We are each committed to our marriage and we expect it to be for the rest of our lives.

I'm attaching two photos of the happy couple and thank Elenas for providing us the forum to meet and find what we expect to be much happiness.

David and Inga (USA)

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