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RussiaUkraina.Dating Dating Tips

Find out how to succeed with our beautiful women and girls


Many our users ask us how questions about RussiaUkraina.Dating beautiful women and girls, and how to be successful in their search. 

We try to give as much information on this website as we can to make your search successful. Our top dating tips to men who want to meet women for a serious relationship are:

1. Start casual

Today the contact is much faster and easier than it was 10 years ago: you can use email, text, Skype, MSN and many other available means of instant communication. You can talk to beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women just as you would to a friend in your town that you do not see often. Most our women speak good English or can use a free online translator from English to Russian, so communication is not a problem. The vast majority of Ukrainian and Russian women and girl have mobile phones and Internet access.

Start with a short note - there is no need to write a lot; let your profile to tell her all she needs to know. Make sure your main profile photo is the best it can be (see tips on how to make a good photo on the 'Home' page of your account - scroll down to "How to use this website" - you must be a registered user).

If you see she is online, tell her you are online, too and you can exchange messages through the site unlimitedly - all messages are delivered instantly the second you press the button "Send". You can also exchange direct email addresses if you wish. 

Don't try to learn everything about her or tell her everything about you in those first short messages - you just need to establish a connection first, see if you are comfortable with each other. Make a light joke here and there, it's just a "small talk" - master it.

Don't take anything personally - if you don't like something, apologize (even if you did nothing wrong) and move on. There are thousands of people on this site and there is no point in spending time on someone who you are not compatible with. Credits mean nothing compared to the chance to meet someone who is right for you, and anyway with any subscription you can talk to dozens of people; you can find someone you like and who will like you back.

Most members are seriously looking for someone special to share their life with. If you talk to enough people and be nice, you will have the best chance to meet the right person.

2. Get a personal connection

Messaging through the site is fine and it helps you to establish a connection and start feeling comfortable with each other. However, sooner or later you will feel the need to make your connection more personal. Direct email, phone, text, Skype and other means of communication will bring you closer; use all of them.

3. Take it slow

Yes, there are people who will tell you they don't want long correspondence and just want to meet in person asap. It is OK strategy when you are in the same city but not very smart when you have to travel half-world to meet for a date. Be sure you really want to meet this person for more than just a once-off dinner before you commit to long-distance travel and certainly organize your trip and accommodation yourself.

Tell your long-distance friend you need to sort out things with your work schedules and you will come for a visit when you feel you two are truly compatible. There is no need to rush into things.

4. Check our success stories

Over the years, we have had hundreds of couples who sent us their success stories and shared their advice. This is an invaluable source of encouragement and insight and we highly recommend you check the stories. Be true and real, be realistic and practical, trust your instincts and keep looking for what you really want; it's just a matter of time and experience to meet the right person.

Wishing you success in your search!

RussiaUkraina.Dating team


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