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Luba - free russian woman address Luba
Age: 31; Height: 170 (5'7"); Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs); Hair: Brown; Eyes: Green; Status: Never married; Children: no; Education: Special; Occupation: sales manager; Religion: Christian; Smoking: No; Interests: travel, sport, music, friends, arts, movies, animals, outdoors; Personality: happy, easygoing, kind, calm, slim, gentle, shy, loving, hardworking, serious, spontaneous, love children; English: good.

PARTNER REQUIREMENTS: 30-45 Attentive, kind 

I like to travel and meet interesting people, and my work as a sales manager gives me a big room for that. New places, traditions and customs attract me. I enjoy socializing and have many friends. My friends are of different backgrounds and interests. I think it�s more interesting when people are different and it takes time to get to know each other. It�s great when after many years your partner still has something to make you wonder. Sometimes I feel like staying alone, walking in a park or some other lonely place, along a riverbank, in mountains or forest. It�s so relaxing to feel close to nature. Russian nature has its special unique charm and beauty. As well as Russian women�

Address: Luba Antonova, 620039 Ekaterinburg, per. Nikolskiy, 28-2, Russia

Additional contact information available: contact email, phone (click on the photo to order)

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Marina Marina
Age: 37; Height: 164 (5'4"); Weight: 58 (128 lbs); Hair: Brown; Eyes: Hazel; Status: Divorced; Children: Male 14; Education: University; Occupation: business owner; Interests: travel, sport, music, theatre, friends, sea, beach, outdoors; Personality: easy going, down to earth, loving, caring, devoted, sexual, charming, considerate; English: fair.

PARTNER REQUIREMENTS: 40+ Intelligent, loving, considerate 

I am romantic by nature but realistic and practical enough to accept life as it is. My friends say that I am charming and sexual. I am a good mother and housewife. My family is the most important thing in my life. I appreciate Christian moral values and have strong principles. I will be happy to share my life with a man who is family oriented and kind. I�ll stick to him in good and bad times. I will support him. We�ll be spouses, best fiends, lovers and partners. 
I love sea, and my name originally means "sea". I dream living somewhere close to a sea. I enjoy nature and walks on the beach. I like theatres and movies, traveling, reading, sky, interesting tours, aerobics, sport and many other things. In fact, I love life and enjoy its every day!

Address: Marina Peregudova; 620151 Ekaterinburg, Malysheva St., 74-114, Russia

Additional contact information available: email, phone (click on the photo to order)

Svetlana Svetlana
Age: 33; Height: 168 cm (5'7"); Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs); Hair Color: Blond; Eye Color: Hazel; divorced; Children: male 5; Education: special; Profession: nurse; Religion: Christian; Smoking: no; Drinking: socially; English: basic. Interests: reading, nature, movies, knitting; Personality: kind; honest, sociable.

PARTNER REQUIREMENTS: 30-50; kind, caring, intelligent, loves children

My family is small - me and my son Sasha. I have many friends and we spend a lot of time together. I am very fond of family life and enjoy home peace and comfort. I value honesty and faithfulness.

Address: Svetlana Savitskaya, Moscow, 111396, A. Dikogo St., 20-153, Russia

Additional contact information available: no

Valentina - Free address Valentina
Age: 42; Height: 164 cm (5'6"); Weight: 66 kg (128 lbs); Hair Color: blonde; Eye Color: brown; divorced; Children: f1 girl and 1 boy; Education: university; Profession: journalist; Occupation: public relations of traffic police; Religion: Christian; Smoking: no; Drinking: socially; English: fluent; French: fair; Italian: fair; Interests: literature, theater, movies, music (classic, rock, jazz), pets (dogs), nature, traveling, writing articles for newspapers and magazines, learning English and French; Personality: charming, sociable, with a good sense of humor, gentle, intelligent

PARTNER REQUIREMENTS: 44-55; white; decent, trustworthy, kind, charming, respects women, educated

My style of life is very dynamic. I work hard and must do many things during my working day: contacts with Mass Media, conferences, exhibitions, writing documents for the Chief, Region's Government, articles for newspapers, TV, radio etc. In contrast, my home life is calm and solitary. I like walking with my lovely dog, running, reading good books, working on my PC at home, watching interesting TV-shows, going to the theater or movies. I dream about finding the right partner, who will open for me another world and culture, who will help me to develop, and who is constantly developing himself.

Address: Valentina Volodarskaya, POB 489, Ekaterinburg, 620149 Russia

Additional contact information available: email, phone (click on the photo to order)

Tatyana - Free address Tatyana
Age: 22; Height: 166 cm (5'6"); Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs); Hair Color: blonde; Eye Color: blue; Single; Children: no; Education: university; Occupation: French and English teacher; Religion: atheist; English: fluent, French: fluent; Interests: reading lovely novels, women's magazines, cinema, theatres, sport swimming, walking in nature, listening to different music, traveling, cooking.; Personality: joyful, sensitive, with sense of humor

On the face of it I seem to be inaccessible person and very, very timid but after a little conversation people understand I'm very open and if I get a friendship with somebody it's for a long time, I pay high tribute to the interpersonal relations. I would like to find the special guy for all my life who will love me till the end.

Address: Nedelko Tatyana, 10-97, st, Prigoridnaya, Omsk 644077,  Russia

Additional contact information available: email, phone (click on the photo to order)

Svita - free addresses Liudmila
Age: 24; Height: 160 cm (5'3"); Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs); Hair Color: blond; Eye Color: blue; Status: single; Children: no; Education: university; Occupation: Economist; Religion: Christian; Smoking: no; Drinking: no; English: good; Interests: music, cinema, nature, traveling, reading; Personality: sincere, sense of humor, faithful, tender, feminine, romantic

PARTNER REQUIREMENTS: - 45; white; responsible, sincere, tender, loyal

Address: Liudmila Svita, Pob 8/101, 220028, Minsk, Belarus 

Additional contact information available: email 

(click on the photo to order)

Lubava - free russian girls address Lubava 
Age: 39; Height: 162 cm (5'3"); Weight: 58 (128 lbs); Hair Color: brown; Eye Color: blue; Status: divorced; Children: I daughter; Education: university; Profession: chemist; Occupation: engineer; Religion: Christian; Smoking: no; Drinking: no; German: good; Interests: Germany, sport, books, travel; Personality: vigorous, passionate, intelligent, intellectual, sporty

PARTNER REQUIREMENTS: 40 - 55, white kind, serious, intelligent; financially stable

I want to get acquainted with a decent, kind, attentive man for creation of a family. I have a daughter. I very much love her. We are inseparable. We love to be engaged in aerobics to travel. I take a great interest in the German language. I would like to visit Germany.

Address: Russia, Georgievsk, Sovetskaya st., 18/53 Larionova Lubava

Additional contact information available: phone, email (click on the photo to order)

Maria- free addresses of russian women Maria
Age: 36; Height: 172 cm (5'8"); Weight: 60 kg (145 lbs); Hair Color: blonde; Eye Color: green; Never married; Children: no; Education: college; Occupation: accountant; Religion: Christian; Smoking: no; Drinking: no; English: Good; Interests: good music, dancing, swimming and sauna. Personality: The main thing in a friendship and love is truth, trust, respect. The main thing in our life is wishing to learn something new, to be able to get over difficulties and to be able to enjoy Life. The hard times will go away and joy of getting over difficulties will stay in our hearts! "Who has never tasted bitter, knows not what is sweet."

PARTNER REQUIREMENTS: 30-40; White; I imagine my darling to be a kind, intelligent, caring man, loving his family and wishing to be loyal to his lovely wife.

I like to go to Volga river in the evening, Volga river is Wonderful! In autumn my friends and I go to the forest and pick mushrooms. I like to go fishing with my friends, then we cook fish -soup on the fire. It is very tasty! Unfortunately it happens seldom. I am admirer of nature! My main interest and dream is traveling. I like to create in my home coziness. And I like romantic evenings with candles. I admire physical beauty, but your inner beauty is what I'm most interested in!

Address: Evstigneeva Maria, 75, Lenina avenue, apt.#13, Volgograd, 400078, Russia

Additional contact information available: email, phone, (click on the photo to order)

Svetlana- free russian woman address Svetlana
Age: 34; Height: 165 cm (5'7"); Weight: 55 kg (132 lbs); Hair Color: blonde; Eye Color: Brown; divorced; Children: 1 daughter, 4 years old; Education: university; Profession: Broker; Religion: Christian; Smoking: no Drinking: no; English: basic; I like sports, music, to knit, to meet the friends in cafe and restaurants, in the winter ice skating, my dream is to learn to play tennis, in the summer I holiday with friends at the coast of the river (there we fry a shish kebab, we swim, we play in volleyball, sing songs round a fire with a guitar, we catch fish). I like to travel, especially to the sea.


Hello, my name is Svetlana. I'm 34 years old. I live in small
town-Dimitrovgrad. I live with my little daughter, she is 5 years old. I love her, I devote a lot of time to her. I have a pedagogical education, I studied mathematics. But I work as a broker. For me it is interesting work, I like constant dialogue with people, I don't like loneliness. I like coziness in my home, my friends say that my cooking is tasty. I know many traditional dishes. Sometimes I am whimsical, but I think that my whims are small as anyone ladies. I'd like to meet a man with who I would find mutual understanding and love, that would love my daughter. I want to give kindness, love and warmth to the deserving man. I shall try to make him happy.

Address: Ulianovskaya oblast, Dimitrovgrad city, box-365, Svetlana Golubeva

Additional contact information available: email (click on the photo to order)

Page 5 - FREE Russian woman address

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