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(Alla and Mark, USA)
Alla and Mark, USA
"We are extremely happy, RussiaUkraina.Dating brought us together" (Lena and Stefan, Germany)
Lena and Stefan, Germany
"I proposed marriage, she said yes!" (Svetlana and Paul, USA)
Svetlana and Paul, USA
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Svetlana and Hugh, NZ
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Mila and Chris, USA
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Marina and Doug, USA
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Irina and Tom, USA
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Veronika and David, Australia
"Thanks for the chance to find our happiness!" (Roman and Natalia)
Roman and Natalia
"Now I believe in Cinderella! (Irina, Ukraine, and Bob, UK)
Irina, Ukraine, and Bob, UK
"You can really find your soul mate here! (David and Tanya, USA)
David and Tanya, USA
"It's all like a fairy-tale!"
(Randy and Olga, USA-Uzbekistan)
Randy and Olga, USA-Uzbekistan
"Our love grows every day!"
(Steve and Julia, USA)
Steve and Julia, USA
"Thank you very much for your website!"
(Victoria and Philip, UK)
Chris and Vicky, UK
"We met through your website!"
(Robert and Sveta, UK)
Robert and Sveta
"We are very happy!!"
(Lonnie, USA, and Daniela, Romania)
Lonnie and Daniela
"We are grateful to you!!"
(Cris and Olga, Netherlands)
Cris and Olga, Netherlands
"We married earlier this year and now we have a son!"
(Anthony, UK)
Anthony, UK
"Thank you Elena's for being the place where we found our happiness!" (Will, Canada, and Tatyana, Russia)
Will, Canada, and Tatyana, Russia
"Your website is the best place for lonely people looking for love. " (Elena and Rob, USA)
Elena and Rob, USA
"Thank you for the happiness that we have found!"
(Irina and Thor, Norway)
Irina and Thor, Norway
"Our dream came true - we are husband and wife!"
(Anna and Joe, USA)
Anna and Joe, USA
"I am confident that my husband is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with."
(Anna, USA)
Anna, USA
"Thank you so much for your service!"
(John and Svetlana, USA)
John and Svetlana, USA
"We were married in a castle in Wales!"
(Mark and Zhenya, UK)
Mark and Zhanya, UK
"Right from the beginning of our correspondence we knew we were true soulmates."
(Rex and Svetlana, Netherlands)
Rex and Svetlana, Netherlands
"Thanks so much!"
(Darryl and Elena, Australia)
Darryl and Elena, Australia
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(Sean, Australia)
Sean (Australia)
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(Svetlana and Nick, England)
Svetlana and Nick, England
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(Ron and Elvira Hawkes,USA)

"We both think that it has been just God's blessing to have met in such a wonderful, unbelievable way!"
(Tanya and Derek, England)
They made it happen! - Tanya and Derek (England)
"Our relationship started last year and now almost a year later we have solid plans for our future. Your web site has brought to me this beautiful lady."
(Alberto and Elena, Netherlands)
Elena and Alberto, UK
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(Bill and Tanya, USA)
Bill and Tanya, USA
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(Steve and Ksenia, USA)
Steve and Ksenia, USA
"We met through your service almost a year ago and are eternally grateful to you."
(Svetlana and Tim, UK)
Russian girls and Russian women from RussiaUkraina.Dating
"I would like to share my joy with you: with your help, I found my happiness."
(Mila and Marshall, USA)
Mila and Marshall, USA
"Thank you for your wonderful service and help in bringing my wife and myself together. Without your service I would never have met my dearest Elena and our lives would not hold so much joy and happiness."
(Michael and Elena, Australia)
Michael and Elena, Australia
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About our agency

NEW! Read what our users say about our agency

Thank you for viewing this page.

It means you are serious about finding a quality partner and changing your life for the better. You understand how important it is to find the right company that will provide you with the service you require. Thank you for the opportunity to show you how we can help you in achieving your goals.

First of all, let us assure you that RussiaUkraina.Dating is completely different from any other agency you've used before. 

We pride ourselves in being entirely dedicated to our clients' success and excellent customer service. With RussiaUkraina.Dating, your search is in good hands.

If you're wary of Russian dating agencies or have had bad luck with them in the past, we understand your skepticism. Russian dating agencies have gotten a bad name from a few unscrupulous companies. You also might have heard about Russian dating scams.

Let us assure you that we at RussiaUkraina.Dating are doing our best to make your experience gratifying and fulfilling:

  • We were the first dating agency to publish its own Black List of Russian dating scammers back in 1999. We know every trick in the scammers' book. Scammers are not welcome in our agency.
  • RussiaUkraina.Dating is #1 recommended agency by AntiScam.NET, and many other anti-scam websites.
  • The information on women we represent is always checked, and double-checked. We have offices in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania, so it is easy for us to keep in touch with our female clients.
  • We are a service-oriented company. Our customer support is always prompt, friendly and effective. If you have a question or need help, our experienced team will be happy to assist you. Your emails and phone calls are always welcome. You won't be left alone to walk down this road - we'll be by your side every step of the way.
  • The prices we offer are 50-70% less than you can find at our competitors. Some agencies will charge you as much as $1,800 to become members. We believe that finding true love does not have to cost a fortune. We deliver excellent service while keeping the costs within your means.
  • We are completely dedicated to making your search a success. All our services are designed to bring results. If any service does not result in successful relationships for our clients, we remove it, even if it makes us money. You can be assured that when you use RussiaUkraina.Dating, you are getting value for your money.

Our goal is to help our clients to find quality partners. Since 1999, we have helped hundreds of people to meet somebody special for relationships and marriage. We can help you, too.

Since 1999, we have helped hundreds of people to meet somebody special for relationships and marriage. We can help you, too.

You are not alone in your frustration with the bar scene and increased separation in our society. Many people find it difficult to meet somebody for love and relationships. This is where online dating can help. Meeting somebody via Internet is no longer considered as odd. Internet introductions removed the awkwardness of blind dates and became the preferred method of dating for many people.

If you have little experience with online dating, it's no problem: just ask us and we will help you the best we can. We work in the industry of online dating since 1999. We are professionals. With RussiaUkraina.Dating, your search is in good hands.

As you are looking through profiles of our ladies, you will feel attracted to some of them. Probably, you can even feel like this is too good to be true. Let us assure you that it is not. Our ladies are real and serious in their intention to find a good man for marriage. We do not scan photos from magazines or put up fake profiles. We receive hundreds of genuine applications from genuine women every week. Our representatives in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe help us to check on them. The ladies we represent have high moral and family values. They are truly looking for that special someone to share their lives with, just like you.

As you read testimonials of former clients and see photos of happy couples that met through our service, you will start to feel a great desire to give our service a try. We promise you will not regret it. We are here to serve you and make your search a success.

You can find a nice lady for marriage that will love you for you, and change your life for the better. Hundreds of people have done it before you, are doing it right now and will be doing it in the future. You can do it, too.

Let us give you some background about our company:

  • RussiaUkraina.Dating is a dating agency that specializes in introducing Russian and Eastern European women with western men.
  • The agency was established in 1999 and hundreds people met their love through us since then.
  • More than 1,000 new users join weekly.
  • All profiles are checked by administration before being approved for publication.
  • We supply postal and email addresses and phone numbers* of featured ladies. You can contact them directly.
  • Men and women register themselves on our site, and can change their profiles at any time, hide or delete their profile.
  • Only the ads with the recent activity under 3 months are showing up in searches. The ads of people who have not used the site for more than 3 months, are not showing up in searches.
  • RussiaUkraina.Dating offer a wide range of services designed to fit your needs in the search for a suitable partner: database search, personal listings, romantic tours, and personalized matchmaking. Thus, we provide a comprehensive range of services for men and women seeking a partner abroad.
  • We have clients in more than 150 countries of the world. We are not concentrated on Northern America, Australia or Europe: clients from any country are welcome. Many of our successful couples live outside these regions.

It does not matter if you are 20 or 60, we can help you to find a suitable partner. We have no age restrictions except that we only accept members of 18 years old or older.

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients to find suitable partners.
We want our clients to get married - and stay married.

Our ultimate goal is
to help our clients to find suitable partners.

We want our clients to get married - and stay married.

That is why we are in this business and that is what we stand for. We help our clients to meet compatible partners in the easiest way possible. We are always willing to go the extra mile. You won't be left alone to walk down this road - we'll be by your side every step of the way.

Our aim is to provide quality and timely service for both men and women. Being one of the oldest and most respected agencies in the industry, we live up to our reputation and always strive to improve. (Please see Testimonials to read what owners of other Russian dating websites say about us.) 

We welcome your feedback (positive as well as negative); it's the only way to  improve our service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any help. 

The easiest way to contact us is via the Help Desk form on our website. Normally, we answer all questions and queries within 1 business day.

You are also welcome to phone us to discuss your search options and choose the best membership plan for your needs.

Our contact details:

Address in USA (mail forwarding only):

2339 Kern Street, # 220
Fresno, CA 93721

Address in Australia:

Suite 407/51
Robina Town Centre
Queensland 4230

Address in Russia:

67/2, Ryazansky Prospect

Address in Ukraine:

Hotel "Impressa"
21 Petra Sagaidachnogo Street
Kiev 04070

Address in Bulgaria:

Bul Primorski, №59 #9 

Address in Romania:

O.P. 1, C.P. 175

Phone (strictly Monday-Friday; 9:00-16:00; Australian Eastern Time [GMT+10]; or 17:00-24:00 Central USA Time  ): +617 5569 2755

Fax: +617 5569 2744

Thank you for your interest.
We are looking forward to working for YOU!

Our staff

Elena PetrovaElena Petrova
The owner of "RussiaUkraina.Dating"

Click here to listen to the special message from Elena

A qualified philosopher, Elena is well known by her website Russian Brides Cyber Guide - an informational source about Russia and Russian women. It is also the home of the famous Russian Women Black List (the first black list of dating scammers, online since 1999). Elena is a life coach, a Certified Master of NLP, a "Best Of The Best" expert of and the author of many articles published in the "Russian Women Gazette" , "Russian Women Magazine",, and many other online and offline publications. Elena Petrova is the author of the most popular Russian book about marrying a foreigner for Russian women: "101 tips on how to marry a foreigner: Practical guidance for Russian women seeking partners abroad". She is the author of several popular eBooks: "9 Simple Rules For Dating Russian Women", "Anti-Scam Guide" and "How To Find And Marry A Girl Like Me". She has appeared on TV in several countries and her interviews and articles about her websites have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines from all over the world (USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus - and the list goes on). Born in Ekaterinburg, Russia, Elena went through the process of marrying a western man herself. She lives on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Managing director


Customer support
Individual Search coordinator
Coordinator of FSU operations
Database administrator

Ukrainian office
Ukrainian office (Kiev): Dima (computer engineer/graphic designer), Nastya (secretary), Natasha (translator), Irina (general manager) and Yuri (manager-coordinator)

Please forgive me for not doing this before now but I would just like to say how nice and helpful the staff in Kiev are. Yuri is very accommodating and really looks out for you and Irina is just a sweet heart (too bad she's married to Yuri LOL) and Nastya is very nice too although she is a little more business like. But all did their best to make a stranger in a very different country welcome and feel at home.


Russian office
Russian office (Moscow): Natalia (assistant) and Andrei (general manager)

Romanian office
Romanian office (Bacau): Viorica (assistant) and Viorel (general manager)

Bulgarian office
Bulgarian office (Varna): Valentina (general manager) and Mariana (assistant)



NEW! Read what our users say about our agency

Testimonials of former clients - We have verifiable references and excellent reputation in the Russian dating industry. You can contact those people to confirm what they say about us.

NEW! RussiaUkraina.Dating in Media:

  • Meet Real-Life Russian Brides - Intelligent, Educated, Beautiful and Sexy! (PRWeb)

  • Soviet Unions (The Sunday Mail)

  • From Russia with Love (The Age)

  • Romantic relations with Russia (Weekend Post, SA)

9 Simple Rules For Dating Russian Women

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* All contact details are subject of availability

Elena Petrova | Russian Brides


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