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Samuel and Oksana(USA)
Samuel and Oksana
"We love each other more and more everyday! Last time we wrote about our engagement and now we’re married!"
Svetlana and Rick (USA)
Svetlana and Rick
"I have met my man through RussiaUkraina.Dating and we could not be happier!"
Aleksandra and Andy (Scotland)
Alexandra and Andy
"I want to say thank you for your help and opportunity to meet David. We are married and we are happy!"
Larisa and David (Australia)
Larisa and David (Australia)
"I want to tell all the women out there to keep looking, keep trying and one day you will find your match, the man you can trust. "
Olga and Eugene (Australia)
Olga and Eugene(Australia)
"We again thank you for your work, which gives people an opportunity to find happiness!"
Bernd and Lara (Europe)
Bernd and Lara (Europe)
"I would like to thank RussiaUkraina.Dating for having such a wonderful site which helped me find a wonderful partner! I would tell everyone searching for a Russian girl to trust RussiaUkraina.Dating!
Ashwini and Svetlana (Australia)
Ashwini & Svetlana
"Nick and I met online in March 2007 and we were married on the 20th of October! Thank you RussiaUkraina.Dating!
Elena and Nick (UK)
Elena and Nick
"Our marriage would not have been possible without your website. We are eternally grateful to you and cannot thank you enough for your work."
Natalya and Martin
Natalya and Martin
"Elena, your tips on finding the right match and your translation services helped me to find a very special woman."
Kevin & Nataliya
Kevin and Nataliya
"RussiaUkraina.Dating, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We will see what the future will hold for us, but we are off to a beautiful start."
John (USA) & Aliona (Moldova)
John and Aliona, USA
"In each of us we have found our soul mate and feel that we have been blessed by God."
(Bryan & Ramona, USA)
Bryan and Ramona, USA
"I am so grateful for your site and the work that you do for people like Lena and me. Thank you so much! We couldn't have done it without you."
(Jim & Lena, USA)
Jim and Lena, USA
"We talk about having children and being a family, which we both want very much! Thank you for making us so happy!"
(Svetlana & Rick, USA)
Svetlana and Rick, USA
"I'm 54 and dated many women, now it's worth everything to finally be with the right one!"
(Tony & Galina, USA)
Tony and Galina, USA
"Thank you RussiaUkraina.Dating! I don’t even feel homesick as my real home is where John and our baby are!"
(Svetlana and John, USA)
Svetlana and John, USA
"Thank you for your website and all of your help!"
(Alla and Mark, USA)
Alla and Mark, USA
"We are extremely happy, RussiaUkraina.Dating brought us together" (Lena and Stefan, Germany)
Lena and Stefan, Germany
"I proposed marriage, she said yes!" (Svetlana and Paul, USA)
Svetlana and Paul, USA
"We are enormously proud of our marriage!" (Svetlana and Hugh, New Zealand)
Svetlana and Hugh, NZ
"Without you it would have been impossible to have met!" (Mila and Chris, USA)
Mila and Chris, USA
"So it works, Thank you!!!" (Marina and Doug, USA)
Marina and Doug, USA
"We had find each other and we are very happy!" (Irina and Tom, USA)
Irina and Tom, USA
"Thank you for your website!" (Veronika and David, Australia)
Veronika and David, Australia
"Thanks for the chance to find our happiness!" (Roman and Natalia)
Roman and Natalia
"Now I believe in Cinderella! (Irina, Ukraine, and Bob, UK)
Irina, Ukraine, and Bob, UK
"You can really find your soul mate here! (David and Tanya, USA)
David and Tanya, USA
"It's all like a fairy-tale!"
(Randy and Olga, USA-Uzbekistan)
Randy and Olga, USA-Uzbekistan
"Our love grows every day!"
(Steve and Julia, USA)
Steve and Julia, USA
"Thank you very much for your website!"
(Victoria and Philip, UK)
Chris and Vicky, UK
"We met through your website!"
(Robert and Sveta, UK)
Robert and Sveta
"We are very happy!!"
(Lonnie, USA, and Daniela, Romania)
Lonnie and Daniela
"We are grateful to you!!"
(Cris and Olga, Netherlands)
Cris and Olga, Netherlands
"We married earlier this year and now we have a son!"
(Anthony, UK)
Anthony, UK
"Thank you Elena's for being the place where we found our happiness!" (Will, Canada, and Tatyana, Russia)
Will, Canada, and Tatyana, Russia
"Your website is the best place for lonely people looking for love. " (Elena and Rob, USA)
Elena and Rob, USA
"Thank you for the happiness that we have found!"
(Irina and Thor, Norway)
Irina and Thor, Norway
"Our dream came true - we are husband and wife!"
(Anna and Joe, USA)
Anna and Joe, USA
"I am confident that my husband is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with."
(Anna, USA)
Anna, USA
"Thank you so much for your service!"
(John and Svetlana, USA)
John and Svetlana, USA
"We were married in a castle in Wales!"
(Mark and Zhenya, UK)
Mark and Zhanya, UK
"Right from the beginning of our correspondence we knew we were true soulmates."
(Rex and Svetlana, Netherlands)
Rex and Svetlana, Netherlands
"Thanks so much!"
(Darryl and Elena, Australia)
Darryl and Elena, Australia
"I first met my wife through your web-site, and we are both sublimely happy. Thank you very much. I owe you my life."
(Sean, Australia)
Sean (Australia)
"Never in my life I was so happy. I recommend your agency to all my girlfriends!"
(Svetlana and Nick, England)
Svetlana and Nick, England
"I am writing to thank you for helping me find the love of my life. We were married in Las Vegas!"
(Ron and Elvira Hawkes,USA)

"We both think that it has been just God's blessing to have met in such a wonderful, unbelievable way!"
(Tanya and Derek, England)
They made it happen! - Tanya and Derek (England)
"Your web site has brought to me this beautiful lady."
(Alberto and Elena, Netherlands)
Elena and Alberto, UK
"I feel I have been blessed, with exceedingly good luck and fortune in finding Tanya, who was listed on this website."
(Bill and Tanya, USA)
Bill and Tanya, USA
"I think RussiaUkraina.Dating is the best organized and most reliable marriage agency on the Internet. It was the best investment of my life!"
(Steve and Ksenia, USA)
Steve and Ksenia, USA
"We met through your service almost a year ago and are eternally grateful to you."
(Svetlana and Tim, UK)
Russian girls and Russian women from RussiaUkraina.Dating
"I would like to share my joy with you: with your help, I found my happiness."
(Mila and Marshall, USA)
Mila and Marshall, USA
"Thank you for your wonderful service and help in bringing my wife and myself together."
(Michael and Elena, Australia)
Michael and Elena, Australia
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